02 December 2010

TEASER! Challenge of Color Blog Hop Tomorrow!

"Remember the power motto girls...It's all about the teasing and not about the pleasing."
~ Quinn Fabray on Glee
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The 1st Challenge of Color Blog Hop is on Friday, December 3rd! I hope will stop back and visit to see what I did with the paint chip color palettes I saved for myself. I challenged myself to do six, and in doing that I came across another one that I thought was so pretty I couldn't pass it up. So I did a total of 7 color palettes. Below is a teaser of the palettes I selected.

{My six color palettes...plus one mystery palette to be revealed tomorrow!
I finished my last two last night before midnight - a record for me!}
If you didn't get a chance to hop this time, I hope you will consider it for the future. I plan to do future blog hops...well, truthfully, because I'm selfish... I actually use this as a challenge to myself to create something new. The bonus is that I get to meet new people and ooh and aah all over the blogdom!
Come back tomorrow ready to hop!

Enjoy the day!


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Well, you really challenged yourself doing 6 designs! Whew, I barely got one finished, lol. So excited for the reveal! I just did a teaser post on my blog.

Alice said...

Seven? You did Seven? I was doing good to finish the one I had. I'm so excited for the big reveal at tomorrow's hop. See you there!

mairedodd said...

looks very intriguing - and i am noticing people talking about it on other blogs... fun!

stregata said...

Can't wait to see how you challenged everyone and how they responded.

BooBeads said...

SEVEN?Jeeze, my only ONE is still unfinished! I will be finishing it tonight and writing my blog post. Can't wait to see what everyone created with their paint chips!

Unknown said...

And you said I was a tease! 7 pieces? I had a hard enough with 1 (or maybe 2) piece! I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

Silver Parrot said...

SEVEN? You are such a freakin' overachiever LOL! Can't wait - should be fun.

Yeli said...

Wow 6! I barely got my 1 done.

I am so ready to hop-hop-hop :)

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

7! I am such a slacker! I had a great time, I hope you do another it really got me working differently from my normal way. I may even challenge myself by randomly picking a paint chip each month, I like it that much!

Unknown said...

I think my favorite is your Lake Mist piece, but absolutely love the little nest you made for my pink egg. Your work is so beautiful, Erin!


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