23 September 2010

Coming to My Senses::Nighttime Deluge

I see… the flickering light of the T.V. and wonder how my husband can sleep with that on… a pile of clothes on the bench and realize that this bench will never be free from piles… through the enveloping darkness a sliver of light from the nightlight in the hall… the paparazzi flash of lightning outside my window.

I smell… my comforter and think that I should get it washed because it is not that fresh anymore… something that makes my nose twitch and I sneeze from the dust blown free by the fan… the sleep-breath coming from my husband.

I hear…. the pitter-patter of liquid feet as the raindrops converge and shimmy down the shingles where they run to play in the musical gutter slides… the low rumbling of thunder in the distance… my daughter standing in the dark next to my bed with a tiny voice that says she’s scared.

I taste…. the ice cold glass of water that I have every night before bed… the smooth translucent blue capsules as they slide down my throat to ease my ache… sourness and realize that I neglected to brush my teeth tonight and also that I am too comfortable to motivate myself to do anything about it.

I touch… the softness of the sheets as they settle around me… my pillow as I scrunch it up just so… the light breeze from the ceiling fan cooling my face while my toes stay warm.

I feel… tired… relief that sleep will come easy to me tonight… secure that I am protected from the elements outside… grateful for my bed.

What is coming to your senses today?

Enjoy the day!

P.S. Thank you Kristen for reminding me that I haven't done this in awhile.


Alice said...

The relentless wind. A storm will blow in.

My desire to do anything but the things I should be doing.

My frustration at having huge dreams for my garden, then seeing the pitiful thing every day as I come and go.

A warm heart after reading a sweet note from a friend, and later-sadness as a well-meaning person brings sad feelings to the fore.

More frustration at not getting more jewelry made for a two day show and worry that I won't have enough stuff to make my booth look tempting.

Joy at the many blessings I have been given, most of which I probably don't deserve.

Thankfullness at each and every day my mother is still with us. Hope for her future. Resigned to it being way too short.

Eagerness for a fresh new week to begin.

Thank you for a lovely post!

Unknown said...

Oh no my sweet Erin thank you! This one is awesome as I am sure we have all had these senses.
My senses are well aware that my sweet little boy is warm from fever and unable to enjoy the sun drenched day with a cool light breeze. I smell the second pot of coffee that is helping me stay awake as he was moaning in his sleep and no Mom gets a good night sleep when babies (ok they may be 5 and 17 but they are still my babies) are sick.
Yep I so love these posts and you too!


Dawn Doucette said...

Wishing you a dry basement and good sturdy gutters dear Erin! :) We haven't gotten any of this storm yet in SE Wisconsin, but the radar up your direction is a beautiful collage of color. Not good for those working outside - poor postmen, garbage men and newspaper carriers. I'd make them all cookies if I could!

Hope you are doing well! I loved the feeling in this post!


Pretty Things said...

I love the sound of rain, and actually use a white noise machine each night and pick the "rain" noise every time!

For the new bedroom we're building, I chose a quilt instead of a comforter so I don't have to worry about that duvet and whatnot anymore. Easier to wash.

I keep water by my bed every night, too, but there are some nights I'm rudely woken up when a cat knocks it over on me!

Jenners said...

This was so well-written. I loved it. One part I really liked was "the paparazzi flash of lightning outside my window."

rosebud101 said...

Today, I see the deluge of rain that has hit our area. I feel the pain of those who have lost so much in the flooding. I touch my carpet to see if it's wet, and I'm relieved it's not wet. I hear the rain still falling and I hear the wind beginning to blow. I taste the the sour of my stomach because I forgot to take my acid reflux medicine. I run to take my medicine.

Unknown said...

liquid feet - I'm caught by that wording, it keeps playing in my head. Lovely way of putting it! Would love to meet up with you! Will check into things and see if I can't make it. I should know more this weekend. We have to shoot a wedding on the 9th but I think that's it for that weekend.

Unknown said...

Maybe the words dont ring true or sound true but tho I have never met you I think you are a Treasure. Your so full of you and the world that sourounds you..very beautiful post!

Today I thirst for the cool to cold weather bc the scorching heat drones on forever here then levels out to nice warm days. But enuf of the heat to warmness I thirst for the cold, for overcast and drizzly days.

I wait for the smile of my husband as he walks thru the door this evening and my heart is so warm. That brings medicine to the bones..



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