27 March 2012

Bella Fuschia

Come on over and see the design inspired by these lovely little dancers on the wind.

Do you follow Earrings Everyday? Come and join me there!

Erin Prais-Hintz invites you to go on a journey of inspiration at her blog Treasures Found :: Inspiration is Everywhere. She loves to write and you can find her on Art Bead Scene, Earrings Everyday and Grateful Living. View a gallery of her work at http://www.tesoritrovati.com/ or purchase her new line of 'Simple Truths' in her Etsy shop.

25 March 2012

Echo Creative Club: Dragonfly Rising


If you read my post on Facebook last night you will know that I spent 13 hours at the State Boys 8th Grade Basketball tournament. I got home around 10pm. Before I left in the morning I set out my Gin Blossom from Jeannie Dukic, because I realized that I need to create something for her Echo Creative Club that I signed up for. I love a good challenge, and despite the fact that it was after 11pm when I started to put it all together, it came together pretty easily because I left out the beads that I wanted to use in a bit of a configuration that mostly turned out as I had originally envisioned.

 Jeannie makes these wonderful polymer clay creations. Her creativity knows no limits! I am always loving each new thing that she makes. She sent me this beautiful Gin Blossom focal in a deep chocolate brown with turquoise accents. That is one of my favorite color combinations so I knew that I would have the right beads on hand for this challenge.

For the browns I pulled out my very favorite faceted oval rectangles in smoky quartz. I just love the color of this bead, and the cut and size on these are my favorite. In fact, I used up almost all that I had, so I will be looking for more like this because they are so versatile.

I had not yet found a use for the Amazing Mystic Blue Labradorite briolettes that I splurged on last year from Norah62 on Etsy. Until now. I love all the gems I have received from Norah. I love, LOVE labradorite with its secret flash of blue, but whatever they do to make it 'mystic' pumps it up about 100 notches. This is just such a pretty stone and my shoddy camera work at 1:30am leaves a lot to be desired. I thought it needed just one more color to make it come alive, and I found these pretty Czech pressed glass leaves in a frosty mint color. Mint is the perfect foil to the turquoise and the brown.

I knew that I wanted it to be a bit asymmetrical, so I put the briolettes off from each other. The trick to this being balanced is that I used the same amount of beads on each side, just configured them differently. It creates a bit of a triangle... your eye wants to travel from the pendant, to which I wired two copper leaves and a Vintaj brass dradonfly, to each of the little clusters. That is what makes it more interesting to look at than if I had made them at the same spot.

I knew I didn't have enough time to fully bead the necklace, plus I was running out of the smoky quartz, so I opted to finish it with three fiber strands: one silk cord from Marsha Neal, one satin gimp cord in ombre from Ornamentea and one aqua suede leather cord. I finished it off with a Vintaj leaf clasp and hook.

I call this 'Dragonfly Rising.' 

I am off to enjoy the remaining games of the basketball tournament. Please go to Jeannie's Blog to see the other participants in this month's Echo Creative Club and spread some love their direction!

23 March 2012

Today is the day my life changed forever

"In mothering, if you do it right, you work yourself right out of a job." ~ Karen Tyler

Sorry for the radio silence. In the past week I was enjoying a basketball tournament (we placed 8th...out of 8... but we had some real glimmers of greatness and it was good to see my son doing something he loves), then on to Madison to see the Broadway musical CATS (you might recall that this was the 3rd of my daughter's Christmas present of dance performances... I think that Tiny Dancer and I enjoyed the performance more than the boys did, who had a bit of an expensive snooze), exploring State Street in Madison, eating at our favorite Italian restaurant Paisan's overlooking the beautiful Lake Monona (the seafood tetrazinni is to.die.for), staying in a hotel (splurged on adjoining rooms - oh how I love my space!) and going shopping the next day (everyone got something...but me!).

This week at work I am busy creating and shipping nearly 80 CD-Roms for the update to the information that we sell. It takes a lot of work to keep it all together and shipping the right thing on the right CD to the right person! As such I haven't had my two half days this week that I usually have, so I think that the company owes me at least one back. I need to get my tax prep done and plan to take that half day back next week whether they like it or not.

{Tiny Dancer and Rocket circa Easter 2002}
Fourteen years ago today my life changed forever.

Today is my firstborn's birthday. I won't regale you with the details that every mother never forgets, but I will say that Rocket was a breach baby and stubbornly wouldn't turn around no matter what we did, so a C-section it was. That night we watched the Oscars and Titanic was the big winner, which we saw just two days before. I recall that I had one of those monster sodas and there was all this rushing water in every scene and I refused to go to to the restroom because I didn't want to miss a moment, and I swear I thought that just seeing water rushing might start things. But no. He was stubborn then and is stubborn now. But I love him with all my heart. He is a good kid, very smart, great at any sport, who is growing into a wonderful independent young man. Bought a suit coat for his graduation happening in May, I know he will be so very handsome. Maybe my job is getting obsolete. Wait until he gets the present I bought for him yesterday... his much longed for Beats by Dr Dre headphones to go with his cracked and beat up iPod (I bought the extra protection on these headphones because, you know, the cracked iPod happened within the first two months of having it!). I might be considered cool after this gift. But likely not. ;-)

{Rocket doing what he loves and is darned good at, too! And baseball season starts in a few weeks. Woot!}
A few weeks ago I signed up to be part of the Echo Creative Club hosted by Jeannie Dukic. I bought some of her lovely polymer clay beads and received one of these lovely Gin Blossoms pendants on my table that needs to be morphed into something spectacular. Ideas are percolating...

It really is crafted so well, and I am excited to use it. The reveal of the club is on Sunday, March 25th. I hope that I can get it done by then, if not it might be Monday. I have a full weekend of the Wisconsin State 8th Grade Boys Basketball tournament from tonight through Sunday. (Rocket plays, my husband coaches, I will be working as it takes over every gym in our hometown and our basketball organization is the sponsor!) So stay tuned for the reveal!

Back in February I joined in the Shop Swap hosted by the sweet Miss Danni of oh, hello friend. I started following her blog because I loved all the pretty packaging ideas that she showed, and her style is so sweet. She announced a shop swap to pair up shops from around the world in a little exchange of sorts. My partner is the lovely Nicole of Yardage Designs. Nicole is a designer who splits her time between Melbourne, Australia and Madrid, Spain (oh! What I wouldn't give to visit you in person, Miss Nic!) who creates fresh patterns on textiles of all kinds. I just love the look of these and it makes me long to know how to sew! I think my favorite thing in her shop is the Make Your Own Bunting kit. That looks like so much fun! On her blog Yardage Girl, she shows her first quilt of the year that she completed. I love the brightness of this quilt and the patterns in her textiles. So pretty!

Here is what she sent me...

This package is so prettily wrapped with her lovely fabrics that I had a hard time opening it up! I love the blue flowers on the linen and the red brackets all tied up with twine. Delightful!

Inside was a pretty postcard and her business card and a hand printed cover of my first Moleskine! I am delighted to have this little reminder of Nic to carry with me!

Inside was this really great tote bag, perfect for the grocery store or the library, or to carry around all my beading magazines! it has this quaint little print on it which sounds like the perfect meal to me.

And this lovely tea towel with these bright colors of 'retro spice canisters.' I think that her work is more like art! I am not sure that I could bring myself to actually use this pretty print! (I had to borrow the picture from Nic's shop because I couldn't get a good one!)

What I sent to Nic is a selection of three of my 'simple truths' pendants on chains. I hope that she can wear them or gift them to someone special.

First is a 'simply charming' monogram in a soft blue with a script "N" on it. I have been getting quite a few orders for these lately. I wear mine almost daily. I love the lacy edge and the lightweight feel. I think that these would be so cute as bridesmaid gifts, don't you? They could all be in the color and letter style (block or script) of your choice. You can find more of these monograms in my shop.

The other two were made specifically for Miss Nic. I wanted to make something reminiscent of one of her textiles and I used a sweet little scalloped edge bezel and a pretty pattern in a soft green.

And when I asked Miss Nic what her favorite colors were, she said red and blue. And her favorite quote is 'do what you love...love what you do.' I turned that into a special little pendant just for her with a pretty red blossom on a blue background. I hope that she likes it!

I think that the best thing about participating in shop swaps and challenges and Bead Soups and the like is that it exposes you to a world that you may never had found on your own. I have a new friend in Miss Nic who lives in two countries I would dearly love to visit and I got to experience a taste of her artful wares as well.

Thanks to Danni for the fun Shop Swap!

Your turn...
If you could have a signature quote on a 'simple truths' pendant, what would it be?
Which of those pretty Gin Blossoms is your favorite colorway?
Have you ever swapped with people before? International? Do tell!

16 March 2012

Sow Seeds of Love

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." ~ John Lennon

I was saddened this week to learn that an online friend, Miss Judy Glende, lost her battle with cancer. I can remember vividly reading about her abrupt diagnosis with a malignant and inoperable melanoma in her lungs back in early December. It all happened so quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as they cope with this tragic loss.

Miss Judy was a gifted artisan jewelry designer with a style that I admired and a giving spirit that drew people to her. She could take the most amazing vintage treasures and breathe new life into them, adding her own special touches with her amazing etched copper pieces. She was a published author who contributed her talents to some of the best publications out there. Judy will be sorely missed.

I had always wanted to have something of Judy's, so yesterday I went to both of her Etsy sites ~ Flap Your Wings and Judith B Designs ~ and I placed an order, complete with notes of condolence for the family. I guess I didn't realize that her shops would still be open while she was ill, but I have found out that her husband Ed was keeping them going. I am in no hurry to get these things, and truthfully, if they  never found time to send them I would be okay with that too. It is just one small thing that I could do to show support for someone who always had a kind and encouraging word for me, someone I admired.

{one of the etched copper pieces that I purchased - embrace change}
I purchased two of Miss Judy's etched copper pieces. My intention is that I will make a piece inspired by Miss Judy herself. When I do, I will find out where the family would like donations made in Judy's honor and either sell it or auction it off with the money directed there. I will keep you posted when I receive the pieces and get inspired.

{sow seeds of love ~ march 2012 simple truth sampler club}
My good friend, Miss Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads, was so moved by this news that she started creating a necklace in Miss Judy's honor. She added art beads from all over, including the newest Simple Truth Sampler for March that she just received.
{stronger than death - by rebecca anderson - watch for the Flap Your Wings blog hop that many are participating in on April 14th
This month being so very warm, unseasonably really (I keep wondering when winter will actually arrive. This is Wisconsin. I have seen snow in June.), I have thoughts of flowers and sunshine. Tulips are my sister's favorite and their simple regal shapes always make me think of my beautiful sister Kelly. The words "sow seeds of love" just came to me as I was making them. Sometimes that is how it happens, the inspiration just strikes when I am playing with the design.

After the fact I started thinking about what that means ~ "sow seeds of love" ~ and so I offer you some
ideas on what that means to me.

When we bring love to everything we do, we can change the world. From the tiniest actions, the smallest seeds, great things can grow. When you plant that seed of love, however small that seed may be, more seeds will be born to be sown again. Sort of like a ripple of a pebble in a pond, each seed gets blown on the wind to touch the lives of those we may never meet.

So what are these seeds that we sow with great love? They do not need to be grand nuts of immense sacrifice. The best seeds are the ones that are small...
  • Smiling at those we pass on the street...
  • Sending a quick email or a little note on the Facebook wall of a friend who is in our thoughts...
  • Picking up a piece of litter on the sidewalk instead of stepping over it...
  • Cleaning up the dishes that are inevitably strewn over every flat surface in my house most days (my kids don't read my blog, but if they do, maybe I will plant that seed ;-)...
  • When the telemarketer calls just trying to do her job, I can be polite and patient in letting her know my wishes instead of curt and angry...  
Each of these actions is planting a seed that can grow into more love and respect, and hopefully be blown on the wind to touch someone else with its simple beauty. It is like that commercial where each person witnesses someone else doing something nice for another complete stranger and then passing on that courtesy to the next person they meet, eventually coming full circle. Each time a seed of love is sown, another sprout grows from the first seed, another ripple flows out widening the circle.

Today I am going to be mindful of planting seeds of love in honor of the seeds that Miss Judy herself planted for so many of the people whose lives she touched, many that she may never have even known.

I just noticed on the side bar of Miss Judy's blog there reads this quote:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
'I used everything You gave me.'"
~ Erma Bombeck

I couldn't have said it better myself.

RIP Judith Glende. We will miss you.

What seeds of love have you planted today?

14 March 2012

When Online Stalking is a Good Thing!

"Are you stalking me? Because that would be super."  ~Ryan Reynolds
 So says the tagline of one of my favorite sites Etsy Stalker.

I love this blog filled with curated goodies from Etsy. Run by Violet and Beatrice, who are two people who appreciate the artistry found on Etys, there is an ever changing exhibit of sorts on their blog. They do themed posts and Solo Exhibit with interviews and giveaways with really unique shop owners. Shop owners can apply to be in their monthly curated Shadowbox which gives them increased exposure and a separate page on their blog dedicated to the shop. I have always wanted to jump in and apply and so at the beginning of the month I did and was accepted!

There is a rotating banner at the top of the page and if you click it you will brought to the landing page for all the current Shadowboxes. A lot of the Shadowbox participants offer giveaways if you leave comments or suggestions. I find it fun to find new Etsy sellers that I might not have found on my own.

If you click on my Shadowbox link, you can leave one comment per day to be signed up to win your very own Woodsy Wise Old Owl pendant (two will be given away on April 5th!). Plus I have a coupon code that is good for anything in my store. Even the sale items (and heads up, I have a TON of jewelry that needs to go to good homes so look for a big SPRING FLING DESTASH sale in my shop to pop up over spring break next week!).

So come on over to Etsy Stalker and stalk my site!

10 March 2012

You are AWESOME!

"No one's perfect, but everyone can be awesome!"

{from thegoofymuse on Etsy}

Did you know that today, March 10th every year is the International Day of Awesomeness

I found this out through my friend and inspirationalist Lance Ekum through his collaborative blog The Jungle of Life.

Why March 10th? Well, the organizer, Kevin Lawver, says that March 10th is Chuck Norris' birthday. Not because of Chuck himself, but because it is just such an awesome day!

They encourage Feats of Awesomeness and even have a Twitter account where people are registering their thoughts about being awesome!
{from plateworks on Etsy}
So what can you do to celebrate your awesomeness and the awesomeness of others?

My friend Lance says...
Jump up and down!
Eat ice cream!
Kiss your neighbor! (okay...on second thought, maybe you want to save that one until March 18th...Awkward Moments Day!)
Light a candle!
Do a back flip!
Dance in the streets!
Sing a song!
Tell someone how awesome they are!
{from pumpkinandbutterfly on Etsy}
And I would add...
Write an honest to goodness letter to someone telling them you think they are awesome
{from redvelvetpress on Etsy}
Hug someone you think is awesome
Write a poem to celebrate awesomeness
Cook something tasty...and awesome
{from Papallama on Etsy}
Bake cupcakes, add a candle and blow it out, wishing for more awesomeness this year
Do something special for yourself today because...

You are AWESOME!!  Today...and EVERY day!

(There. I've said it. If you are reading this, you are AWESOME to me!)

{from lemonswithapea on Etsy}

And that is a 'something good'!


09 March 2012

Random Bits Friday... and a Winner!

Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature.

~Eric Hoffer

Sorry for the radio silence these past few days. My son has a bad cold-masquerading as strep-negative for strep-sore throat-headache-fever-chills-could it be the flu-or pneumonia-hope-it-gets-better-soon thing going on. He has missed the past three days of school. I will be calling the doctor again today.

{tend the garden of your being}

Yesterday I had a Spa-liday. A definite me-day. I tended the garden of my being. I left work about a half hour early and went to the Wellness Spa Resort. I am a bit of a massage junkie, although I don't do it enough. I have a favorite massage therapist, but the Wellness Spa Resort is sort of like going to Disneyland. Once you enter you feel like you have been whisked away to a villa in Italy. I usually don't care, because my eyes are closed most of the time, but they were offering a special called the March Matinee: three services from a select list for $99 if the appointment was Monday-Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Count me in!

I had the Hot Stone Indulgence (a 30 minute hot stone back massage - totally not enough time as I usually get an hour and a half minimum!), an Enzyme Therapy Facial with the add-on of an Ultimate Eye Lift mask, and a Basic Pedicure (with my favorite Pedicurist, Amy. Hi Amy! That girl is so much fun to talk to!). Then later in the evening I had my hair done. My cut just keeps getting more and more fabulous. Now I have this mod angled bob with some pretty caramel highlights. I want to waltz around singing, "I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!"

I have been following a young fashion blogger now for a few weeks. Her blog is called Surely Sonsy, and I just love her self-assured style. Sonsy means buxom, comely, cheerful, good-natured and lucky. I like that adjective. She pulls together outfits with ease - and likely has a large closet to store all these pretty things! She certainly is sonsy!

I wrote a post over on Art Bead Scene today titled 9 Ideas to Elevate Your Jewelry to Wearable Art. Check it out!

And last but not least, Miss Marsha Neal was really doing her best to tempt me with her Destash sale this past week. I couldn't resist shopping there at least twice. And there were two other times that I had things in my cart, but thankfully someone else snapped them up before me. I would hate to see those little orphan charms and pendants all alone! I did buy some silks as well. I purchased two of my own silk color palette from the Marsha's challenge (and thanks for all the votes - my palette tied for first with sweet Miss Staci Louise's palette!). I actually surprised myself at the soft and light colors that I chose from that picture. I usually pick much more darker and muted tones. So this will be a challenge to me to lighten things up. I am going to challenge myself to use these silks in a design with Marsha's ceramics. And I am going to challenge the winner of my giveaway to do the same. And the winner is.........................................

Erin Strother!

Erin, I will be in touch with you to send your package of goodies your way that will include the silk palette Sweet Succulents, a coordinating pendant from Marsha and who knows? Maybe a few other goodies as well! I challenge you to create something with this goodie package, and I will do the same, and we will have a reveal date in April!

This weeked spring is coming, I can feel it! The weather is pretty cold today, a chilly 16 degrees with the wind, but the sun is shining and tomorrow it is supposed to be 60! Goodbye snow!

Oh.... and don't forget to Spring Ahead this weekend. 

05 March 2012

Sweet Succulents

Colors are the smiles of nature. ~ Leigh Hunt

Marsha Neal has an eye for color.

I have always loved her ceramics, the colors of glaze she uses are so soft and pretty, but the silks that she sells in bundles have always made me giddy. I love that I can buy just the colors I need or select from dozens of color combinations where Marsha has taken out the guesswork for me on what goes with what.

Marsha organized a little contest where she invited 12 designers and art bead makers to select from her extensive collection of colors to pull together custom silk cord palettes based on a set of inspiration pictures called the Silk Color Palette Challenge. That just sounded like fun.

I was inspired by the upper left photo of the succulent plants. For Christmas, *Santa* brought a kit for a small terrarium that came from an Etsy seller *elf* from Arizona named Succulent Designs. We are mostly keeping it alive on our windowsill, so when I saw the picture that is the one I was drawn to.

I pulled out the following colors from Marsha's stock:
#57 - Chartreuse
#210 - Sage Green
#98 - Moss Green
#101 - Light Gray
#216 - Dark Lilac
#220 - Deep Mauve

And here is what I said about the palette I call Sweet Succulents:
These succulents are a pleasing palette of greens and purples, grays and pinks. The radiating shapes of the petals is mesmerizing. Their soft rounded shapes pair well with these muted colors with the unexpected lilac and mauve tones to ground it and the pop of bright green thrown in to liven it up.

You can purchase this exact color palette by going to Miss Marsha's website, or you can go to her Etsy store (where she is having a Destash sale - her sales are awesome!) and pull together your own palette for the inspiration.

Here are some ways to win and play along in the contest...
1. For every one of the "12 finalist palettes" (not just mine, but all of them!) that you buy during this current challenge time period - you will get one (1) entry for winning a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Pieces gift certificate.
2. Marsha Neal Studio will be hosting some design challenges with these Silk Color Palette Challenge silk knot bundles. For updates & info you can sign up to receive Marsha's email newsletter (found on the sidebar of her blog or by clicking this link).
3.  Marsha has plans to do this again, so in May you could be one of these lucky 12 next time if you come up with a palette & get voted in. How much fun is that?

Details about the "Silk Knot Bundles":
(10) 2mm silk ribbon cords are in each silk knot bundle.
These silks are over a yard in length (40-42" long each).
They are color fast and hand washable in a mild detergent.
The 2mm silks are hand stitched and can be cut at any length without them unraveling

And from experience I can tell you that these silks are high quality and the colors are radiant. They add such a nice textural element to any design.
Would you like an additional opportunity to win from me?
I will giveaway the Sweet Succulents palette and a Marsha Neal pendant from my stash to coordinate with it to one lucky commenter on this post. I will announce the winner on Friday, March 9th.
Leave a comment below to win the Sweet Succulent palette from Marsha Neal Studio!

P.S. Only comments with a way to contact you will be entered in the drawing, so if you don't have your email turned on in your profile, be sure to leave it in the comment! (Psst... I always respond to every comment by email, so if you don't receive a personal response from me, it is only because your email is not turned on!)

02 March 2012

Inspired & Lifted by Your Music

Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself.
~Henry Ward Beecher

Thank you ever so much for all the fun that was had this week for the first ever Challenge of Music!

Whew! It took me a few days to get through it all. I wanted to be sure to listen, really listen to the music that you selected so that I could leave a comment that is worthy of your creations. I heard music that I may have forgotten, discovered new music and artists along the way, experienced world cultures and had a fabulous time getting to know all of you a bit better through your unique musical fingerprints! I have a better understanding of who you are, where you come from, what is important to you. Someone commented to me that it was like getting to know all these fabulous people on a deeper level so that we can appreciate one another in our little community so much more. I couldn't agree more!

I knew that I would get a lot of great musical inspirations, but I really wasn't prepared for how deep your interpretations were. I am truly humbled by all of your words and beautiful interpretations. These inspirations really brought out the best in all of the participants. There are some really thoughtful insights on these blog posts.

By the way, if you missed going to Molly Alexander's blog Beautifully Broken Me, please go back and check out her post. Somehow she was inadvertently missing from the list and I added her in later in the day. You won't want to miss her interpretation of her favorite song, a song that I identify with Miss Molly everytime I hear it!

I know that it was a challenge for some because they could not narrow it down to one song or genre, or because they wanted to try something new and it just couldn't come out of their head and into their hands as easily as they thought. I know that some of this music stirred up passionate and powerful personal stories. I guess that is why it is called a Challenge (I never said it would be easy!). I loved hearing that this will inspire some of you to continue creating based off the music that is the soundtrack of your life. That makes me happier than you can ever know. Your outpouring of love for this event, and also hearing from some who couldn't take part or learned about it too late, has inspired me to make the Challenge of Music an annual event. I am not sure if it will be in February next year, but I have decided that this is the type of challenge that would be great to look forward to as well as providing a very large range to choose from every year. I hope you agree!

The next quarterly challenges will be in May, August and the return of the 3rd annual Challenge of Color in November. Mark your calendars! You will have to sign up using the form on my site and I email the participants about three times over the course of the month so we can all be on the same page. Watch for information on signing up the first week of those months!

I promised some giveaways for those who commented on my post and for the hoppers themselves.

To these commenters on my post I will make a special 'simple truth' pendant with a musical message that I am working on:
Lola Surwilla
Erin Fickert-Rowland
Brandi Hussey

And to these three faithful hoppers, I will give them each a choice: one of my new Story Beads created just for them or an iTunes gift card to explore more music!
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Malin de Koning
Sarah Sequins ;-)

Winners, please email me your mailing address to me at enjoytheday{at}tesoritrovati{dot}com and I will get started on your prizes.

And just a heads up that the lovely Miss Lori Anderson of Pretty Things will be hosting the 5th Bead Soup blog hop tomorrow, Saturday, March 3rd. It promises to be another exciting journey around the world, they each keep getting better and better. Unfortunately, I was not able to commit to participating this time around, but I know from experience that it is one amazing hop with some incredible designs from around the world. I can't help but be inspired by the Bead Soup and it is always fun to make new friends around the world. I understand that there are participants from 16 countries. So cool! Please go and check out Lori's blog tomorrow!

Your turn...
What themes would you like me to consider for the upcoming quarterly Challenge hops in May and August? Give me some suggestions of what you would like to see, what you like about my Challenges, or even things that could be improved on with my hop. I am open to suggestions!

P.S. Of course since I had nothing better to do this week (;-) I accepted the request of a local group to set up a mini one person show at an event with loads of ladies on Saturday. I am hoping they are in the mood to buy. So of course I created more jewelry into the wee hours late last night, and will do so again tonight. However, that means that I will put my shop on vacation mode tonight to pull all the stock in preparation. If there is something you have had your eye on you best snatch it up! I am hoping that it will all sell out tomorrow and I won't have a thing in my Etsy store... that just means I will have to get off my butt and make more! FLASH SALE! If you use the code: MUSIC you can get 15% off but only until 6:00 PM tonight! Go to the shop now!


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