15 October 2010

Her Clockwork Heart

"Her Clockwork Heart"

Inspired by the lyrics to the song of the same name by steampunk band Vernian Process.

Featuring a steampunk ceramic heart from Earthenwood Studios.

Her Clockwork Heart
Lyrics/Vocals: Mitzi Jones, Joshua A. Pfeiffer

Step into the looking glass, don't be afraid,
and I will tell you of a lovelorn masquerade.
A brilliant young inventor, a maiden so divine.
That they swore their love, would cross beyond all space and time.
The years flew by and love was grand.
She wept with joy when he asked for her hand.
But she'd fallen ill, and her heart was weak.
She'd soon be gone, but he'd a promise to keep.
Her clockwork heart now beats with mine. The greatest gift that I could give was time.
I know that some, would say otherwise,
and think it merciful to let her die.
(Let her die)
"I can't let you go...
My love, how long can this go on?
For I know that what I am doing is wrong."
Her clockwork heart now beats with mine.
The greatest gift that I could give was time.
You could not look straight into my eyes,
and say you'd let your only true love die.
"So do I wind you darling?
Or is it you who winds me?
For I can't venture out too far,
afraid that you might leave."
Her clockwork heart beats next to mine,
the greatest gift that I could give was time.
An hourglass I fill again and again,
with a limitless supply of sand.

The voting is live for the 2nd Annual SoftFlex Flex Your Creativity contest. This years' theme is steampunk.

Steampunk is an interesting genre that reaches back and pushes forward. Think dirigibles, time travel and goggles. But also corsets, top hats and walking sticks. There is a certain romance to it but with a hard edge.

Found objects play an important role in any steampunk design and anything with industrial.

For this contest, you needed to show the SoftFlex wire. As a first rule from my self-guided beading 101 I learned that the wire was just on the inside, something to cover with all the great beads. So it is quite a challenge to me to try to show it. But SoftFlex has all these amazing Trios of colors that you wouldn't want to tuck away not to be seen! And I do love a challenge.

This piece was inspired by these lyrics. I understand that Vernian Process just revamped their website and released an album earlier this month. I will have to let them know that they were my inspiration with a song about a girl with a weak heart replaced by gears so her beau could love her forever. This piece has that come undone feeling of a clockwork heart all a-sproing.

If you would like to see the entries I encourage you to check it out. Voting will run from October 15th-December 15th. I would be honored if you chose my piece as one of your three.

Enjoy the day!


Alice said...

What a great piece to represent the song! I've never heard it before, but the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful.

I'm heading over to the contest to vote for your piece.

Judy said...

I love your piece and the song as your inspiration. The color palette is wonderful, you really do not see a lot of greens, so it is refreshing.
Hope you are having a great day!

Carme said...

Beautiful necklace!!!Best regards.

rosebud101 said...

Best of luck! I voted for you!!!!

stregata said...

This is a wonderful piece, Erin. Of course, you know I love the colour palette. Beautiful work, well done!

Esther said...

what a lovely necklace!!!

Davinia said...

Good luck Erin, but with your talent it's not about luck, it's about your fantastic creativity and the knack (for want of a better word)you have for bringing together different elements and producing a master piece.

JeannieK said...

The song lyrics read like a romantic poem. I voted, hope you win.

peacockfairy said...

That is an awesome design!

sasha + max studio said...

Gorgoeus piece Erin - voted!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Super sweet necklace!

Unknown said...

Lovely lyrics. Kristen is working on an updated "vote" banner for blogs. :)


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