07 February 2014

We're All Ears

I just announced a brand new inspiration challenge over at Earrings Everday. I wanted to encourage more interaction on the blog as well as an appreciation for earrings, so I started the We're All Ears challenge to encourage our readers to pick through their stash and make earrings for a monthly blog hop based on an inspiration photo. You will have to go over to the post to see the cool photo that I found for February!

And if you stick around for that very long post, you will be rewarded with the chance to win nine different prizes in our Earring Love Fest giveaway!

Here are the two prizes that I am giving away:


What are you waiting for? Hop on over, join the fun and win some cool prizes!


SusanDolphinDelaney said...


How exciting!

I have one question, please: Does the post have to be done exactly on the 21st of the month?

I'd like to be able to post as soon as my entry is finished.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

love this--sharing it all over the place!!! jean xox

Unknown said...

I saw the frame & am excited about the hop! I also loved your frame, so curly & fun! what is the metal screen called? I looked for something like this a few years ago & didn't know where to start?

Silver Parrot said...

I've seen Earrings Everyday mentioned on several blogs I follow and finally made the time to go over and check it out. What a great site! I signed up to follow along for now...hopefully I'll be able to participate in future hops as time allows but since I've already signed up for 2 others recently, I didn't want to over-commit. Plus, I have to say, the designs on the site are intimidatingly awesome. I'm not sure I'd put my work on display with that same group until I feel like I've gotten my groove back!


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