11 October 2010

Random Bits

Random Bits, a la dear girl Kerry Bogert...

{Tell The Sky, original fine art photography from Irene Suchocki Photography on Etsy}

::Today the colors of the trees by the Wisconsin River have come alive with fiery brilliance.

::Homecoming was this past weekend in Madison. Gorgeous day to watch Bucky Badger and the Wisconin red give the Golden Gophers of Minnesota a pounding. And get to keep the coveted Paul Bunyan's Axe trophy for the 7th straight year.

::Thinking of going to New York in the spring with my friend for a conference. Not sure if I can do it but I would love the chance to be there no matter the reason.

::Holy crap! Only one more week until my one and only show of the year! A.R.T.S. Night (A Reason To Shop) helps the Woman's Fund of Portage County.

::I think I need to start creating like a mad-woman this week.

::And then I need to get ready with pricing and spreadsheets and displays... oh my!

::Working on ideas for my Working Artist Initiative (WAI). Hit a snag in making my third of three materials prototypes for my jewelry line idea. But I have a plan and MissFickleMedia and some other friends with the know-how have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction!

::I love it when inspiration points itself out to me on my desk at work {as if that every happens!}. But this is what I found on my Page-A-Day calendar for over the weekend. Look at that combination of bright colors and inlaid designs. I want to make a bib necklace of metal paillettes that evokes the same.

::And how about those shoes? That would go with EVERYTHING in my closet!

::happy birthday, miss mary jane! {i know how you love the lowercase} i want to come and bring you chocolates and balloons and give you big hugs and kisses. watch your mail, miss! xo

::Go to Love My Art Jewelry for a fantastic Monday giveaway of some of mairedodd's earrings!

::Why does Blogger hate me so much? How can my screen look one way in the composing and another in Preview? Why? Spacing all out of whack... at least they corrected the horrendous reader debacle...

::Miss Mallory of For the Love of Beads gave me a huge shout out today on her blog. What an honor! What a sweet surprise! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

::Can't wait to see what the entries look like for SoftFlex Flex Your Creativity contest. A sneak peek is at the top in my header. Voting runs from October 15-December 15th and I just know there are going to be some great ones!

::I haven't seen my issue of Jewelry Affaire yet but I hear it has some great things in it! I am honored to have one of my favorite necklaces in it. Hope I get a copy real soon! If you don't get that one it is really lovely and well worth it. I am going to set up a subscription just as soon as I can!

::JulsBead is having a giveaway. Six different, one-of-a-kind necklaces will be awarded to six lucky random winners. She is one of the best parts of my day. Go on over and check it out!

::Lots of great challenges going on! Check out this month's Art Deco inspiration on Art Bead Scene or if you are in the mood for a challenge head on over to Lorelei's Blog to take part in the Michael's challenge. And if money is an issue, then try Lisa's Dollar Store challenge {I am very intrigued with this one!}. Michelle Mach posted a very complete list of challenges for Fall/Winter that I am bookmarking for lazy day inspiration!

::I am wondering if I should start up my 'Inspired by...' challenges again?

::I am so relieved to hear that Joann from one of the funniest blogs of all-time, Laundry Hurts My Feelings {I dare you not to chuckle and snort every time you read her posts!}, is doing much MUCH better after her little scare. With blindness. Keep the funny coming, Joann!

::Made homemade baby wipes and baby butt cream for an office mate this weekend who will be welcoming her first child soon!

::I need to mail something and the post office is closed. Drats.

::I think that maybe I will have lunch today. Sometimes I never leave.

::I am hoping that you all Enjoy the Day!


Pretty Things said...

Awesome post -- I love ones like this!

Marcie Abney Carroll said...

I need to mail something too...drat. I saw Jewelry Affaire, and your necklace is gorgeous. Congrats!

Silver Parrot said...

Woo hoo! Football! One of my very favorite things about fall. I am one of those totally rare (and probably kinda freakish) things: a FEMALE football fan. Too bad my UCLA Bruins got mauled over the weekend by the Cal Bears, but I remain a faithful fan anyway.

LOVE the Egyptian-y looking necklace and can't wait to see your take on that. Not a fan of the beaded shoes - I just can't get into that whole "beaded object" movement that's out there. Every time I see that stuff I can't help thinking "what a waste of good beads...and time."

Okay, was that like, the longest blog comment EVER? I will shut up now LOL!

Alice said...

So much good stuff packed in one post. I enjoyed reading along and clicking on the links. Thanks for making my Monday a little better--though if you know how to get rid of a cold quickly, that would be awesome!!!!

By the way, I recently checked out the B&N in the city and the current issue of Jewelry Affaire is not there yet. Having palpataions at that--'cause I want to see your lovely creation!

Enjoy your week!

Cameron said...

I love the new look of your blog (sorry I haven't been back sooner)

I enjoyed this post...sometimes randomness is what life is all about :)

Good luck at the ARTS show...I know you'll get it all done, just in time...haha :)

My best,

Unknown said...

Oh thank you I thought my brain was packed full and you have topped that! You are a great thing today!


Jenners said...

Of everything you mentioned, I do have to say those shoes would go with EVERYTHING anyone owns!

stregata said...

Looking forward to seeing how you turn the Egyptian inspiration into something of your own. And congrats on being published again!
And definitely, yes, do start up your "inspired by" challenges again.

Riki Schumacher said...

OH so much going on. By the way, don't you think Blogger could improve in many ways? Why don't we start a list Erin! Then we can submit it to them. You start! Can't wait to see how the pics inspire you. And go to NY for sure! Hugs, Riki

Joann Mannix said...

YOU, my dear, are just too, too kind! Thank you so much for that lovely shout out! And I am rejoicing and dancing under the stars that I am back, healthy and whole. I did not share this with my readers, but there was a chance my vision would never be restored. The optic nerve could have had permanent damage. Thank God for blessings and miracles!

Good luck on your show. May it be everything you hoped and more.

And pull off New York. I am not saying, "I don't think I can" any longer. We only get one shot at this, you know.


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