10 December 2009

30 Words::Winter's Gift

{Photo Credit: Fractal Artist}

Frosty shadows lengthen
Creating cool blue snow-dune landscapes
River waves frozen in mid-peak
Stark branches reach for
what little sun
Winter’s gift comes wrapped in
hot cocoa and snow angels

Enjoy the day!

{REMINDER: Inspired by...Grandma's Jewelry Box challenge going on now. Last time to upload your photos to the Inspiration is Everywhere Flickr account is Sunday, December 13th at 11:59 pm CST. Winner will receive a copy of Bead Star magazine and a custom piece of jewelry from me. And who knows? Maybe there will be a bonus winner too! Looking forward to more of your inspiration!}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo to go along with "Wintry words". I find it very serene to contemplate:)

Davinia said...

Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by, I was thinking about entering your challenge but being a fairly recent newbie to beading I was a little bit hesitant. But now you've encouraged me I think I just might (once I work out the Flicker bizzo, I'm a bit computer challenged as well).

WTF Store said...

The words and image go so well together! There's nothing quite like the sun on a silent, snow-covered day.

PS: I've nominated you for a Superior Scribbler!


Lance said...

Hot cocoa and snow angels...two things that are popular this week! Stay warm, wonderful friend! I know you heart reaches out and warms those you touch...(like me!)

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful words Erin, beautiful picture! Love it.

sasha + max studio said...

A peaceful, beautiful calm image Erin, and perfect word matches as well... Reminds us all to stop, appreciate and enjoy what nature brings us.. Vicki

stregata said...

Lovely words, Erin!

Anonymous said...

What a truly beautiful poem! I'm honored that you chose my image, the words and image are perfect together. You create beautiful word poems and gorgeous jewelry!

Cheryl/ Fractal Artist

Not sure how this "select profile" thing works, hope I can post this anyway, here goes...


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