01 December 2009

True of Heart

An update to the Inspired by...Hardware Stores challenge....
You know that Kerry Bogert at KAB's Creative Concepts has graciously donated the grand prize for the first week. She completed it yesterday and blogged about it here.
This piece is entitled "True of Heart" and is so beautiful I am wishing that I could enter something to win.

O, NEVER say that I was false of heart.

Wouldn't it be fun to have this little gem in your studio or on your desk or someplace that you like to be inspired?

I am so excited by all the comments that people have left for the first challenge. I can tell that the wheels are turning, the inspiration is flowing, and an added bonus is that you are finding your way to your local hardware store to buy local {yea for local!}. I just know that you are all the sort of people who can find beauty in unexpected places...including the hardware store. I am looking forward to seeing your creations popping up in the Flickr account.

Have you found a unique piece of hardware that you care to share with the rest of us? Some of my favorites are locking washers, rubber "o" rings, compression springs, aluminum ferrules, and clear vinyl tubing...

What hardware store finds have you discovered to be beautiful? Do tell!Enjoy the day!


Silver Parrot said...

I love the necklace in your banner at the top of the page - is that new?

Esther said...

hi Erin!! my entry is on my blog and on your flikr !! i hope i'd did'nt made any mistake with english.. oops.. thank you for this interesting challenge!!


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