29 January 2011

Art Bead Scene::Brown River

"The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color."  ~Hans Hoffman

A few years ago I discovered the Art Bead Scene and the monthly jewelry challenges inspired by a work of art. I would be remiss if I didn't give credit where credit is due: Heather Powers and the whole Art Bead Scene crew were the inspiration behind my solo art exhibit at Gallery Q last summer called "Inspired by..." using local artists for the inspiration, and bead artists (many discovered through the Art Bead Scene) for the components.

I love the challenges, particularly because they are challenges. Sometimes some of my challenge pieces have turned out so well that I have sold them, or better yet, had them accepted for publication. So if you are on the fence about participating in artistic challenges, I would say go for it!

Last year with my preparations for my show I was really a slacker with my participation on Art Bead Scene. This year I have no excuse and I plan to enter all 12 challenges. That's my plan. Now you all have to keep me honest with that.

The January inspiration painting really lit the ABS community on fire. I saw so many hopping on board and getting excited. And how could you not when you see the vibrancy of the challenge inspiration painting by Wayne Thiebaud.
{Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud}

From the Art Bead Scene website:

About the Art
"River-delta views from the Sacramento area, cityscapes from San Francisco and beach scenes from Southern California, no matter the subject, these works uniformly attest to the artist’s ability to sensuously manipulate pigment and capture clear light and vibrant color. It is this technical virtuosity, along with the artist’s tongue-in-cheek humor and ability to capture the realities of our place in time, that have helped to make Thiebaud a uniquely American painter."

About the Artist
Wayne Thiebaud (born Mesa, Arizona, November 23, 1920) is an American painter whose most famous works are of cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks. His last name is pronounced "Tee-bo." He is associated with the Pop art movement because of his interest in objects of mass culture, however, his works, executed during the fifties and sixties, slightly predate the works of the classic pop artists. Thiebaud uses heavy pigment and exaggerated colors to depict his subjects, and the well-defined shadows characteristic of advertisements are almost always included in his work. 
His family moved to Long Beach, California when he was six months old. One summer during his high school years he apprenticed at the Walt Disney Studio. He earned a degree from Sacramento State College in 1941. From 1938 to 1949, he worked as a cartoonist and designer in California and New York and served as an artist in the United States Navy.

{Sunny Sacramento}

My inspiration was the bright patchwork of  color. And I had the perfect pendant from Jennifer Heynen of Jangles. I took my pendant and a copy of the painting with me on a shopping trip to Michaels and found some speckled coral pink sponge coral rondelles and lime green mother of pearl coins for color. I also lucked out and found these really sweet new components that are loose wire coils that have what looks like dripped enamel on them, and antique copper chain for the brown river, both from the Industrial Chic line. I also added some bright blue wood coin beads and made a galvanized steel wire clasp in the angular shape of the river. Since the artist, Wayne Thiebaud focused his paintings on Southern California, I called this one 'Sunny Sacramento.'

Available in my Etsy shop here.

Does this painting grab you? What does it remind you of?
Check out the other entries in the Flickr site here.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love a lot of color, so yes, this painting attracts my eye! Wonderful interpretation! I was not aware of TBS and even though I primarily make beaded flowers, I may be able to translate the challenges to flower, too!

DVArtist said...

I am originally from Sacramento and I can see the city in this pieces. Very nice!!!!

Anna Lear said...

Love love love this necklace!! I couldn't pull anything together for this challenge because the yellow just stumped me, but I've really been enjoying what others have done with it. Beautiful creation!

steufel said...

Erin, this necklace is so incredibly pretty!

Rebecca said...

I love your interpretation of this painting Erin! I have to admit, it didn't initially grab me (the painting, that is) but the more I see it featured on folks' blogs, the more I am warming to it. I love the bottom right photo - you've really made your necklace look like the river itself, it has a lovely feel and flow to it.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I did it!

Davinia said...

I'm in the middle of trying to make something for this challenge (it will be the first one for me) but I'm finding the colours very hard to put together and the pendant I had chosen for the centre piece is missing. I've put it down somewhere on my desk and I'm blowed if I can find it. Like Anna above the yellow has me stumped. Your necklace is divine and you have really captured the colours so well.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous work! You are a wonder indeed!

JeannieK said...

Jennifer's pendant and your choice of beads are truly an inspiration themselves. I absolutely love your choice of bead colors. Bravo!
That is a quite a commitment to do all twelve challenges. I know you'll do it and do it well.
I can't commit to that because I have to be inspired by the choice of art work.
Go For It Girl!

Mary Harding said...

I love the bright colors and pendant by Jangles. I did indeed get inspired by the painting.

Holly said...

Erin, what a gorgeous pendant! It's the perfect piece for this necklace and inspiration. Wayne Thiebaud's painting is gorgeous...

Cindy said...

Erin, your "Brown River" piece is beautiful - truly one of a kind. The focal you chose by Jangles was really the perfect starting point and seems to pull it all together. I'll admit I have that same focal piece and have been stumped with what to make with it - the bright colors are not my strong suit. The copper chain addition was a fantastic choice for the river. I'm amazed what all of the creative minds out there have made for this challenge!

Dawn Doucette said...

Erin, what a beautiful interpretation! You outdid yourself this time my dear! Love the colors & textures of this gorgeous piece!

Hope you're staying snuggly today!

SueBeads said...

Wow, love the necklace and the colors! Great interpretation!

Pretty Things said...

I SOOOOOo love this~!


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