26 November 2013

Tomorrow River Winding

The River

The River's a wanderer,
A nomad, a tramp.
He doesn't choose one place
To set up his camp.

The River's a winder,
Through valley and hill.
He twists and he turns,
He just cannot be still.

The River's a hoarder,
And he buries down deep
Those little treasures 
That he wants to keep.

The River's a baby,
He gurgles and hums,
And sounds like he's happily
Sucking his thumbs.

The River's a singer,
As he dances along.
The countryside echoes
The notes of his song.

The River's a monster,
Hungry and vexed.
He's gobbled up trees
And he'll swallow you next.

I made a necklace and earring set for a very, very patient client name Jen who lives in the Tomorrow River area a short drive from me. When we met earlier this year, she described what she wanted by showing me a Pinterest board that she created (how clever is that?!). She started with pictures of my work, but that led her to other artists that she admired who were linked on my pages. 

One such artist that she really gravitated to was StaciLouise Smith

 I told her that I would be happy to set her up with Miss Staci to create something, but she also loves my work, and would not hear of it. That is sweet. Seeing as I love Miss Staci's rustic look and her soulful energy, it only seemed fitting that I would use some of her pieces in the necklace. 

I purchased that large spiky donut from Miss Staci and it also came with a cream urchin nugget and a piece of soft green sea glass. To that I added a faceted polymer nugget from Barbara Bechtel, a rustic ceramic cog from Diana Ptazynski, some polymer clay disks from Heather Powers and a shimmering ceramic holly leaf from Bo Hulley Beads. Throw in a button, an ancient Chinese coin, a pewter ammonite, a hand patina-ed swirl shell bead, some pearls and a mother of pearl stick, a wood bead and some various brass and pewter beads just for fun.

The client asked for this to be long and loose, but also be able to be doubled, as you see here. I went with alternating strands of teal, sage and charcoal waxed linen hand tied that can be doubled over like a lariat or even wrapped twice. 

What do you think? 

If you would like to see the earrings that go along with this necklace, it is my day so I chose to share them over on


Kristie F. Cecil said...

This is beautful and beautifully presented!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I think this is a museum worthty piece. Thank you for showing us! Going to look at the earrings now!

xox, jean

lunedreams said...

This is a work of art! I love all the textures, and your three subtle hues of cording. Spectacular! I can't stop looking at it. LOVE the little hex beads on there, fabulous.

Gale said...

Really wonderful color combination. (Just the other day I decided I needed more sage and grey in my life, and here's some inspiration!) I also like the lighter backdrop of this photograph--really lets the piece shine.

Gale said...

Forgot to add that that's a wonderful name for a river, too!

Rebecca said...

I loooooooove it! Totally gorgeous! My favourite elements are Diana's cog and Bo's leaf - I love how they just punctuate the necklace with dashes of darker colours. I bet your client was thrilled!!

Rebecca said...

And PS AWESOME photo too!!

Lilik Kristiani said...

Create something like this...combination between uniqueness, eye-catching, touch of details, colors play, wearable...always be my WISH.
I like details, but I'm poor to combine this aspect with others.

Doreen said...

Just beautiful in every way!

Doreen said...

Just beautiful in every way!

Unknown said...

Erin this is one of my all time favorites of yours. What a lucky client...I'm sure she didn't mind the wait once she saw the results.

Ema Kilroy said...

Gorgeous creation Erin! So many lovely beads worked into a beautiful design.

haezz said...

Oh my! This piece is a stunning work of art and love. I solemnly swear that I can feel the river's emotions within this necklace. (I'm sitting here shaking my head and trying to put into words the emotions this necklace evokes in me. Having a difficult time.) Simply beautiful and full of life and movement.

Cyndi J said...

Stunning! A beautiful marriage of your style with that of the bead artists. So many rich and wonderful things to look at. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Harding said...

A beautiful lovely river necklace Erin. I love its organic flow and pale blue colors.

Tanya said...

I'm a bit behind on my blog reading, so I am a bit late, but wow! Erin, that is fabulous. I see Staci's influence, but I love how you used your distinct style to create this.

It is just beautiful. I know Jen will adore it.


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