24 January 2011


"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
- Anais Nin 

I have been waiting for this day to come, but could hardly believe that it could.

It all started innocently enough a bit more than 2 years ago. I thought that I would write because that is what I felt called to do. I would share experiences and projects, focus on finding inspiration and using your creativity to make the world a better place. I would try to challenge others as I would challenge myself with questions posed to stir the mind and words written to touch the soul.

I always vowed that even if no one came by to read, I would still write. I was doing this for me. 

Interestingly enough, people did come to read what I had to say. And they stayed. That is a totally humbling and nerve-wracking experience. On the one hand, I cannot believe that what I have to say is something others would care about. And on the other hand, I am now trying hard to write what others might like to read. And comment on. And care about. But I still seek to retain my own sense of style and the fact that what I am writing I am actually feeling and living and puzzling out for myself. So it is as much about everyone else as it is about me.

Do you know that feeling of elation when someone new pops up on the radar of your blog? It makes me feel like Sally Field when she won her Oscar {"You like me! You really like me!"}. I can still remember giddiness over that first follower. And I cherish every new one that I get. I take time to look at each new name. I see their thumbnail snapshot and wonder where they are in the world. Sometimes I wonder how can we connect if their profile is in a language that I cannot read. If I can, I hop on over to their side of the street and visit their little world. Always, I say a little prayer for the person who just stopped by, to wish them well, to encourage them to make their presence felt with a comment. I know that it is not always possible, but I always hope that this follower might become a new friend who knows more and feels more and shares more. And at times I have been very blessed with this exact wish coming true.

I remember a time when I would pick up a new follower with each new post. That made me want to post more, without breaking the promise to myself to only post when I felt I had something to say, and not to post every day just for the sake of posting. That would be stale to me. And if it isn't fun for me, then it won't be fun to read. 

Odd, but I found that when I didn't post, I would actually get a follower or two. So maybe posting less often is a good thing to give readers time to catch their breath from all the words that I sling at them ;-)

I really don't know how I got to this milestone. I am not sure where you are coming from, but I am so glad you are here. While I do write this mostly for myself, you have no idea how much I learn about myself and my place in this world through your comments. They are insightful. They are deep and lasting. They give me so much to think about. I try my best to respond, I know I have been slow of late, but I want you to know that each comment really does make a difference to me. And the depth of your comments tells me that you are really paying attention. That I am encouraging you to think and expand your world.That makes me happier than you know! Because it wouldn't be a conversation without everyone realizing that they have a unique voice and that they should use it.

So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. And since most of my followers are fellow beaders, that makes it all the more sweet, to be surrounded by all the peers that make me so proud to be part of this community.

I want to give back to all of you. What better way to celebrate than to give something away?

[A treasure trove!}

I have been planning and gathering this for some time. Included in this 501 giveaway:
  • Jolee's Jewels hand tools: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, specialty pliers, tweezers+scoop.
  • Easy Ear Wire creator
  • Jolee's Jewels components: crystallized components including connectors, links, sliders, earring posts, chain bracelet base, cross pendant, chain tassel set, apple
  • Books: Amulets & Talismans, Robert Dancik; Simply Modern Jewelry, Danielle Fox; Create Jewelry: Pearl, Marlene Blessing & Jamie Hogsett; Creating Wire & Beaded Jewelry, Linda Jones; Beadazzled, Penelope Diamanti; Stringing Style 2,  Jean Campbell (This is one of my first and favorite books ever...the one that I said to myself that someday I wanted to be in one of these!)
  • Beads and components from my stash: Vintaj & Arte Metal; Lampwork: Cindy Gimbrone, Jamie Stvan, Pretty Babies from Sara Sally LeGrand, Julianna Cannon of Julsbeads; Ceramic: Lisa Peters Art, Mary Harding, Chinook, Round Rabbit, Earthenwood Studios, Elaine Ray, Gaea; Lilly Pilly shell pendants; Polymer clay: Humblebeads, Christine Damm, Pam Wynn, Lynn Davis; More Skye Jewels wood tiles; my very own pendants/charms, both mixed media resin and some of my new 'simple truths' polymer clay pendants.
Who knows? I might even be inclined to throw in a few mystery goodies as well!

But wait! I hear some of you out there saying...I am not a beader. I don't know what I would do with all that incredible stuff. Well, leave a comment as well. Because I feel inclined to share a piece of jewelry with those that follow me, no matter who you are. In fact, if you are the lucky random winner chosen on January 31st, then I will give you the option of which you would prefer... a box chock full o' swag, or a necklace designed by me featuring one of my new 'simple truths' pendants customized just for you. 

{Just a few of the pendants I have made in the past few weeks - what would yours say?}
How do you win? It is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Be sure to leave your email (or better yet, turn on your email in your profile so I can respond to your comment directly!)
  2. Tell me which you would prefer... swag or jewelry.
  3. Leave whatever additional comment you would like to leave, such as:
  • Tell me what made you become a follower.
  • Tell me why you stay a follower. 
  • Share your favorite quote or word or your power mantra with me. 
  • Ask me a question that you are dying to know. 
  • Suggest a topic for me to write about.
  • Or just say hello. 

So, what are you waiting for? You don't have to jump through hoops, or stand on your head or tell another living soul. Just leave me a comment on this post so that I know you were here by January 31st for your chance to win {and yes, I would love to hear from you no matter where in the world you are because if you are prepared to follow me from across the globe, I am prepared to mail you this package, no matter the cost ;-}

Thank you and you and you... for being my followers, whether you are number 1, 11, 281, 441, or 501. You are each special in my eyes.

Enjoy the day!


Lisa Godfrey said...

Congrats on 501 Erin! I'm at 54 now and I'm thrilled each time I see a new follower. Your giveaway looks absolutely amazing but aside from that I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how much you inspire me not only with your beautiful creations but with your beautiful, generous spirit. I feel like you strive to support, encourage and inspire each one of us and this is why I look forward to reading your blog and will continue to follow for as long as you continue to write. :-)

Palimpa Lim said...

Thank you so much for offering this fabulous and generous giveaway, Erin!
Though I really love your jewelry (your new simple truth pendants are stunning!), the treasure box whispers my name...!
Tesori trovati, so to say ;)
Your blog is always such an inspiration! I adore your work, but even more important to me: though we never met(and probably never will...), I have the feeling that you could be a close friend of mine, if we would. You may be far away, but your beautiful soul is not.
Have a great day!

moonlitfantaseas said...

what an amazing give away! Very generous of you...I have been following your blog since the first bead soup blog party, that was when I "discovered" blogs and started my own, I continue to follow your blog because you give me inspiration, and I do love your style!

Niky Sayers said...

I found your blog through another blog, I decided to folow because I liked what you wrote and found it inspiring, my favorite quote is "I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I'd invented it, because it is very true."
-- Audrey Hepburn
Oh and Hello.

Mary Harding said...

Congratulations on 501!!! So fantastic. I would love to win a book. I read your blog and continue to follow you because you are so enthusiastic and hard working. Also because you make beautiful jewelry and are so generous with your time and encouragement of others. Hope you keep on blogging for a very long time. Hope you are getting a bit of a warm up. It is the coldest ever here, 30 degrees below zero. We are up very early feeding the wood stoves in the house and studios.

Barbara Lewis said...

Hey Erin, You sure have a way with words! which is one of the reasons I stop by ... plus your writing is from the heart... it is sincere. One of my mantra words is authentic, which to me means original, of one's self, internally driven. You have the ability to pull together readers who share a common interest, but who may never have interacted had it not been for your blog. Congratulations on your milestone. Keep doing what you're doing! :-)

mairedodd said...

wow! erin - 501... congratulations... that is so wonderful (and impressive) and well deserved... you write from the heart my friend and provide your readers with a place to gather and muse upon your thoughts...

Jen Judd said...

I'm so thrilled for you...and you always leave me feeling like I need to look inwards for inspiration and that's a very good thing. You generously give your time and feedback and it makes me want to be a better blogger/beader/leader/friend/wife. Seriously...thanks!!!
Jen :)

Jennifer Cameron said...

Erin~I always love to read what you have to say about inspiration and other topics and I hope you never feel pressured to produce as you gain more and more followers. You are a generous soul and it shows through in your writing and visiting others' blogs.

Alice said...

Wow!!501--what a great number! I don't remember exactly how I got here. It was most likely from seeing your link on another beading blog. What caught my eye was your lovely jewelry. What made me stay was your thought-provoking posts and your gracious manner. Its like visiting with a friend at the kitchen table.

Oh, and I'd love to win that awesome prize package full of goodies!

Have a wonderful week!

Davinia said...

I always enjoy your blog Erin. I can't remember how I became a follower, possibly a link from another blog, who knows but I'm glad I found you. There's always at least one pearl of wisdom (usually more) in your posts and your jewelry is always a feast for the eyes. Here's to another 500 posts.
A swag would be swell!

Unknown said...

Oh Erin this is an awesome giveaway but the best part for me is reading all of those lovely words that I know have come from your heart. That is why I follow you....You speak from your heart. You have inspired me to remember things, step out of my comfort zone but most of all that there are special people out there that you stumble upon that can touch your heart and even if it is only through a computer can mean more to you than words can possibly express. I thank you for all of this from my heart!

Hugs Always!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Oh My Gosh! I totally want the swag. What an awesome prize pack I want to win so bad!!!!
I hope the number picking fairy is thinking of my number that day! ;-) tehehe
I love your blog and only just figured out I wasn't actually following you, duh. I stopped by and read all the time I just must never have clicked follow. (I do have a 19 month old ya know)
I love the challenge you did for us and I am so happy to have found you out there in bloggity land.
It's funny even though we haven't ever met I jumped up and down when I saw you and your daughter's necklace had won and even told people, look, look my friend won!!!
Shannon C

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! That's a lot of followers! I'm not even sure I'm one of the 501, as I don't usually use google friend connect, but I'm definitely a follower anyway! Your blog is such a nice place to come to for inspiration, motivation or just a glimpse at the awesome jewelry you create. I will definitely keep coming along here.

And as usual, you're beyond generous with that giveaway! I would go for the "swag", can't have enough of that, and it's definitely easier than sending books over the ocean. If I should win any of those beads and components, I would probably do a dance around the house and finally be declared mad by my neighbours!

Greetings from Germany!


SummersStudio said...

Erin, this is an incredibly generous give away. But then that is why I follow your blog. Not the give away part, but your generous spirit in sharing your thoughts. You challenge me to think in new ways. For that I am grateful.

elisabeth said...

Totally would love the swag - not like I have any empty space to fill - but because new things always inspires me to go new directions. Why do I follow? I think initially it was because you did the bead soup last summer, the I got hooked on reading as you got ready for your gallery show. You are always so generous with comments on my blog which always gives me a positive boost. Now you couldn't unfriend me I'd you tried :-)

Beadbug said...

I started following your blog because it was linked to another blog of beautiful jewelry and I love the eye candy.

Beadbug@usa.com is my email and I would love to have your stash of swag :)

Stephanie said...

What an awesome gift! If I should win I would like to recieve the swag. I always check out your blog to see what you are making. You are always creating. Maybe I think I will find the magic key somewhere in your blog? Thank you for the chance to win. tucsonblossom at gmail dot com.

DVArtist said...

Hi Erin congratulations on the 501. I have been a follower for a very long time. I think I found you through another blog. I have always loved your gentle ways. Your posts seem to draw me in. Your art is wonderful and your blog inviting. I would love the swag of course.
I will post this on my blog for you.
Have a wonderful day

Jane Perala said...

What a lovely thing to do for your followers - all 501 of them. Thanks so much! If by any chance I am the winner I would love the stash of goodies, thank you.
I can't remember where I came across your blog, but as soon as I found it, I became a follower. Keep on writing!
Jane :O)

Cynthia said...

OH EM GEE! That pile of swag is huge. You must have been stockpiling it since the first follower!! Congrats on 501.
I am a follower of your blog because of several reasons:
#1 - Your jewelry designs are fabulous. I love hearing the inspirations behind them.
#2 - I like that your posts end with questions. You make me think, although, I confess, I don't leave comments too often. I'm not a writer like you.
#3 - You live in Stevens Point, WI. I live in PA, but I know about Stevens Point. When my husband started driving a truck, I had to drive him to the bus station, in a blizzard, to get on a bus headed for Stevens Point. For me, "Stevens Point" represents a turning point in our lives, so I have a warm spot in my heart for SP, and I enjoy hearing your stories about your town.
#4 - You write well. You're thoughtful and insightful. I'll admit that I don't always have time to read ALL your words, but I read them when I have the time. Your love of family, art, writing, etc comes through.
#5 - I love beading and jewelry, so I like reading blogs about such stuff.
There are probably more reasons, but I'll stop at 5! I would LOVE to win the swag, or any part of it! What a generous give away!!
Here's to 502, 503, 504, etc! Blog-on!

Unknown said...

Ohmygosh! What a HUGE giveaway, and for a Huge milestone! 501 Congratulations!
That pile of swag is eyepopping! All the goodies, tools, and books - Oh the books! I love books! They are a wonderful way to learn new techniques from different artists. It is my dream to someday be able to travel to different art retreats and meet all my favorite artist teachers in person. But, if that day never comes at least I have access to wonderful informative books!
And, thank you for your blog! Your words are inspirational and your jewelry is lovely!!!


Mel said...

Ooh, what an amazing giveaway! I am a poor, starving college student beader, so I'd loooove the swag -- thanks for the opportunity, you are amazing!

Even when I don't have time to bead, I read your blog every day because you are so very inspiring!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Congrats on the, now, 502 followers. I love coming to your blog to read the inspiring quotes you post or inspiring words you post from your heart. You are always encouraging and a beautiful person. I also love seeing what and new fantastic things you are up to. I also like seeing the drawings you have been doing this year in your class. You are so inspiring! Love the swag giveaway - so many goodies. Have a great Monday and week!

Mellisa said...

Wow, what swag!! Thanks for being so generous with your giveaway (and with your positive energy every post and response). Congratulations on your band of followers surpassing 500 :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Dearest Erin... Why did I stop by originally? I had heard about a wonderful, authentic beader from a mutual blog friend. Why do I keep coming back? Because you simply inspire me... I'm inspired to be true to who I am, and to share my gifts with the world!

I'm so happy you've achieve such a HUGE milestone! You are so deserving and truly, the way you connect personally with each and every one of your readers is amazing!

Have a super blessed week! {Hugs!}

My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG - It's Swagalishous!!! I am pretty sure I found you through one of Lorelei's challenges. I visit because well -
I think your awesome.
You make me think.
You make me laugh.
You always have something pretty to look at.
I love your work.
Congrats on your milestone : )

peacockfairy said...

Hi Erin! What a generous giveaway! I can totally relate when you said that sometimes when you haven't even posted for a while, you still gain some followers - that's such a great feeling! I started following your blog because of the jewelry, but now, after meeting you in person I feel more of a friend connection. Since I grew up in WI, I love hearing about familiar things. Even when I can't always leave a comment, I always enjoy reading what you have to say!

Juli Cannon said...

Congrats, sweet sister~ yours is slice of heaven in blogland and you never disappoint in the beauty and inspiration departments.

Now gimme the swag AND a piece of jewelry!

(What? y'all know I'm shameless!)

steufel said...

Oh Erin, I followed you the minute I've discovered your blog. Ever since I feel privileged to follow your journey. Thxs for being you - generous, talented, kind, funny - simply beautiful! I'm so proud to be your partner and hope to mail your soup and a few german surprises tomorrow! Big Hugs from Germany - Stefanie

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hello Erin, Congrats on this very impressive milestone. Anyone who is a follower of your blog would not be surprised though. Why do I return here over and over? From the first time I took part in one of your challenges (remember the time you opened it up to nonjewelry makers & I made my first french beaded flower bridal bouquet?)I have found fresh new ways to look at the world and my art. You continue to inspire me! I would love a chance at the "swag".

Brandi Hussey said...

Friend, congrats! I stay a follower because you're one of the best storytellers I know... and I like stories. You make me feel like we've known each other for years, and it's such a great feeling. Congrats to your blogging success!

Loris Glassworks said...

Congratulation! I found you using the Bead Soup Party links. I look forward to reading your blog. SO many wonderful comments above...wish I would have found you sooner! I would love to receive the swag.


Elysian Studios said...

I always think "Enjoy the Day" to people, though I could never actually say it because it is totally yours! However, I appreciate the fact that you inspired me to always have those good thoughts toward others!
I met you through Lorelei's bead challenge, and then you were so kind to comment on my little blog, despite your otherwise impressive blogroll! If I happened to be lucky enough to win, I would pick one of your pendants. However, I am just happy to be a part of the 501! Congratulations, Erin!

Amy F said...

I'd love to win the swag. I love your blog because of what you create, and what you write!

rosebud101 said...

Erin, your blog is very inspirational. I love to read your thoughts! For me the choice is the 1st choice, not the second.

Noemi said...

Wow, what a lovely post!
I haven't been a follower for long, but be sure that since then I have been reading all your posts!
When I found your blog (trough another blog) I thought, hey, you can learn a lot from this lovely lady, so here I am.
If i win, I would love to recieve the swag, since I am a jewellery maker myself.
Thank you so much for the opportunity, and thank you so much for all the love and effort you put on this blog.

Shelby Demona said...

Oh wow! My mom (Kristen from My Bead Journey) to drop by and check out your blog and I have to say, I love your work! You are such an amazing artist and person! <3 <3

The swag is WIN by the way. xD


Unknown said...

Congratulations on the growth of your blog. I feel the same way every time I get a new follower. 500+ is a wonderful milestone to celebrate.

Beverley Baird said...

Congratulations! What an awesome giveaway! I love your jewelry - in fact I was a lucky recipient to win one of your treasures last year! It came at a time I really needed a boost and it still does!
What drew me first was the quote at the top of your blog - and it still does. Every time I stop by I read it and feel renewed.
The swagis great (but then so is your jewelry!

swopemelmel said...

Wow I will not be able to stop dreaming of your awesome swag bag!!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. You are so super sweet. swopemelmel@aol.com

EmandaJ said...

Sweet Erin,

I am torn between the swag and a specially made piece from you. I think, if I was pressed to make a choice at gun-point, I'd go for the swag-treasures.

I have been following you from my earliest blogging experiences. I keep coming back to read you because you seem so down-to-earth and honest. You are on my blog-roll and I am a follower too. I also really enjoy your email comments. You have been doing this for youself, but look at how your heart has spread out and touch so many lives. Thank you!


Pat Haight said...

Erin, your writing is always so thoughtful and upbeat and your jewelry is gorgeous. I would love to own a piece designed by you but I have to admit that the swag actually made me DROOL!

Unknown said...

Wow! Congrats on reaching 501+. I've been stalking...oops, I mean following your blog for a while. I love to read your thoughts and quotes. Your work is fabulous!

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

I'll be completely honest with you I cannot remember how or who I found your blog through. I do know I love your posts and look forward to them. Sometimes about things and techniques and sometimes about life. Always always inspiring. When I come to your blog and there is a new post a little voice in my head says "YIPPEE! I wonder what she's up to today?"

Congrats on reaching 501, I think I'd pick swag but those pendants are pretty darn cool too!

Cindy said...

Erin, a great bit CONGRATS to you on this milestone! I am so thrilled for you but I'm not surprised that you have so many Followers -you write from the heart and really seem to connect with everyone from all walks of life. I have been a Follower for quite some time and can say that your blog is like no other. I feel like we're old friends although we've never met. You have a way of making everyone feel special like that...and who doesn't need an outstretched hand every once in a while. Thank you for being a real friend. xoxox

Tara P. said...

Congratulations on 501! How exciting!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Congratulations on that huge milestone Erin! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? I began to follow you because I enjoyed your design aesthetic in your work and now I follow you because I like to read what you have to say! Your words are always so though provoking!

I'd love to win anything from you!

ooooh and my favorite quote is:
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

This is something I try to work towards all the time.

Pretty Things said...

Congratulations! I feel so many of the same things you do so I am extra excited for you!

Don't enter me in the drawing -- others deserve this more -- I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of all your accomplishments, not just here on your blog!

Doreen said...

Wow, Erin...511 and counting! I have followed your blog forever. I can't remember why I started or when, but I always enjoy your posts. It would be sooo cool to win a box chock full o' swag! Hoping you "enjoy the day"!!

Michelle said...

Congrats Miss Erin on reaching a milestone! What an amazing feat! I think that you make us think about what you write. I always notice that the comments that are left are never just a line or two (I know mine aren't) and we readers can be sure to get an email from you as well. It makes reading your blog so much more personal.
Many more years of blogging ahead for you, my dear!
Hugs and Bead Happy!

PS...swag it is...if you pick me. Can you believe that I don't have those books???

Kate said...

Congratulations! 501 is SO cool. I am so excited that I am *almost* at 100 so 501 must be such a high :)

I became a follower because of your informative and genuine, relatable posts. I stay a follower for the same reason but also because I see you on a TON of other blogs I follow and you leave the sweetest and most insightful comments. You and Lori Anderson inspire me to keep working and building my dreams. Thanks!

oh yeah...swag please :)

Unknown said...

Erin, I keep coming back because you are so inspiring to me and I love the things you share. You are honest, candid and open and it is refreshing. I feel inspired by all that you create and write on your blog. I feel a kinship with you because you are a mom and fellow designer and you are trying to do the best that you can do and I admire that.

I would love to win the swag, I am drooling with excitement hoping I will be the lucky one, but I know that whoever wins will be deserving.


jarmaine | jewelry hang tags said...

Congratulations! On your writing, getting a lot of followers, and more really about doing what you love and having other people love you for doing that. I hope you continue to inspire other people, more power!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hi Erin! What a generous gift! I'd love to be included in the drawing for that treasure trove of BEADS. Thank you!

SallyAnderson said...

Congrats, Erin! I love your blog (and your jewelry) and am happy to celebrate with you. I'd love to be included in the drawing, too. My email is sba13221 at flash dot net. I don't know if shows up for you in my profile or not.
Thanks for this!

Jenners said...

Look how much you've grown just since you did this post!! Congrats ... and it is well deserved! I think your blog and your approach to blogging is so wonderful and creative. And I truly value our friendship.

No need to enter me in the giveaway ... I've gotten so much from you already that I would rather it go to someone else!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am a new follower...saw your blog mentioned on Beadwrights! I live in Florida and I love handmade jewelry! I've never made any so I guess I would want to know if this would get me started....if I won! Having a piece that YOU made would be special so it would be a hard decision! Thanks! Hope you'll visit me soon, too! ♥

Holly said...

Oh, Erin, such congratulations heading your way for getting to this awesome milestone! Your generous, giving, inspirational spirit shines through in everything you do...and that's why you have so many followers and devotees ;) Including me!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations Erin! What a truly generous soul you are. I come back to your blog, time and time again, because you're genuine, kind, interesting, interestED, and I can tell how much each of your readers and commenters means to you. Your blog is a happy and thoughtful place to visit and that's why your followers will continue to grow, I have no doubt! And as I already have such a very special TesoriTrovati piece already, I would love to stick my name in the hat for the swaaaag....what a great word! Thanks Erin :-)

Paige said...

Congratulation, Erin on such an awesome milestone!
If I should win, I'd love the box o'swag.
e-mail: knitster23@gmail.com

I'm not exactly sure how I found your blog--I know it was last summer,and I'm sure it was through another beady blog. But I know I stayed a follower and faithful reader of your blog for many reasons. I love quotes, and love that you start each post with one. I love your writing--it always is so thoughtful, thought provoking, and sincere. I love that you end each post with a question or three, inviting readers to join in your thoughts. Reading your blog is like reading a little mini book, and I completely become engrossed in reading your writing daily (or almost daily). Those are just a a very few of the very many reasons why I follow and read your blog.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

You know I want a huge pile of beads! Also, thanks so much for your insights into creativity and inspiration. That's why I read...and why I'll keep on! Thanks for stopping by my little corner also and contributing to the conversation! Here's to 1,001!

jessememan said...

Hi Erin! I love reading your blog as you have such a beautiful way with words...you provide such wonderful inspiration!

Heidi Post said...

I don't know how I missed this entry, as I always read your blog. I really like the way you let us into your head. My head feels similar sometimes.

Of course you love comments and feedback - who wouldn't? I know I do, but when I'm a newcomer to a blog with a huge following (I considered yours huge even before the 501, BTW), I feel like I'm intruding if I comment to much. Hello grammar school damage! I do mean to comment more, even if it's just to say - "Wow! You're gorgeous and I love that dress! You look like you could fit right into this huge Italian/French family that's friends with my family." That's what I was thinking when I read your recent post about what's beautiful to you.

And when I got my first blog comment from you, I was jumping up and down cos WOW! One of the big important bloggers was reading my blog and commented! How does *that* make you feel? lol

Keep it up, you're so inspiring :D

TessM said...

Erin - sending you big knuckle bumps on your 501 followers, though I'm sure that number will continue to grow! I can't recall when or how I happily stumbled onto your blog, but I visit often and continue to be inspired by your insight. And while my 2011 goal is to use more of what I already have, who could possibly pass up your generous swag giveaway? If the random number generator gods are on my side, I will truly enjoy the day!! :o)

Unknown said...

I have been a follower for a while now,love your way w/ words. Swag or jewelry? really I have to choose?that's a tough one :P

Here Bead Dragons said...

i've been reading your blog from time to time and like your creativity. the 501 giveaway is very nice and what awesome gifts.

if i'm so very lucky - then swag is what i'd like as i do stringing & bead weaving
i found your blog from another beading blog - ain't that the way it usually goes.
i enjoy your writings - which is why i come back, usually once a week.
my grandmother used to say - The more I know people, the better I like horses.

hang in there on the work issues. it will work to what's best for you.

in case i haven't got the email turned on -
cryss -- valkyry@comcast.net

Unknown said...

I just found your blog today! Congrats on your 501 followers!! I will be coming back!

I would love the swag if I win.

Regina said...

Congratulations, 501 and growing. Let me tell you why I follow you, for one you are a fabulous jewelry designer... love what you create, always beautiful. Second you are a thought provoking writer... your blog postings always make me think. You are a talented lady, a trail blazer! Thank you and best wishes for many more... My preference a swag of your goodies...

Shai Williams said...

Well I guess that need to make the inital post with name and all.

Oh and swag of course.

Shai Williams said...

Let's see. I found your blog awhile ago thru a comment that you made one someone else's blog. I don't even remember what blog it was. I stayed because I love it here. Your posts are wonderful and I find myself inspired by you.

Congrats on passing this milestone!

sandi m said...

Erin, I've followed you f.o.r.e.v.e.r (and met you at B&B last year) but never was a 'follower'. Proud to say I'm now #509!
I've enjoyed reading about your side of life and sometimes find it uncanny when your thoughts also reside in my head.
You have a way with words that are clearly a reflection of your soul. If you keep writing, I for one will keep reading.
So sending you hugs and Congratulations!
Thanks for sharing your stash - you are so generous. Hope the random generator is kind to me!...

BooBeads said...

Your words keep me here. I just love reading what you write, plain and simple. You're creative, inspiring, friendly to all, are such a positive person, and that's what I like to be surrounded with!

I read your blog a few times but didn't start following until I figured the blog thing out hehe. (still not there all the way but I'm learning)

I would love whatever, stash or a special piece from you! I'd be just as happy wearing a piece you made as well as making something from your stash!

Mary K. McGraw said...

Congratulations on your readership. Your blog is always inspirational. I subscribe through Google Reader and especially enjoy how you start you post with a quote. Swag ir jewelry is fine with me.



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