04 November 2010

30 Words::Cummulus Parfait

{Fine art photography by maclancy on Etsy}

layer upon fluffy layer
of spun sugar
piled atop
pillows of gray flannel
rosy, cozy glow
this November sky,
makes me forget for a moment
the car I am driving

{If only I had had my camera with me... the sky was truly amazing this morning! Close to this picture I found, but not quite.}

Enjoy the day!


lunedreams said...

did you make that up? that's good.

Alice said...

I wish I had your way with words. And, by the way, what car ARE you driving? I'm ready for a new one (well used, we never buy new) and I'm really wanting a black Charger!

Jenners said...

Perfection!! Love the title! you're so good at these!

rosebud101 said...

Love the wonderful words, Erin!

Mary Harding said...

Lovely clouds and sentiment. I am a great cloud fan too, and so are the Group of 7 canadian painters. Thanks for the inspiration today.


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