30 September 2013

Late Bloomer :: Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal

I am coming off an ArtBliss high.

I spent three days in Washington, DC convening with bead peeps. It has been a blast. I actually got to meet up with several of the Art Jewelry Elements team members in person: Jenny Davies-Reazor, Melissa Meman, Susan Kennedy, Karen Totten and Diana Ptaszynski. What a treat! I was very honored to be selected to join the monthly component hop because I am a BIG fan of Lesley Watt's colored bronze clay pieces.

When I left for ArtBliss I grabbed the bead cap so that I could make something, and I had a hank of these beautiful bubble drop beads. But, of course, in my panicked last minute packing, I didn't grab the beads that I wanted. So late, late into the night last night when I finally had time alone with my tools, I had to make it work! I apologize for not having any more than this one picture, and the necklace is not complete because I didn't measure but eye-balled the beading wire and one side is shorter than the other so I didn't put the other part of the clasp on. But you can see what I did and where I am going.

Here is the component that we were sent to play with. Just look at that soft sheen and those juicy colors! I know you want one. Be sure to check out Lesley Watt's Etsy shop so you can get one of your  own!

I made a link with some merlot colored leather that I bought from Erin Siegel and Ornamentea at the vendor night. I created a leather link with one half of a flowered hook clasp to hang the pendant. I used that same leather cord in little groups of knots to hide the crimp tubes because I didn't have any other material to cover those unsightly bits. I used some pretty wine colored Czech faceted glass rondelles (from Joann's Fabric) and some of the silver plated charlottes (again, from Ornamentea) to lead up to some salmon colored piggy-back beads. Love these! I got them at Bead & Button from Nirvana beads. The color has a lovely lustre to it. Tracy Statler was selling these really cool pointed spacers (I need more of those, Miss Tracy!) and I used that to build up the suspense leading to the polymer clay disk beads from Humblebeads in a really great deep fall palette. At the back is a strand of frosted jade beads that have a very soft green color.

I am calling this Late Bloomer ;-)
Sorry for the poor photo. If I have time later this week, I will take some more glamor shots and closeups. There is only so much you can do with a cell phone camera and a tile in your hotel bathroom. ;-)

I am flying back today. So I will save my hopping for later this week. Here are the rest of the participants. Thank you Miss Lesley for the opportunity to work with your amazing creations!

AJE team
Lesley Watt         


KristiBowmanDesign said...

A beautiful creation Erin, I can't believe those pics are from a cell phone, pretty darned good.

Susan Marling said...

Love it. It was so much fun meeting you in person this weekend!

Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful Ms. Erin, always a joy to see what you have created, and when the inspiration is one of Lesley's componenet you can't do wrong.

Unknown said...

Oh Erin that is not a poor photo! I really do not think you could take a poor photo!!! This is a gorgeous creation as always and I am so happy you were able to be a part of our team this month!!!!!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I love what you've got so far...gorgeous! I didn't go to Art Bliss (although I was supposed to...I needed to back out) and I still didn't finish my COM.

Thanks for participating and reading Art Jewelry Elements!

Claire Lockwood said...

Very lovely - great colours!

Anonymous said...

I love the textures and colours in your necklace. Especially those offset salmon beads.

Caroline said...

Beautiful design, I love the leather bail!

Anonymous said...

I love the autumn colors you have put together. My favorite color palette! The textures are awesome and the leather bail is really clever! So glad you got to join the AJE design challenge this month.

Jenny said...

Thrills me to know that we were discussing this at dinner! After finally meeting in person! And you got your "homework" done in fashion!. I like the palette, and the textures... cant wait to see details.

Kim Stevens said...

You always make the greatest things....and I must check out those bead caps, just the thing I'm looking for!! Thanks!

Laura S Reading said...

You are right - the colors and design are lovely and I would love to get my hands on some.
Welcome home. So happy to hear you had a fabulous time.

Rebekah said...

Love the colors and textures you chose Erin! "Late Bloomer" is a perfect name… and not just because you were out of time—to me you color palette and design speaks of autumn changing to winter, starting with the pod and the rich autumn tones, ending with the soft frosted beads—a flower blooming late in the season. Love it! Definitely share some glamor shots when you get a chance—I want to see more!


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