14 December 2010

Jingle Bell Rock... and a Holiday Sale!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock,
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring,
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun,
Now the jingle hop has begun..."

We attended the Rocket's Christmas concert tonight Monday night. This is a middle school where a good majority of the students are involved in the band and show choirs. Rocket plays the alto sax in the 7th & 8th grade band. He also plays the tenor sax in the jazz band. Now Rocket has rarely brought home the instrument to practice, but he did voluntarily join jazz band which means that he gets in an hour before school on Wednesdays and Fridays to practice. I was completely blown away by these 12-13 year old's talent. Thought I would share a snippet of the jazz band pieces. (Or skip it and head straight to the sale below!)

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To celebrate the festive feeling I am having from all this good cheer, I thought I would host a Christmas sale in my Etsy shop. (With my video troubles I am a bit behind... so I have extended the deadline...and increased the discount! Read on!) From December 13-December 24 December 14-December 31, 2010 enjoy a 12% discount 15% discount off anything in my shop with the code HOHOHO at checkout. Shipping is FREE until the end of the year for US and Canada. I am not sure that I can guarantee that you will receive it before Christmas, but I sure can try. Thank you so much for your support!

Do you remember any Christmas concerts from your past?
Have your kids been impressing you with their talents?
Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


Alice said...

The Jazz Band was awesome! Such talent from these young kids--it's amazing. My daughter, and 8th grader, wants so badly to be in the jazz band but they don't offer it at our school until high school. Last night we went to the band concert and, like you, I was amazed at the talent and enthusiasm of the 7th & 8th grade kids.

SummersStudio said...

Awwh, the jazz band Jingle Bell Rocks just warms me up inside and out. I just played the video for my hubby who was in jazz band from junior high through college. Brought back a lot of good memories for him. Thank you!

My Life Under the Bus said...

What fun !My oldest (he's 12) was in his first play and now is auditioning for "Broadcasting" club tomorrow - it seems like the age when these talents start to erupt.

Unknown said...

this has been a school year of trying 'new stuff' in our home... Em at college falling head over heels in love with the German language... alex starting swim and finding out those broad shoulders were meant for the butterfly, and nick trying drama... all at new schools this year with new opportunities... I think I am just so pleased that they are trying things...
my youngest worries about what his job will be when he grows up... I tell him that his job is to try as many new things as he can... And then he can find out what he loves to do...

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Erin thank for sharing that video! It was awesome to hear the kids play and brought back so many memories of being in band. I played clarinet from 6th grade to 10th grade and then switched to French Horn my junior and senior year of high school.
Thank you!

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

I had the same band and music teacher from the beginning up until my Junior year. He left our Senior year. :( The last song of every Christmas concert was "Oh Come All Ye Faithful". It began with the timpani drum and included the band, grade school and high school chorus and the audience. It was powerful and always gave me shivers!

Holly said...

Erin, what a great job the whole band did! My only musical talent is singing badly out of key, but I don't think either of my kids got that dubious talent. My Erin (5 yrs old) sings constantly, and has a memory and aptitude for songs that's scary. She already sang a solo at her preschool graduation last year! I think Nate (almost 3) is going to be the athletic one, rather than expressing a musical talent. He can, though, do the White Man Sway spectacularly! ;)

JeannieK said...

I enjoyed that snippit of jazz. What talent and dedication. Thank you for sharing that. I miss attending all the fun school stuff. My daughter is in college now.

I volunteer at Gillette Children's Hospital and every year I'm involved in the "Annual Chiristmas Concert and Pageant. It's this coming Friday. A lot of the parents are surprised their kids have singing and acting skills. It makes some of them cry. Course I'm the biggest cry baby of all. It feels like they are all my kids.

Cindy said...

Just attended two of the boys' Christmas concerts this week - it's that time of year! Your Rocket is one talented young fella. :-)

Unknown said...

Oh thanks so much for the video it reminded me of Shelby's concerts when she played the trombone. Derek's PreK class had their concert last night and it was great!


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