27 May 2010

30 Words::Last Days

{ Photo Credit: Praveen M Tomy}
Walks to Emy J's for ice cream
Returning library books to avoid a fine
Trips to Ojibwe village
Bowling party
Cleaning desks, lockers
Water balloon games
Saying good-bye until Fall

Enjoy the day!


mairedodd said...

wow - really? my kids are in school until june 23rd... wondering if you start in august... enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - there is something exhilarating about not having homework!! :0)

Jenners said...

Perfect summary of the beginning of summer. OF course, our schools are open until late June (thank the Lord.)

Cindy said...

Wow, Erin you captured this one perfectly! These are thoughts running through my head as we face summer break as well. :-)


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