29 September 2010

Remembrance II

"We do not remember days; we remember moments."
~ Cesare Pavese

(Sorry if you have read this already. Blogger is frick-frackin' with me and was obliterating whole chunks of text, but just in the published post! I have rewritten this.)

I have had the good fortune to help people honor their memories with my jewelry. There is a joy in that like no other. And it is an honor and a privilege that I take very seriously.

For weddings: There was Amanda who asked me to take her late grandmother's wedding ring and make that the delicate toggle to a simple pearl bracelet that she wore on her own wedding day... (sorry, no picture of that one!)

For the bride (above) from Alaska to wear to her paradise wedding on a beach in Phuket, Thailand. I wanted to evoke the vision I had of her walking down the beach at sunset and stooping to scoop up the shells and trinkets from the beach as she walked toward her handsome beau...

And the surprise wedding shower gift for Hailey from her aunt using several of her grandmother's rhinestone earrings in a convertible necklace/bracelet I call 'oldnewborrowedblue.'

For favorite furry friends: I connected with a sorority sister named Nancy in Arkansas who lost her dear dog Riley and wanted his jeweled collar to be turned into a wearable work of memory art...

And for Beth who was devastated by the sudden loss of her dog JJ, the 'best lil pup ever' who lived to chase tennis balls.

For trips taken: To commemorate a wonderful trip to Galena, IL to visit Jess Lincoln and the ladies at Vintaj in July 2009, I created 'Going Places' using subway tokens, watch faces, stones, buttons, and map pieces under resin because Main Street in Galena is like walking back in time.

For grandparents: Ariel asked me to incorporate this pin that her grandfather made featuring what looked to be a large sugilite stone in a piece called 'Love is the Key.'

To remember my own lovely grandmother, I created this piece using a picture of her 15 year old self under resin in a piece I call 'She Walks in Beauty' further inspired by the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

For grandchildren: I am working on a piece right now for a good client who wants words on a paddle in resin. But in talking with her, I realized quickly that her new baby granddaughter and her lovely young grandsons mean the world to her, so instead of a random word, I will surprise her with resin paddles containing the names of all three grandbabies. She will be so excited! (Shhhh! I haven't created it yet to show you and I don't want her to know!)

Jewelry is a perfect way to commemorate an event, recall happy thoughts, honor those we have lost. Incorporating something that directly links to the memory or person creates a very powerful and meaningful talisman to carry with you... like a trinket from a trip, a photo of a loved one, a symbol of their passions, an every day object from that life. Memory jewelry can be a lasting impression of the feelings that you have for that time in your life or that important person. And that is something to treasure.

Do you own any pieces of memory jewelry?

Have you ever created any memory jewelry of your own?

If you were to have a piece of jewelry made that evoked a memory, what memory would you like to preserve in this way?

Would you incorporate meaningful objects? pictures? words?

Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


rosebud101 said...

I don't own any memory jewelry. I wish I did because there are so many events that I would like to remember with jewelry. One thing I do own is a bead I made when I had to put my beloved dobbie down after being in our family for 13 years. His death broke my heart. When his ashes were returned to me, I made 3 "memory stones." They were rich and full of texture like he was. I cherish those beads. I touch them, and I remember my wonderful companion of 13 years in those beads. Maybe, someday, they will become a piece of jewelry, but I don't know yet.

Esther said...

oh!! you've loose all your comments!!! well... i repeat .. i love the blue necklace ( picture 2) .. and all your pieces are amazing!! i love wen you show your jewels!!

Mary Harding said...

I love all the different memories you have made into jewelry. I often think I will make a memory piece when I go to the beach in the summer. I haven't yet. I think your post will inspire me to try. And let me add that you have such a great ability to conceptualize ideas, art, feelings, and now memories into jewelry. It is a rare gift you have Erin. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Islandgirl said...

Interesting... I just got given a bunch of loose beads by an elderly islander... she wants me to make her a necklace... not nearly enough beads.. but they are a pretty common colour of blue (I hope!). I don't know her well enough to design something around remembrances, but I will always remember her as one of the few islanders that has accepted the artist from 'away'.

Riki Schumacher said...

Wonderful ideas Erin, again full of inspiration. Thank you! Riki

Cameron said...

Your work is simply stunning....and to have your talent help others keep with them something precious, a memory dear....is even more fulfilling!

Loved this post :)

Unknown said...

Your work Indeed is Stunning you are one very
talented woman Erin!! You just come out in a blast! I am Always so Impressed with you!

susanc said...

I just lost my beloved lovebird this week and am devastated. I have saved all of her beautiful feathers since finding her a little over two years ago. I hope that I can have something made with them, perhaps with resin, some day. I miss her so much and it is much too quiet without her.

Unknown said...

You make sure lovely memories, all unique and treasured. I don't know what memory I would hold onto. There are so many good and bad memories. :0)

Michelle Mach said...

What a lovely post! I'm sure your customers appreciate all the love and care that goes into your designs. I haven't made much memory jewelry, but I do have a piece in mind that I may make for a Christmas gift. The initial part is sitting on my design table, waiting patiently to be finished.


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