22 November 2010

Coming to my Senses::Crowded

I see...row after row of cars (we got the last spot furthest from the door), throngs of people trudging along, gaily colored windows, fake snow on everything.

I smell...the cinnamony sweet Snickerdoodles at the cookie vendor, the warm toasty coffee wafting out of Gloria Jeans, the pervasive scent of Abercrombie-angst assailing my nose and lingering in my hair and clothes long after I have passed by. Blech.

I hear....the rhythmic bell ringers and my change dropping into the red bucket, the non-stop Christmas music on the radio station (been playing non-stop since November 1st...), the excited hum of the people around me.

I taste...the salty-sweet bourbon sauce from my oriental chicken platter for lunch, the frothy mint chocolate goodness from my Sleigh Ride chiller, the special Moonstruck chocolate snowman truffle as an afternoon treat.

I touch....the shoe box in my shopping bag each time it hits me at just the right spot on my ankle as I walk, tired toes restless from too many hours walking in uncomfortable shoes, my daughter's hand clasped in mine as we walk through the crowded mall.

I feel... glad that I will never feel a need to get up and shop on 'Black Friday', happy to be spending the day with Tiny Dancer and her Aunt Mary developing new Deer Hunting Widow/Orphan traditions, hopeful to see so many shoppers gearing up for the holiday shopping.

What is coming to your senses today?

Enjoy the day!


Davinia said...

Kissing my husband goodbye as he leaves for work at 5.45 am. Going outside to smell the morning air but smelling something very unpleasant. (think there's a dead rat in the garden somewhere eeewwww!). Telling my daughter to be careful as she heads off for her morning run. Sipping my coffee and realizing it's gone cold, must make a fresh one.The anticipation of having the whole house to myself come 7.30 am and getting out my clay equipment. I have a million ideas spinning around in my head just waiting to come to fruition. Well a million is a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.
Have a wonderful day Erin...I know I will!

SummersStudio said...

I see mountains of leaves on my deck and pecans peeking out of the piles. I smell nothing much at all because my nose is all stuffy from a cold. I hear the wind roaring outside and the crash of pecans onto my deck. I taste my lemon camomille tea. I touch my sweet Alice's soft silky ears as she lies by me on the sofa. I feel just as grateful as you do that I will never need to go to the mall or anywhere else on black Friday.

This was fun!

Alice said...

Feeling energized as I plowed through a tall pile of paperwork today.

Itching to create something--anything.

Overwhelmed at the long list of unfinished projects, thank-you's, shopping I still have left to do.

Thankful at the blessings I have been given--my wonderful family, a warm house and food in my belly, and another day with my mom.

The desire to redecorate a room, but knowing it will never happen because of more pressing household issues.

Anxious for my two college kids to come home for the holidays.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Erin!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Smelling the coffee this morning as it was being made. The air after the rain smells awesome. The smell of dinner cooking for mom as she comes home for work. I get off earlier than she does so I had a nice surprise for her when she came home. I love the smell of goop cooking because that means we will eat good tonight.
Have a great day and wonderful holiday Erin!

lunedreams said...

It's really damn cold.

Jenners said...

Shopping near the holidays is one of my least favorite things ... the only thing I would enjoy about this experience is the snickerdoodles.

Judy said...

Lots of love,that is what is coming to my senses, from all directions.

stregata said...

I haven't been out to do any Christmas shopping yet and I haven't been near a mall in months. But I am looking forward to visiting a Christmas market just for the pleasure of it...

rosebud101 said...

I see snow outside.
I feel the cold.
I hear people talking about our upcoming storm.
I taste my warm supper that I am sharing with my son.
I feel bittersweet this year.


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