21 December 2010

30 Words::Small Price

{Letterpress card by enormouschampion on Etsy}
Dad’s surgery today.
Torn meniscus.
Playing the waiting game
stale magazines 
lukewarm coffee
1,000 piece puzzles
Prognosis good.
Crutches for Christmas 
- a small price to pay.

Here's wishing those in hospitals a very Merry Christmas,
as well as the people who serve them and make them well.

Enjoy the day!


stregata said...

Wishing your dad speedy recovery!

Yeli said...

Wishing the best for your dad and a great recovery. I hope all went well.

Barbara Lewis said...

What a horrible time to have surgery! But just think, he'll start the New Year with it behind him and on the mend!

Unknown said...

Sending speedy healing thoughts to your Dad! I hate waiting in hospitals too! Hugs and Love

Alice said...

I hope your dad is recovering nicely. I feel bad for those who will be in the hospital over Christmas. Thenkfully there are wonderful doctors, nurses and staff willing to work over the holidays.

Lance said...

Sending loving thoughts and quick healing to your father. My wife just had her meniscus repaired this summer...so I AM familiar with the process!

And...sending loving wishes to you and your wonderful family for a beautiful Christmas....

Jenners said...

Glad to hear that the prognosis is good! And didn't Tiny Tim have crutches ... very good for acting out the Christmas Carol if you're so inclined.

Pretty Things said...

I'm glad he's all done with that! Keep the pressure cuff going (if they sent him home with one like they did with Rick) and ice.


My Life Under the Bus said...

Hugs and prayers your way Erin! I wish you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas, XOXOXO, Patty

Cindy said...

I hope your Dad is on the road to a speedy recovery. Something tell me he'll be receiving plenty of TLC along the way!

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Well, that's a surprise! I hope it won't interfere with golf!! But twisting motions aren't so joint-friendly. Everyone says "quick recovery", but that's usually an oxymoron :{ The body likes to take its time to do everything just so, I guess! It's worth the wait, of course. Ice, elevate, and pamper! Stay safe and healthy!


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