14 December 2011

Snowflakes Stick Together

"A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!"
  ~Author Unknown

Living in Wisconsin, it is hard to escape a winter landscape. But it is not as bleak as you might think.

The colors of spring and summer are long gone and the explosion on hues from the fall have blown away like so many leaves swirling in eddies at my feet as I walk. But there is color to the frozen tundra. 

The way the sky melts just so at that in-between time right before it rapidly descends to dark is my favorite time of day. The last rays of the sun dance along the blanket of white showing nuances of blue and gray in the shadows. But the real star is the sky at the horizon. If there are wispy clouds they will be tinged with soft cashmere hues of pink and orange and red. Throw a little lavender and just a hint of blue and you have a sight to see. 

I am often found on my front porch just oohing at the sky. Until my toes start to freeze and my nose grows icicles. If it weren't for the cold I would stand out there all day long. 

That is what I have tried to capture with these slight washes of color. These snowflakes, with a custom made message, have been proving to be popular in my shop, at the Gallery Q and with my friends and family. 

And each one is one of a kind, as it should be.


Thank you all kindly for your very insightful thoughts on my post from Tuesday. I really wasn't trolling for compliments and it always takes me aback when people are surprised that I have feelings of inadequacy and 'what ifs'. I am so much more like all of you than you realize. I figure that if I have these struggles it is best to share them because the insights that I get from all of you are golden. I tend to get very inward-focused at this time of year, and it seems from the comments that I am not alone. Your thoughtful comments have made me pause, and I am savoring each one of them. And I will comment back if you have allowed a way to receive that so we can carry on the conversation. If I have sparked your own inner dialogue, I am grateful.


I just found out in the last few days that I had an epic failure. I was alerted from one of my 'simple truths' sampler club members that she received my nice festive note....with no charm inside. Uh-oh. So I quickly emailed all the sampler members and found that several more had received the card, with the glue unstuck, but did receive the charm. That will teach me to use a very old set of cards that I had been hoarding for years. And it will teach me to make sure that everything is taped shut! 

Only a few went missing, but I have yet to hear back from everyone. So if you are reading this, and you received your card from me sans charm, do let me know! I am sending out replacements this week (with my tail between my legs... this has never happened and I will not allow it to happen again!)

This is a week of continuing gratitude as I thank the steadfast members of the 'simple truths' sampler club. You know who you are. And I hope you know how much I appreciate you!
Your turn...
What would your snowflake message be?
A name and a date?
A message of hope?
A snippet of poetry?

Do tell!


Marcie Abney Carroll said...

Oh Erin, I'm so sorry about your little charms! I hope that more did not go missing and that they find their way safely home for Christmas. As for Tuesday's regrets...I don't think you're alone, the past three years of economic woes were in nobody's plans and it's put a lot of dreams on hold. Look at what you HAVE accomplished (the gallery, your simple truths, MANY publications) and smile because if you hadn't jumped in with both feet, you wouldn't even be where you are now! And it's not anywhere close to being over. Like Dr. Seuss says, "Oh, the places you'll go..."

jeanniek said...

"epic failure?" I bet not one of the members from the sampler club think that.

My snowflake would say, "one-of-a-kind." or "too be continued." No, wait, that's going on my headstone.

I hope you can take some time for yourself after the new year. I think it's just what you need.

Alice said...

Who ever found those charms (probably postal workers) are most likely smiling in delight.

Your post makes me think that even though there are billions of people in this world, I am unique, just like the snowflake.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy that view this evening. It's rainy here, but we need it after the terrible drought we had this summer.

Dawn Doucette said...

Oh my goodness, so where did the little charms go? Did they end up falling out of the envelope and sitting at the post office? I could rant about the P.O. because I've had 3 P.O. issues in the last 2 months. BUT in the spirit of Christmas I'll just say they are on my naughty list. :o)

My saying for a snowflake pendant would say "Love your differences!"

Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze... that's a hug from me to you! You're not a failure you just experienced technical difficulties of the mechanical kind. Smile and know we love you no matter what!


Christine Altmiller said...

i have taken a break from blogging due to lack of time. something had to give. this was it. but i am back and yours was my second stop on the list :-) and i cannot imaging anyone who follows your blog would get upset over a faux pas with the Simple Truths sampler. please don't be hard on yourself.
living in a place where we have 5 month winters, my snowflake would have to say "I Melt for Spring".

be well Erin! and keep on keepin' on :-)

EmandaJ said...

My snowflake would say "Unique!"
Happy Holidays,

SummersStudio said...

These are lovely. I can see that sky you speak about in these. I know that sky and was very fond of it when I was living in Iowa. At no other time of the year do you get that same magic moment as darkness descends. You are making me quite nostalgic.

Jewels By Ine said...

Wauw.. lovely colors! I love the snowflakes!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the charms - they are so pretty! My snowflake message would be: Hug Yourself!

steufel said...

Oh, no! Hopefully the someone who found the snowflakes appreciate this piece of art of yours! And my snowflake would say "evolve".

lunedreams said...

Love love LOVE those snowflakes in the winter-sky-at-twilight colors! I love the subdued tones of winter too, esp. when there's a low cloud ceiling and the town lights reflect off of it at night and turn it peachy, and later mauve. Love that! And I love how the shadows on the snow go deep lilac when the blue sky comes out. It's never actually white! And then of course we have the Alpenglow on the snowy mountains here in the morning--electric rose! Your snowflakes remind me of all that.

Beth Hikes said...

These are so pretty and make up for the lack of snow flurries!!

CreatingCures said...

"Crystal Clear"

Erin - You're so eloquent in your description of that beautiful moment of dusk. I SO LOVE that indescribable blue - midnight? smoky? - after the sun sets with the trees silhouetted against the sky. And, you shouldn't fret about the simple truths mishap... humans cannot be held responsible for faulty glue!
Be well ~~T

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Sorry to hear about your charms, but not so epic LOL I LOVE the snowflake charms and must have one, I cannot figure out what saying though. That will take some thought.

jeanetteblix said...

Hi Erin, I hope you are having a wonderful and magical holiday season! I absolutely love the Nutcracker charm you made for Alice! Next to snowmen, I adore nutcrackers!


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