01 October 2010

RAW::Where Goodness Goes

This Random Act of Wisdom is brought to you courtesy of the bag from my Culver's Butter Burger and the best darn fries. Ever. And don't get me started on their custard.

So tell me... is there anyplace that goodness can't go?
What about in places that are filled with the opposite... hatred, war, greed, incivility? Is there always a kernel of goodness there?
What goodness have you witnessed lately?

Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


rosebud101 said...

I have found that, even in the worst of circumstances, there is always a kernel of good that shines through. Think of an absolutely dark room. If you light a match, that match shines through, almost brilliantly. That is the way goodness is. Even in the most bleak circumstances, there is always some good that shines through. I've seen it enough to know that, no matter what, you cannot keep goodness out.

Personal Trainer Singapore said...

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sharon said...

I agree with Rosebud. There always seem to be a bit of goodness somewhere, or at least the opportunity for it to sneak in, if there is courage.
I see goodness very single day on the blog, and thank God every day.
Thank you for for always being so kind Erin.

Jenners said...

I'd love to believe that there is nowhere that goodness can't go. And on my best days, I do believe that.

Unknown said...

I am ever amazed at how Culver's always gets our order right and the food is always hot. Goodness? Today? Hmmmmm, I didn't get out of the house much today so the best I can probably do is to say that a deer waited for us to pass before crossing the road.

steufel said...

We had a wonderful sunny day today with unusual warm weather for this time of the year. To see all those childern running around and having fun in the park was pure pleasure!

Libby Leuchtman said...

I think that goodness thrives in the dark places. It is at those times that the human spirit can rise to it's fullest potential. It is how hero's are born.
I think of all the firefighters during 9/11, those giving their lives for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regina said...

Your posts are always so thought provoking. The question is not ' is there any place goodness can't go? but rather, can you find goodness everywhere? and the answer is yes, we just have to look for it, even in the darkest of places. Goodness is all around us! Have a week filled with goodness!

Word Imp said...

Nice to see you are still here, even though I've been absent for too long. We had a lovely visit from my husband's parents tonight. It was Poppa's birthday. The goodness is playing a family board game together with three generations of us gathered around will keep me filled for a while.

jeannieK said...

AH Good and evil is part of the human condition.

I think there is goodness every where. It's how we look at things.

Goodness is a big pot of homemade soup.

swopemelmel said...

It's always been a mystery to me how people who are in involved things like terrorism, extreme-ist groups, etc... Will often harm others but tend to be good to one another.
I also live in a town that is rich in Civil War history and it is often said that during breaks in the battle at days end, the soldiers from neighboring camps spoke with one another, traded goods and were generally friendly. The next day it was back to the war front.
Goodness will ALWAYS find it's way. swopemelmel

Lori P said...

I believe that there is a bit of goodness everywhere - not from everyone - but somewhere in the chaos is a spot of goodness.

I saw goodness in my husband yesterday when he took a few minutes to calm after seeing our daughter's fender bender. He regrouped, went to her and gave her a hug. Take my word for it, it took love, and goodness. lol

SummersStudio said...

You know, this has been bothering me. Are there places where goodness can't go like war? My son is on his second deployment. The first was in Iraq, this one Afghanistan. I actually have huge misgivings about war in general. Why can't we just solve things in a peaceful way? I know, very pollyanna of me.

But as horrible as both of my son's deployments have been. And I mean the worst nightmares you can think of. No one should witness the things he has. There are from day to day kernals of goodness. I think of the personal encounters that my son has had that are not part of the war. The Iraqi cook who fed him a special meal, being able to save the life of a little boy injured in a blast in his apartment building (my son's a medic), having no boundaries when it comes to choosing life. I could go on with little stories. But the thing is, no matter how bad it is, there are little day to day things that bring goodness to life. No matter where you are, I think there is no where that goodness can't go. Mostly, you just have to look for it. Find the opportunities.


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