past challenges

Curious about the past challenges? 

Below you will find the Challenges by year. The first link is the call to participate at the beginning of the month; the second is the reveal link on my blog. [Please note that not all of the links in the posts are permalinks to the participants' blog posts so you might not find their post as easily. Starting from the 2012 Challenge of Color, all participants' links are permalinks.]

Challenges are posted quarterly in these themes. Because I like both an element of education and a surprise, there will always be a twist! But I promise that you will be inspired to push your creative limits and meet so many wonderfully talented and kind souls through the Challenges. 

Sign ups typically start on the first day of the month for about 3-4 days. Participation is first come-first served and there is a limit set on the number. I enjoy bringing these creative challenges to everyone but it is a lot of work! I want the hops to be manageable and find that it is best to keep them small to control them and to make it enjoyable for all.

Inspired? Join me on the next Challenge!
Challenge of Color ~ November
2012 :: Color-Full World :: Welcome to the 3rd Annual Challenge of Color
 See a Pinterest Board for the Challenge of Color 2012. All color palettes are there along with all the pretty baubles that were made!

Challenge of Travel ~ August

2012:: Challenge of...Travel
2012:: The Challenge of Travel: Nepal


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