29 November 2013

Typhoon Relief Auction :: Be the One Drop

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
~ Mother Teresa


On November 8, 2013 the perfect storm arrived. And by perfect, I mean perfectly dreadful.

Typhoon Haiyan is one of the worst storms in recorded history and nearly annihilated the island nation of the Philippines. The appalling destruction and loss of life is completely devastating. Cities have been gutted. Buildings have been leveled. Thousands are dead. Millions of survivors are left to pick up the pieces of their lives - literally - when they are rapidly running out of clean water, nourishing food and other essentials that you and I take for granted every day.

Jocelyn, and her children in what is left of her home. Read her story at CARE.org.
Up to 10,000 people are feared dead. More than 3 million people are without their homes. Many are sleeping in the open air or in the rubble of what was left. And 9.8 million people are suffering in the aftermath of the storm. They lack shelter, water, food. But they also want for security and peace of mind.

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror as I sit in my own home, safe and sound, feasting on the turkey of the day. But my friend Andrew Thornton can imagine it. You see, Andrew is personally touched by this tragedy. He has family and friends that are living in those areas affected most by this devastation. They have lost their homes, their belongings, their livelihoods. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors of waking up each day in the rubble of all you have known and trying to maintain some sense of normalcy while just trying to survive at the most basic level.

So Andrew rounded up some of his friends and asked us if we would be willing to participate in a day of auctions with proceeds to benefit the Typhoon victims half a world away in the Philippines. I enthusiastically said yes.

It is hard to imagine what they are going through, but it is even harder to imagine that I wouldn't do something to help. I may be only one, and I can't send in a lot, but I will do what I can, with what I have. I will be the One Drop. I hope you will join me in doing the same.

Andrew has requested that all the monies collected will be donated to CARE.org. CARE is delivering food, water, shelter and other essentials to survivors of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. A gift of just $13 buys rations of food and necessities for someone who needs it.

Additionally, Andrew is hosting a raffle with wonderful prizes contributed by art bead artists (like me!), jewelry artists and fine artists alike. You can see some of the prizes up for grabs and you can buy your raffle tickets for just $1.

This original plein air painting by Sheila Thornton was painted in the Philippines. It is part of the raffle.

For this auction, I have selected a few jewelry pieces that are near and dear to my heart, as well as offering a 6-month subscription to my Simple Truths Sampler Club (retail value: $102 + shipping).

Here are the details, please read carefully:
  • The minimum starting bid on each of them is $15 and bids should increase in whole dollar amounts. 
  • To bid on an item, leave a comment with the item number and your bid. And check back to see if you need to increase your bid! A good way to get some of your Christmas shopping done AND help out those who need it.
  • The auction will run from today, Friday, November 29th through Thursday, December 5th. 
  • Winner will be notified by EMAIL so please, make sure that there is a way to contact you (hint: turn on your email in your profile!) 
  • If the winning bid for any of these items is over $50 I will ship it for free anywhere in the world (if less, I will add the shipping fees to your PayPal invoice). I will even gift wrap it for you!
Ready? Set? Okay... let the bidding begin!
#1 The Wisdom of Last Minutes
Created for Lorelei's Michaels Challenge 2013
Retail value: $64
Minimum bid: $15

#2 One Tiny Pebble
Created for the Challenge of Color 2011
Retail value: $75

Minimum bid: $15

#3 Harlequin Romance bracelet
Featured in Stringing Summer 2012
Retail value: $52
Minimum bid: $15

#4 Simple Truths Sampler Club - 6 months
December 2013 - May 2014
Retail Value: $102 (+shipping)
Now... Who wants to be the One Drop?

Thank you for your support of this very worthy cause!
Please go to www.CARE.org to find out how you can help.

Here's a list of participating artists:


Unknown said...

Item #4, $60 (sherri.stokey@ymail.com)

Rebecca said...

No. 2 $25

No. 4 $65

andersonrebecca {at} mac {dot} com

Anonymous said...

Can I sign up for the 6 months Sampler to start when my current one ends? Could I give it as a gift to another artist? goldkissesart@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

#2 $30

Drtanglebones said...

I'll bid on number 4 for $85
--Eric Wentling

A Polymer Penchant said...

Erin, your generosity is as beautiful as the items up for bid. I'm off to share, I hope they all get top dollar. Thank you for being you!

Anonymous said...

#2;bid of $50 and #4; bid of $90
Just getting things warmed up! :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

#2, $55

Anonymous said...

#2, $55

Janine said...

Thank you so much for this.
I will not bid on the items, so there will be more donations to go to Care.org.
Instead I've donated 50 USD directly to them.

Rebecca said...

No 1 $20

No 4 $95

Anonymous said...

No. 3 $50

Metal Me This said...

#3 $55

Unknown said...

#4 - $20.00

Unknown said...

#1 $30

Drtanglebones said...

I'll up my bid on #4 to $105. Why not?

Kathy Weaver said...

#1 - $40 Kathy Weaver

Anonymous said...

#2; $60
Thank you....:)

Anonymous said...

#2 $65

Andrew Thornton said...

Thank you for being so generous with your fundraising efforts! You've really done a wonderful job! All the pieces are just beautiful!

Unknown said...

#1 $45

Jeanne @ Gems By Jeanne Marie said...

#1 - $50

Jeanne @ Gems By Jeanne Marie said...

I love my necklace!
Thank you!


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