19 November 2010

Getting ready to HOP!

..............................Drum roll please..........................

Winner of the pendant necklace from my blog-o-versary post is....

Michelle from Beadalotta!

Congratulations, Michelle! Email me and let me know if you would like this pendant necklace or one with YOUR special mantra on it! {Maybe I can even deliver it in person!}

The Challenge of Color blog hop is officially under way! Just two weeks from today we will be revealing our creations based off the specially selected color palette that I sent each participant.

Here is the gist of the blog hop:
  • Each participant gave me a color choice that would be either a true challenge or something that they would feel comfortable with. Some opted to have me surprise them! 
  • Palettes were selected with a minimum of 3 colors from area paint stores. Cards were then mailed to all participants, or emailed to our overseas friends.
  • All participants are listed over in the right side bar. Grab this list of live links to blogs for the blog hop. Please be sure to let me know if your name or the link is not correct. Or if I missed you somehow.
  • We will be creating jewelry using the paint chip palette. All the colors are encouraged but dropping or adding colors is fine. (And don't forget to take a picture of the palette... with only a few exceptions, each participant has a unique palette.)
  • Use of art beads is strongly encouraged.
  • Naming the piece with one of the paint chip colors is encouraged.
  • The blog hop will happen on Friday, December 3rd. Be sure to come back and hop around and make new friends! We have people from all across the US and around the globe. So.Much.Fun!

There will be prizes awarded in a random drawing after the blog hop for all those who participated. I have a growing stash of materials that need a good home and we also have one sponsor (thanks Jeannie of JKDJewelry!) and the potential of another bead artist who was watching from afar and liked the idea so much she is considering creating something special just for me to give away... how cool is that?

In the meantime I thought that you should see what I am working on. I decided that I should challenge myself as well. So I picked out some paint chip palettes and combed through my stash to see what I had that would work. Here are the palettes and the beads that I will work with...
Featuring art beads clockwise from top left:
Chinook Jewelry, Marsha Neal, Lisa Peters Art and MACarroll, Kelleys Beads, Lynn Davis, Julsbeads

I can't say that I will be able to finish all of these by the December 3rd blog hop date, but I will sure try! And if nothing else, I have some ready made inspiration kits for when I can't get my mojo going!

It was fun to go through things that I had, things that I recently purchased and things that I forgot that I bought to find the base materials for some jewelry. Now to sit down and pull it all together! If nothing else, I will have these things to sell in my new Etsy shop {find a link over on the sidebar} for the holidays!

If you are participating in the blog hop, do you like your color palette? Is it a challenge or just a welcome change?
If you are not participating, will you come back to see what unfolds? Is there something that I can do to entice you to hop around with us?
Would you be interested in seeing more of these color challenges/blog hops in the future? Any suggestions?

Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


Unknown said...

Oh now my knees are shaking! I looked through the list and you did indeed get the best to participate! Thanks so much for this and I did post about it although I don't think anyone can pick out the first attempt from my chaos! LOL
Happy belated blog o versary sorry I missed it!

Pretty Things said...

That is the most AMAZING pendant!!!

I'm going to try and work on the hop piece this weekend! Did you know two of the colors are for headache awareness?

Michelle said...

Really!?!?? I won your lovely necklace???? OMG! I'm soooo excited! I like the saying that's in there...It's a reminder to appreciate the positives I have in my life!

Bead Happy! & Hugs!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I like my palette. The colors are very calm and soothing. I'va already chosen my beads, now I just need to get to work this weekend on the design. Looking forward to the HOP!

stregata said...

I picked a colour to challenge myself and your palette pushes the challenge further. A good thing. Can't wait to see what everyone creates.

Lisa Godfrey said...

I love my color palette and found some perfect art beads. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for them to come in the mail. Darn Canada Post. I'm hoping the idea I have in my head works out so I can whip up my necklace in time for the big reveal!

Silver Parrot said...

My eyes went straight to that Marsha Neal flower pendant and the reddish-orange (on my monitor anyway) beads you picked to go with it. I can't WAIT to see how that one turns out!

As for me..well, I've LOOKED at my paint chip palette. That counts as progress, right?

I know you feel my procrastination pain... ;-)

Brandi Hussey said...

Go Michelle, woohoo!!

I am SO excited for this color challenge. I've been collecting and refining what I'm going to do, and am planning to tackle it in the next few days.

P.S. Boros count as art beads, right??

Cynthia said...

I chose green, which I am comfortable with. The palette could have gone in many directions from there....blues & aquas, mint & lavender, etc. But the palette I got has greens with rusty earthtones. My main goal was to use beads from my stash, which is totally doable. I really like my palette, and have made 2 necklaces so far. Both my necklaces have an "art bead", both from Mudalicious. So, if there's time & ideas, I may have more than that....we'll see.
Of course, I still need to photograph them.

Cindy said...

You're on fire, Erin. If you can tackle THAT many projects, I'll surely find time to work on my one! I love the color palette I have. They are colors I rarely work with for some reason, I don't know why because they are beautiful. With everything going on in my life right now, I wanted to work with a color that really grabs me (and no, it's NOT blue!).

lunedreams said...

I really started to love two of my palettes when I was looking for beads. And wouldn't you know I had beads that matched exactly! And I really liked them together. The third palette, I'm trying to find a way to love it. I'm going to make it work. I've already made one piece and am ready to start another. I even already photographed it. I want to post it so bad!

Mary K. McGraw said...

I like my palette and want to use all four colors but the yellow has become a bit of a challenge. And I may have to find a new art bead as the one I want to use may be too small for the other beads I have chosen.

N Valentine Studio said...

I love my palette, it's my favorite colors. I'm planning to keep the finished piece for myself so something in my own color favorites was a nice idea.

It's a challenge for sure. This time of year it's a bit harder to find the time for "extra" projects but the deadline is helping me focus a bit.

Looking forward to seeing everyones goodies!

Riki Schumacher said...

OMG you are a busy girl! Very cool. You put me to shame! Great challenge, I'll come back and see the results. Have fun. And have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Hugs, Riki


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