18 August 2011

Quit Messing With Me Blogger!

Dear Blogger, 
Quit messing with me. 
I set up a post to run with the full 30 words and my sneak preview pictures as of midnight last night. 
At 7:00 am on 08/17 it was working just fine. 
I was gone for the entire day and just now found out from a nice blogging buddy
that this post was incomplete and missing half the words and pictures.
So what did you do with my other picture collage and the rest of my words, Blogger? Hmmm? 
So I am trying it again, and I apologize if you have seen some of this before.
I have also been having problems leaving comments on some of my blogroll, but not all. (Anyone else having issues?)  It seems that the ones with the comments embedded beneath are problems, as my profile is not recognized no matter how many times I log out and in. So if you see me as 'anonymous' on your comments it is under duress because there is nothing I hate more.
I don't know what is going on with the Blogger gremlins but I need to set a trap for them and have them carted away and beat to within an inch of their lives.
Just quit it, I tell you!
One pissed off blogger


 Let's try this again, shall we?

Good fortune 
paired me with
of jewelry design

Excited to see
goodies made just for me

Excited to see
their creation
It is sure to
be wonder-full

{Bead Soup ingredients sent to Beth and Evie McCord including a pendant/toggle clasp that I made inspired by the awesome polymer clay bead from Pam Wynn!}


Kim Stevens said...

Hmmm, the picture is showing Erin?

Lorelei Eurto said...

WOW!! those beads are going to make one helluva piece of jewelry!! Beautiful pendant, it mimics Pam's bead so perfectly. WOW. awesome.

Jenni said...

I love how you made your toggle to be complimenting the bead, just wonderful.
Hope you don't have any more blogger issues..I have been reading about way too many lately..fingers crossed..we certainly don't need that with such a big event coming up!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous set of beads!! I have been having issues with blogger not letting me post as myself (as in this case, I have to post anonymous, but I follow you as myself!). Grrrr...

Anonymous said...

Love your ingredients!

I am also having issues with Blogger. Half the time it won't let me post comments.....grrrrr

like now.

courtney of beads by breul

Kim Stevens said...

Yeah, it's working! Wow, gorgeous, fabulous - love how you made the toggle to compliment the bead. And yes, I too have been having blogger issues, wouldn't let me comment on ANYONE a few days ago and even though I was signed in it kept telling me to sign in. I ran in virtual circles . . . then . . it just worked again? Arrrgh!

P.S.-It just sent me on a wild goose chase just now too. Signed in and out a million times before it recognized me!

Michelle said...

make sure when you sign in that the box that says "keep me signed in" is unchecked. That seems to be the key. I've had problems with a few blogs as well.
Love the soup you sent. GORGEOUS!

steufel said...

WHAT a soup. I'm officially in love:-)

Alice said...

Beth and Evie will be over the moon with excitement when they receive these beads!

I've been having trouble with blogger for over 2 months now. I can't see my own followers gadget, nor can I see the followers on the list in my dashboard. And many times I can't see other blogs follower gadget. Blogger has several threads addressing this issue, but comments have been closed, and they have never come up with a solution. Very, very frustrating.
I've tried all the tips others have given me, but nothing works. GRRRRR!

Unknown said...

That had to of been painful to of done all that work and bam gone! Good ol' technology! Ive had that happen all the time and all taken.
Beautymuss findings up in those pictures!

Dawn Doucette said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness... I'm so hungry for your kind of soup it's not even funny! LOVE the toggle... it alone is a work of art! I know Beth and Evie are going to LOVE it!

Can't wait to see what they design!

Melissa said...

It is Internet Explorer. Now that I use Google Chrome or Firefox at home, I haven't had any problems with Blogger.

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Oh, gush and drool, those beads are the most wonderful colors, so rich and full of life! The toggle you made to coordinate is outstanding. How did you ever get the same colors??? Because you're good, really, really good! Clever way that you stamped in the words too! Deep sigh of envy!

Brandi Hussey said...

LOVE. Can't wait to see what beautimus creation you whip up!

(No pressure. ;p)

Rebecca said...

Haven't had any serious issues with blogger...as yet...apart from when I'm on the iPad (which I'm not now). Lucky dynamic duo! WHat gorgeous goodies you've sent them. *love* your handmade clasp, it's a stunner :-) of course.

Tracy Statler said...

Beautiful fall colors and the toggle! Oh my!

Lisa said...

Oh, to be as creative as you! The soup you sent is beyond wonderful and those recipients will be ecstatic! Can't wait to see the results myself! Have a great day! It's raining here, one of those great slow, rainy, stay indoors days! Love them sometimes!

KJ-Silver Parrot said...

I'm having the same problem with comments on some blogs - in fact yours was one of the first that I had the issue on.

Have not had the "half-eaten post" problem, though. Looks like you're the lucky one on that one.

Oh...and I FINALLY know what I want you to make for me! That toggle right there in that picture. That is STUPENDOUS! Really, you've reached a new high!

Judy said...

What an amazing collection of goodness! I too have had some issues leaving comments on several blogs, must be a kink somewhere.

Palimpa Lim said...

That's funny: Melissa said that it was Internet Explorer and everything is fine since she uses Google Chrome or Firefox. I had problems with Google Chrome, and it went better when I tried Internet Explorer. But... I am still having some issues leaving comments from time to time.
Your bead soup is the most beautiful I have seen so far this time. I'm in love!


somethingunique said...

Hi Miss Erin, I just love all of the ingredients, & espcially all the layers in the toggle so beautiful. I haven't had much time at all for blogging and no issues checking in with everyone so far today......sorry to hear of everyones issues tha'ts all we need with such a big event coming up.....things are slowing down and i look forward when school goes back to my daily moring coffee & hop i miss everyone so so much.
take care and have a great weekend ttfn Lana ;)

somethingunique said...

OMG i don't know how i forgot...but i just picked up my new issue of "Stringing" congrats on the cover your necklace is gorgeous.....i just love that magazine!!!! :)

Shai Williams said...

I am in total lust with that clasp. I really have to try out polymer clay as I keep seeing all these gorgeous examples of how it can be used.

Lori Anderson said...

Those are beautiful! You matched up colors wonderfully!

JenniferJangles said...

Your partner is lucky, those are beautiful beads!


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