17 December 2009

30 Words::INSPIRE

To influence, move, guide by divine inspiration
To exert an animating, enlivening, exalting influence
To draw forth or bring out
To spur on
To infuse (as life) by breathing

I want to inspire others and be inspired...
....INPSIRE is MY WORD for 2010....
what's yours?

Enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

i love "inspire", but my word for 2010 will be "health". At my age, I have to start taking better care of myself.

Cindy said...

Erin, you have found the absolute perfect word - Inspire. You truly inspire all of us with your support, encouragement and smile (that can be felt through blogosphere!). I'll have to give this one some thought...and chose one for 2010 too.

Andrew Thornton said...

I think my word would be: MAKE. It's simple, sweet, and to the point. That's what I want to do 2010... just make all the time.

Lance said...

Last year was the first time that I chose one word for the year (courage). And it was really so amazing to see how it unfolded in my life over the course of 2009. I have not yet chose a word for 2010, but will be soon. Erin, I love the word you have - INSPIRE! Looking forward to how this manifests itself in your life this coming year!

Azure Accessories said...

What an interesting idea! I've never actually chosen a "word" before...I'll have to think about that! After all if it will be my word for 2010 it must be meaningful word!



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