22 December 2009

Dreaming and Doing

"I'm tired of dreaming. I'm into doing at the moment. It's, like, let's only have goals that we can go after." ~Bono

Had a bit of a migraine today, so I was trying to stay low. Took the kids to school then went home with the intention of snuggling up. Remember this post? When I got home I realized that I had rescheduled not once but twice the follow up dentist appointment to have them drill another hole in my head and I had to be there in 10 minutes. Too late to cancel. My migraine addled brain was not fast enough to override the thought of drills and cheesy holiday muzak and bright lights shining into my skull as being a bad thing. {Note to self: don't have dental work done when you have a migraine coming on. Not advisable. Ever.}

Got home 40 minutes later only to spot the invitation from my son to attend their readers' theater version of "A Christmas Carol" with son playing both Bob Cratchit and Marley's ghost {chains and all}. Headed back out the door and made it just in time to see the actual chains clinking. On the way home, picked up some scrip gift cards since today was last day for those to be sold this year {my last five checks were all made out to the Catholic School district...maybe I just need automatic withdrawal from them}. Had to make a detour to Walgreen's when I realized that the pictures I ordered were ready and are part of a hastily concocted Christmas gift for my mother, "Mima." Hope I have time to put it together even though the pictures I took were not the greatest. {It is the thought that counts, isn't it?}

Arrived home at 11:00am. No rest for the weary. Saw a pile of unwrapped presents sitting out, and knew the children would not be able to avert their eyes when they came home. Wrapped as many as humanly possible while trying not to move in the dark. Left a few for darling husband. Went to pick up kids at 3pm. Dropped off a custom order to a client. Parked the kids at home while I went to the old house and picked up the mail {yes, I know that you can have them forward it, but they charge you $1 online with a credit card for the privilege of typing it all into the system for them....it is free to fill out the paperwork at the post office, by the way, but the paperwork is confusing and useless when your last name is different from everyone else in the house.} Also picked up some more bits and pieces from my studio so that I could be ready to sell some earrings and charm pendants in the AM.

Now here I am, it's midnight. I need to get some sleep. But I was remiss in sharing pictures of the winning prize from Week Three Inspired by...Sewing Kits challenge. Sorry for the delay! Here it is...

I call this "Bless this Nest."

Brass plated steel curb chain - Fire Mountain Gem
Tiny mother of pearl vintage boot buttons - Etsy
Cranberry freshwater pearls - Rings & Things
Brass bird charm - Michael's
Galvanized steel wire nest
Vintage cloth measuring tape - Etsy
"Bless" resin charm - Lynn Davis, ExpeditionD

The winner, Miss Davinia from down under, is getting ready to go on holiday to Tasmania. What fun! Your necklace and a copy of the December issue of Bead Trends will be mailed next week!

I just received my little white box containing the December issue of Bead Trends. I always squeal when I see that! This issue is one of my favorites so far. I love the idea of repurposed and upcycled and using what you have. So very unique and special. I feel honored that my piece "Going Places" was chosen, and even mentioned by sweet Miss Tatia the editor.

Sharon Borsavage of Livewire Jewelry is a dear, sweet person. She is honored with being the Featured Designer of the month. Her pieces are so full of meaning and emotion. And she takes great care to make her pieces so complete and detailed. I love her work.

Several others that I know are also featured in this issue... Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio, Erin Strother of Studio E Graphics, Mary Jane of Mariedodd, Melissa Essenberg of Chinook Jewelry, Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads, Debbie Goering of Prairie Emporium.... the list goes on. If I have left you out, it was purely unintentional...and if we haven't become friends through Bead Trends yet, then welcome! It is a wonderful little community!

Since my goal was to be published once per month in 2009, this is the last publication to be received. It feels good to know that I was able to actually make good on a promise to myself, especially since I have never been one to stick to resolutions. I know already that I won't be able to be that ambitious in 2010. Due to personal circumstances, I have missed some of the publishing deadlines, with a big one just passing me by this week. Oh well. Perhaps that is not feasible for a goal this coming year. Perhaps the Universe has other plans for me....

Just an FYI...I might get around to posting a 30 Words Thursday and maybe even a RAW Friday...but I will definitely be taking a few days off to enjoy my family. I hope you will be, too.

Be good to yourself this Christmas.

Check It Out:: Livewire Jewelry

Enjoy the day!


Esther said...

beautiful necklace Erin!! and congrats for your new publication!!

stregata said...

Lovely necklace, so beautiful!
Hope your migraine goes away - far away!! They are the pits...
Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and Health and Happiness for the New Year!!

Michelle said...

Hope your head is much better! I know that feeling...when you really just need a quiet moment to recharge and feel better is usually when it doesn't happen.

Have a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to 4 days off of both of my jobs (ok--4 from the paying one and 2.5 from the bead shop) and hope to do a LOT of creating.

Bead Happy!


SummersStudio said...

Happy Christmas, Erin and blessings for you and your family in the new year. Enjoy your family time!

sandi m said...

Lovely necklace. Will definitely hunt down the Dec. issue.

Have a wonderful Christmas celebration in your new home!!

mairedodd said...

hope you are feeling better and congrats on meeting your goal... you had to be motivated to do that, so kudos to you... your year has been busy but very filled with growth & change... i am so very happy to have gotten to know you, and to have such a supportive friend in my corner! you always seem to say the right thing at the right time... your blog is beautiful and i am excited to be starting a new year with my bloggy friends!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful necklace...sounds like you were one busy bee, such a hectic time of year, but some how we always seem to pull it off.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Beverly Herman said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Erin. Enjoy your holidays!

Diana said...

You are one busy lady! Beautiful work! I congratulate you on your many publications and also in deciding to slow down a bit next year for some healthy self-care. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

rosebud101 said...

May you and your family have a blessed and happy Christmas. May the Christ Child dwell in your hearts and inspire peace, love and Merry Christmas!

Lance said...

Merry Christmas Erin,

Enjoy your family over the Christmas holiday.

You are such an inspiring woman - I know the universe has amazing and beautiful plans for you!


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