22 October 2010

Things to be Thankful For

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."

~Gilbert Keith Chesterton

::Having a job, even if it is not the right job.

::Friends who send you cyber-hugs. Right when you need it.

Look at me crackin' the whip! I love all these orphans so much!

::People who make gorgeous things. Like Juls. I enslaved Juls for a day and she made me some stunning orphans to make good homes for. Is it wrong to want to lick these beads?

::And look at that gorgeous necklace in the center she sent me that I won. I pays to be a random commenter.

::A spouse who loves me, no matter what. Through 18 years. And then some. Happy Anniversary on Sunday to you, my sweet!

::The annual Hintz-DiSalvo Pumpkin carving extravaganza Saturday night. And then going to see the community theater put on The Wizard of Oz, an October staple since my childhood.

::Laughing at our common foibles and crying at our shared sorrows.

::Those who see the possibilities. Like Lynn Davis. Who saw potential in a few objects like some keys, a link, a button. And now I have some of my very own to play with and love. (And hopefully not hoard like I usually do with Lynn's artistry!)

::Believing in myself when it feels like no one else does.

::The generosity of this community rallying behind one of our favorite brothers so that he can defray the cost of getting well.

::A special thanks to Rebecca, the winning bid on the necklace auction "A Little Bird Called Hope". It will be winging its way to you (in the UK!) soon! (P.S. I am doubling your generous $75 bid to send Andrew some cheer!)

::And to the two other random winners of my giveaway from the auction post: Marie of SkyeJewels and Janet of Singingwoods. Congratulations! You each won something special from me... I would like to gift you with one of my new jewelry line prototypes... and maybe you can help be phase II of my market research. Send me your snail mail addresses at enjoytheday{at}tesoritrovati{dot}com.

::Participating in fun swaps, challenges and contests just for the fun of it. Like the current one for the Bead Soup crew. Or the SoftFlex Flex Your Creativity contest (voting is open!). Lot's of talent there. I don't really care if I win or even place. The important thing is showing up.

Jen's Before for the Revamp Swap

::Partnering with the talented Jen Judd-Velasquez and swapping a piece of jewelry that we no longer love, or hasn't sold or we are sick of looking at... looking forward to seeing what she does to make something fabulous. This is the before of what I got from my dynamite partner Jen Judd-Velasquez. Big reveal is November 15th. But you can see more at the Bead Soup Blog Party Yahoo group.

::And you, dear reader. For your comments, your support, your light, your enthusiasm. You make me want to be a better person.

What are you thankful for today? Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


Marie Cramp said...

WOW! I just won? That's something to be thankful for right there! :) I had no idea, I just popped over to see what was new and to say I got it!! Thanks :D
I am thankful for friends like you
I am thankful for this amazing gift and talent of creation
I am thankful for the smiles my children give me each day
I am thankful for all my wonderful customers
and so much more!!
BTW I also went and voted a few days ago and one of my three favorites was yours! Even before I saw your name :) lol.
Cyber Hugs!

Spirited Earth said...

thanks for sharing..it was so lovely of you to auction that fab necklace of yours for donation.

stregata said...

I am thankful for the inspiration - both in jewelry and in contemplative posts - that I find in this community.
Congratulations - for autioning that necklace to benefit Andrew - and for winning that beautiful necklace with one of Nan's hands.

Brandi Hussey said...

I'm thankful for YOU, and your constantly inspiring approach to life! Every time I read a post of yours, it calms me down and gets me to appreciate the good things. Thanks for that, always.

P.S. It's totally not wrong to want to lick the beads. Truth is, they were the first things my eyes snapped to, like they already knew there was beady goodness in there somewhere.

The Noisy Plume said...

I love LOVE love that hopefully little bird.

And thanks for this beautiful, positive post.

Cindy said...

Erin, what an uplifting post! What am I thankful for today? Fifteen years with our pup, Hodgie. He turned 15 today and I've spent time reflecting on all we've been through over the years....way before we had kids!
Have a great time at your pumpkin carving party (that sounds like fun!), and I hope you and your husband have a FANTASTIC anniversary!

Barbara Lewis said...

What a great post, Erin! It's inspiring! I'm grateful for having found myself. Finally knowing what I was put on this earth to do.

Licking the beads ... you're too funny! I know, sometimes things are so beautiful, the two senses of sight and touch simply aren't enough!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh Erin what a beautiful post!
You are soooo right, there are so many things to be thankful for (is it thanksgiving in US now? We don't have that here in Sweden, but it is a goo holiday).

:: Today I am thankful I didn't have to spend some days in the hospital. Had to go there urgently on thursday, suspecting an MS-relapse. And even if I probably are having one it is a minor one and doesn't need treating.
:: I am thankful for my wonderful husband who I have lived with for soon 16 years. We have certainly gone through thick and thin together. And I love him sooo much.
:: I am thankful for my wonderful 2 children.
:: I am thankful for all my family and all my friends, and my cats.
:: I am thankful for my house, although it is a small one.
:: I am thankful for being a part of this beading community where I have made a lot of new friends and get to read marvellous blog posts like this one for instance. I get so much inspiration from all of you. And YOU Erin are absolutely amazing with your overall generous attidute.
:: I am thankful for all the wonderful beads there are in the world, and that internet excists so I can buy them easily from my home.
:: I am thankful for my own inspiration and lust to create.

Thank you Erin!
All my best,

Malin de Koning said...

I of course meant a GOOD holiday - not a goo one!!!
Sorry 'bout that.

mairedodd said...

a lovely post and wonderful things to be thankful for - i had my kids giving thanks (and yes, some of the statements were lame - we had to build up to deep and authentic!) last night - we are practicing for giving thanks on the full moon tonight... wishes are made on the new moon...
i love how this post encompassed a wonderful mix of you giving thanks for what you have and at the same time, sending things out into the universe for others to be thankful for as well... just as it should be!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Nothing wrong with enjoying some beady goodness - although I'd probably roll in them! I am grateful to have a few moments to check out this mornings eye candy on everyones blogs with my morning coffee! You deserve a big hugs for donating that necklace. Have a Great Weekend!

EmandaJ said...

Good morning Erin,

I am thankful for you and this wonderful beading/artist community. As alway, I come to your blog all frazzled and out of focus and you help me to find my center with your wisdom.

Enjoy YOUR day!

Alice said...

Wow, a post chock full of goodies! I, too, seem to hang on to Lynn's creations, mostly because I fear I won't do them justice (and the fact that they are too beautiful to let go).

The swaps, partnerships and contest you are participating in sound like a lot of fun!!! One of these days I hope to get in gear and jump in.

Thanks for your generous gift to Andrew. You are a wonderful, caring blog friend.

Oh, and no, it is not bad to lick beads..

Unknown said...

I am so so slow on Blogging these days and have now just seen his! Ohhh what a wonderful thing to of Won something from YOU! Your such a keeper Erin. I will send you my address.

::Today tho I so dislike the still lingering heat here in Texas..I am thankful that I can come into a cool home after walking! Im so thankful that I have food everyday in America. In Cambodia where my step daughter teaches children go for a day without food. Must run into the woods to forage food and one even got a snake bite. So thankful we have tooth brushes. Many families don't have tooth brushes nor know to tell the children to brush. Im so thankful for everything and that I have the Lord in my life!
And I am thankful I have you too oh wise and gentle Erin!

Jennifer Cameron said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing and for your generosity toward others.

Courtney Breul said...

I am thankful for such good friends, both via internet and in person.
I am thankful for my husband.
I am thankful for my wonderful kids.
I am thankful for all that I have.
I am thankful for beads and creativity.
I am thankful for my health, the health of my family and friends.

Thank you for this. I think that sometimes we all need to stop and realize what we have. Thank you.

Jenners said...

Such a lovely post (as your posts always are). It reminded me of all the blessings I have in my life as well.

rosebud101 said...

I don't think there's enough room to list all of my blessings. One thing I can say for sure, is that I am thankful for internet blogging friends like you! You make me think. You make realize. You make me feel. Thank you, Erin.

Unknown said...

Hope you guys had an awesome anniversary! Love the necklace, lucky you! And you are so talented too my dear!

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Say,you have a lot of cool beads from Jen to play with!!Will be fun to see what you do! Regarding gratitude and being thankful, hopefully, we all have family, friends, and whatever measure of good health we enjoy at the top of the list. I'm thankful for the creation that enhances and supports our existence, and we can go from there to the joys and pleasures that occur every day. As people who get a lot of satisfaction from being creative, we may feel especially blessed, but everyone has something to offer that others can appreciate, if they just dig in for that treasure. I really went into the deep thoughts this time, didn't I?! Sometimes it's a good thing!! We're all grateful to you, Erin, and the way you encourage us to break the barriers and overcome our self-imposed fears - Thank you, Sweetie!


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