22 August 2011

RAW:: Perfection is UP2U

A Random Act of Wisdom found on the inside of the new package of gum that I bought because (a) I liked the message that "UP2U" holds, and (b) because my daughter likes variety in her gum and so has swiped all but one piece.


Since change is hard, I would guess that could point to the fact that there are so few perf3ct people in the w0rld. But to really live you must have to be as perfect as perfect can be for you to truly live and 3nj0y LiFe!

What do you think?


rosebud101 said...

Erin, I'm glad I'm not perfect, but I have changed so much in my life. I'm not the person I was yesterday, and now, I'm not the person I'll be tomorrow. I'm glad I'm not perfect. Without perfection, I am creative.

SummersStudio said...

UP2U? Who would have thought that Mentos could be so profound. Perfection? I'm putting that one in the same basket as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On the other hand, if I were to acheive perfection would there be a reason to get up tomorrow? Oh, Erin, you always make me think. Thank you!

Tara P. said...

What a great surprise message! I love little things like that - you're totally not expecting it and there it is! I feel the same way about the Dove Promises chocolates!

Cindy said...

How clever! I like the product name, the quotes, and the way they included two choices of gum. My kids swipe my gum too!

JeannieK said...

I'm not perfect by far...too much pressure and upkeep. I do think to change is to grow, not to be perfect.

Keith said...

I think you worded it perfectly. One must be as perfect as they can become. That will most likely be different than another's perfection but that's ok!


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