05 November 2010

Four Questions

{Isn't that the cutest ding-dang thing?
A 'thinking cap' for newborns because we wonder what they are thinking!
Found at OurLadyOfTheSnows on Etsy}

My friend Lori Anderson of Pretty Things passed along a little meme that she got from our friend Keirsten and that is to ask four questions of four blogger-buddies.

Here are Lori's questions and my answers:

1::If you could have been best friends with someone in history, who would it be and why?

I don't have a lot of best friends. I am pretty selective with those that I will truly call my best friends and they know who they are. I would do anything for them. I think that I would have like to be a best friend to my grandmother when she was young. And also my mom. We are not close, never have been, but if I could go back in time to a period in history and be friends with her when she was young, maybe I would understand her better now and we could actually be friends. We do love each other, but I don't think that we like each other much and that is sad.

2::If you could have dinner with a famous person in current times, who would it be and why?

I suppose I should say something deep like the President or something. But really I think that I have always thought that Tom Hanks would be a wonderful person to spend time with. Not only do I enjoy his movies and his talent, but his charm and wit and sense of humor captivate me. I think that he would be a gentleman and genuinely care about getting to know you. At least that is what I think he would be like. I also think that sitting a spell with Maya Angelou would really be wonderful. Her life experiences and her poetic nature would draw me in and fascinate me. {How is that for complete polar opposites!}

3::What is your favorite book/books and why?

Hmmmm... that is a tough one. I like the most books I read. Although I was a 7th grade English teacher, I have never had the chance to read that much. I do love the Harry Potter series and think that JK Rowling should be credited with bringing back a love of storytelling to our children. I really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love {haven't seen the movie yet, should I?}. As a kid I geeked on the Star Wars novel and I re-read A Wrinkle in Time series for years on end. I loved Ray Bradbury short stories and the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes haunts my dreams. Shakespeare is my favorite, especially Sonnet 130. Earlier this year I read Jewels: A Secret History and found it to be very engaging. I have a soft spot for children's literature and illustrators, particularly since my dad used to be the VP of Sales for a book manufacturing plant and we had access to all the books before anyone else.

4::What is your favorite smell and why?

The smell of my children's heads after they take a shower or bath. I love that smell. My son who is in 7th grade is fully immersed in the Axe culture. I find it hard to buy him certain scents, so I have to find the most sport-o of them. I also love the scent of an orange when you peel it, and anything with vanilla or cinnamon. And coffee...

Here are the four questions I pose to the four bloggers to whom I am passing the question baton:

1::If one color were suddenly eliminated from the world, which one would you sacrifice and why?

2::What one moment in your life would you go back in time to have a 'do-over' and why?

3::What would the name of your superhero alter ego be and what super power would you possess?

4::What job would you absolutely hate to have to do every single day and why?

  • Jen of Life With Books - one hilarious mom surrounded by books!
  • Kelly of Silver Parrot - someone I look forward to reading every day. Especially Fridays ;-)
  • Brandi of Brandi Girl::A Life Inspired by Color - just looking at her blog and sharing her inspirations makes me want to be better, do better and in just one conversation with her I believe that I can!
  • Lance of The Jungle of Life - where I can always find deeper truths and amazing correlations that really make my heart sing.

What would your answer be to any of these questions?

Enjoy the day!


Pretty Things said...

Awesome answers. Thanks for playing!

lunedreams said...

Tom Hanks is an intriguing choice! I agree, he exudes something good and intelligent. And looking at his body of work and recent projects, you can only believe there's a lot of depth there. Same thing for Clint Eastwood--somebody who makes movies like that has a whole profound world inside him, and obviously a lot of compassion.

I love the smell of orange peel too, for some reason it always makes think immediately of Christmas.

(Love to hear your answers to your own questions!)

Unknown said...

Awesome answers Erin! i get the Mom one the most as we were not close either. Lots of love but like was a totally different thing. She is gone now and it is hard not to miss even the disagreements. Funny Huh!


Unknown said...

My favorite smell is also my children after baths/showers :) At least when they remember to use shampoo/soap!

Silver Parrot said...

Great answers! I look forward to doing my own on Monday. Thanks for including me!!

rosebud101 said...

Erin, Great answers to the questions posed. If I could be a superhero, I'd be invisaperson. Is there such a superhero? I'd be invisible when I wanted, and then I'd take a nap!

Cindy said...

Erin, I sure enjoyed reading your answers to Lori's questions. I cannot believe how much I can relate to your first answer. I could have written those very thoughts as I share them completely. This has been fun!

Jenners said...

It was fun to read your answers ... and I'm so looking forward to answering the new questions you asked. I can't imagine how I'm going to answer that color question!! Hard one!!

It would be so interesting to go back in time and befriend your mom and grandmom.


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