21 September 2010

Hop on the Bus

{Digital art from PaperBleu on Etsy}

“If I had it all to do over again, I would do most all things differently. However, how would I know that if I had not had the opportunity to do them the first time.”
~Janice Markowitz

Do you ever want to have a do-over?

Darren over at ProBlogger put out a challenge to share your 7 Links as a sort of retrospective blog do-over awhile ago. I don't normally participate in these sort of things, but this one sounded intriguing to me.
Looking back on all that I have written was fun. It was like revisiting some favorite vacation spots and reliving the memories. I liked the chance to find some words that I had forgotten about that I wrote and loved re-reading words from others that inspired me as well, and also to see if my message has remained consistent or if the ride has been a bumpy one. These past posts are like a map of all the places I have traveled since I began this blog nearly 2 years ago. And since you know I couldn't actually be held to just 7 links or stops on this bloggy tour, I found one or more that I liked for each. Have fun revisiting these posts (if you care or dare) and if you are of a mind, you can do this yourself! I would love to read the map of your blog!

So here are my 7+ Links:

  • Posts I enjoyed writing the most:
    Starring in the Movie of My Life This was inspired lunacy... inspired by my friend Jenners and lunacy because it is simply ridiculous!
    Like Alice I really loved the movie Alice in Wonderland and identified greatly with the character.

  • Posts which had a great discussion:
    Artistic Influence This recent post highlights the issue of inspiration and influence versus copying from the aspect of trusting your creative force. It is something that I believe passionately in and it is something that needs to keep being talked about (in my opinion).
    Inadequate I hate going to the dentist. Apparently, the rest of you hate it, too. Enough said.

  • Posts on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written:
    The ABCs of Loving Yourself by Dani on Positively Present - Love the way she writes all her posts, but this one is particularly lovely and positive and the message I need to instill in Tiny Dancer. Okay, in myself, too.
    Blog Your Art Out by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things - Such a timely and well written article, I will come back again and again to read.
    The Beader's 12 Step Program by Kelly Morgan of Silver Parrot - Hilarity at its finest! She is like Bombeck on beads!
    10 Myths About Artists by Luann Udell - Actually this is a series of posts and she is up to 14 myths I think, but this whole series is a really worthwhile read, as is everything she writes.

  • A post that I wish more people had read:
    Choose to Be Creative Okay, so it was my second post and I had like 2 followers at the time, but I was actually defining my beliefs and my blog. And it is still true today.

So, that is it for my bloggy do-over. I really don't know if I would do anything differently (at least in my blog) except have better pictures (early on I didn't have any).

{Photography by BunchesPhotography on Etsy}

I look at this blog like a bus.

People hop on and off the bus when it takes them where they need to go.

Some are here for a real purpose, others just to enjoy the ride.

There are so many windows to look out and see things from other perspectives, other views, so be open to all of them.

No one will ever charge you a thing to be here or try to sell you something you don't need, and you can bring all the baggage you like on this trip, there is room for it all.

You can sit back and just soak it all up or you can take a stand and be actively directing the driver.

You can get off whenever, wherever you like, but know that there will always be a spot for you and your spirit will leave a mark, like so much positive grafitti.

There is no map to follow.

And there may be a destination, but the journey is the most fun.

Is there a post that you have read (on this blog, another blog, or your own) that you like to go back and read again?

Has a blog post from someone (not just me) ever made you stop and think and possibly change your mind/attitude/outlook/direction? Do share!

Is there a subject that is just overdone in the blogging world?
Is there a subject that needs more discussion?

Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


Unknown said...

WOW! So many questions so little time! I do have one post of mine that I like to re-visit to remind me of where and how I got my new perspective. I was truly inspired by the first post I ever read of yours http://treasures-found.blogspot.com/2010/06/coming-to-my-sensesall-star-game.html It is the one that helped me refine my memory keeping skills. I love to remember moments but they always seemed to get jumbled until I saw your post and used those steps. Now when I feel the need to recall those memories they are much clearer and I can almost transport myself there. As far as subjects being overdone in this bloggy world I think that each one is that owners views, opinions, emotions and heart so you follow them on the journey if you like it and "been there done that" posts usually get great feedback and perspectives that havent been brought up.
Keep doing what you are doing Erin! Without heart it is just not worth our time!


Malin de Koning said...

Great post Erin! I should write a longer comment really ... I know that ... your efforts deserve lots of feedback. I am sorry I am kind of empty right now.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Erin,

I am ALWAYS inspired by your blog -- so, thank you for this one! If I had more time, I'd re-read ALL of your posts.


Lance said...

It's really good to be on this "bus"....

Courtney Breul said...

What a powerful post, thank you. I have spent the time and gone to each of the posts you mention and have gleaned some inspiration and definate food for thought. I enjoy coming over here to read your blog as I do find it inspiring, on so many fronts. Your words and ideas help to make me a better person, a more creative person. Thank you.

Silver Parrot said...

Wow! I feel so honored to have made your list of posts you wish you'd written! Thank you so much! I always wish I had something profound and artistic to write about like you (and some of my other favorite bloggers do), but apparently, my place in the beady blog world is to provide the slapstick comedy.

The way I look at it, if the beady blogosphere was like Shakespeare, then all you creative and artistic people are the iambic pentameter. I'm the de rigueur fart joke ;-)

rosebud101 said...

I just went back to read the blog you wished more people had read--Choose to be creative! It was a wonderful blog, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to read it now. Thank you for sharing your list with us!

Beth said...

I love this posting Erin. How profound ... the idea of doing over or not. I had never really questioned this in terms of blogging. You are such a strong writer, which I love in a blog. I aspire to build my blogging off of such words and wisdoms. This post is sort of liek your comment on my blog, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Art either hits you or it doesnt. Same with words. Reminds me of ee cummings when he suggests "feeling is first." Great blog posts make us think. Thanks for the thoughts today!


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