05 January 2010

Dare to...Do What You Love

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." ~David Frost

Last summer I started a series based on Meiji Stewart's popular ABC writings. I got through A-B-C and then....nothing. Actually, I think subconsciously I was saving up the letter D. You see, the letter D stands for "Dare to...Do What You Love."

If you know me at all, you know that this whole creative journey... including creating for publications, blogging, commenting on blogs {it is like crack, this addiction I have to connecting to the plethora of blogs I am following every day and making sure that I leave a meaningful comment!}, creating new pieces for clients and the Gallery Q, revamping my website, starting the planning stages for an online selling presence {Etsy...here I come!}, and just making pretty little things is my 9pm-midnight endeavor. And I can't even do it every day, what with Mastermind group and dance lessons and basketball tournaments... I hesitate to call this a job. That would imply that it is some sort of drudgery to be loathed {ask me about my day job...}. And I don't. I rather like this, I do my best at night. I like that the house is quiet, I have my Pandora channel "Nighttime in the Studio" playing, the children are breathing softly, my husband has cocooned himself in the covers so that when I get there I will have to fight for what I get, and I have these wee hours, these little wonders awaiting me.

But I digress {I do that a lot. But, then again, you probably knew that}.

So...back to the alphabetical wisdom.

"Do What You Love"

That sounds so very simple.

Just do it.

That thing you love. {And the money will follow, right?}

But is it really that simple?

If it were than why did Robin Roberts {doesn't she wear the best jewelry? I wonder if people like me send it to her and she gets to wear something new every day... hmmm... that could be a goal of mine... send Robin Roberts a piece of jewelry and see if it shows up!} report today on Good Morning America that just 45% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. They jokingly indicated that they were all happy in their professions, and wondered absently why it would possibly be so low. {Perhaps they cannot see that they have landed their dream?} I snorted at that. You see, I am in that 65%. There are perks to being in a majority, but this is not one of them as far as I can see.

I know that each time I open that door of opportunity and stand with my tentative toes on the threshold of the Next Big Thing, I am looking down a corridor filled with many more doors to choose from. And each time I take that leap and walk on through that door, I know that I am one step closer to being able to flip my daytime job and my nighttime creative endeavor around.


"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do." ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today I can let you in on a little secret. A door of opportunity that opened for me recently...

Back in September 2009 I received three emails from three artists I admire greatly {they know who they are and they know that I am ever grateful for their presence in my life} in the span of three days. I am not superstitious, but I paid attention to the Rule of Three. These three all said essentially the same thing... I heard about this opportunity and I immediately thought of you.

Wow. Humbled, truly.

So... I took their advice. I prepared 'audition' pieces. I wrote the instructions. I packaged these babies off. I waited for news. In October I found out that I made it into Round One with 24 other hopefuls. I was given a special assignment. I completed it and waited some more. Then right before Christmas I got a gift in the form of a Fed Ex box.

I am delighted to announce that I have been selected as one of 10 jewelry designers for a new Creative Artist Team (CAT) for the company EK Success, parent of such brands as Wilton, K & Company, Martha Stewart Crafts and the brand that I will be representing ~ Jolee's Jewels.

Over the next twelve months I will be creating jewelry using the wonderful crystal components from Jolee's Jewels that can be found at AC Moore, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels, to name a few. I will have the chance to write {one of my greatest desires}. You will see me on the new crafting community Spotted Canary, where we can chat, upload our favorite projects, share ideas and be inspired. I hope you will join me there.

And there is the possibility for more to come.

So... I may not be Doing What I Love full-time. But I am loving what I am doing {well, at least from 9pm to midnight!}. And I am ever hopeful that this threshold will open door after door after door.

What do you do that you truly love?

Is there some secret desire that you are harboring?

What steps are you taking to living the life you imagined?

Do tell!

To celebrate this accomplishment, I would like to propose a giveaway! I will be giving away the following piece using Jolee's Jewels components that was one of my two audition pieces for the Creative Artist Team. It is entitled "Power of Positive Dreams." {And yes, that symbolism is not lost on me!}

{Power of Positive Dreams, by Erin Prais-Hintz}

I want to share the love and make it easy to enter. To get one entry, just leave me a comment on this post answering the question(s) above. {Feel free to Tweet, Facebook or blog about this, but since that is just too hard for me to follow, only do it if you want to share the love with others.}

Would you like a bonus entry? How about 3 bonus entries {the Rule of Three, you know!}? Go to http://www.spottedcanary.com/ and sign up with a profile. Then come back here and leave a separate comment with your new Spotted Canary nickname {so that I can select you as a new friend in that community!}. Oh... and my SC 'handle' is TesoriTrovati, in case you were wondering!

I will select a winner at random on Sunday, January 10th.

Check It Out::Spotted Canary
Enjoy the day!


Davinia said...

Well that's bloomin' fantastic news Erin. What a way to start the new year, congratulations. I'm off to the SC community but before I do that I'll tell you my secret desire, it's a goal as well. To get my Art Fire store up and running and hopefully sell a few pieces. You know how computer challenged I am, so wish me luck. By the way Tasmania was fantastic, had the best trip and enjoyed every second.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Congratulations, Erin! I'll look forward to seeing your lovely designs!


Michelle said...

Congrats to you Miss Erin! Way to go Girl! Have a fantastic day and stay warm.
Bead Happy!

Judy said...

Erin, first off Congratulations! What a wonderful new adventure being part of a design team. I know you will have lots of fun with that.

What do I truly love? Besides my family & friends I would have to say Happiness...it opens the doors to so many things, creativity and appreciation being the top two. By doing what I love I am living the life that was meant for me.

"Doing what you love, how can anything be more fun!"

peacockfairy said...

Congratulations Erin! That is awesome! I am so happy for you! I signed up on the website - my name is peacockfairy, of course. :-) I had actually checked out this website a few weeks ago, after seeing it on some K & Company products. I am really excitied to explore the site more!

Cindy said...

Erin, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Such BIG news!! I had a feeling you were on the verge of sharing something wonderful but I would have never guessed. I am really super happy for you and you will be such an asset to this team! I'm not familiar with Spotted Canary so I'll have to check it out. And I can totally relate to your 9 to midnight routine...that's me too except mine starts even later. sigh.

SummersStudio said...

Erin, I am so very happy for you. It has been wonderful to listen to you talk about your aspirations and now see your dreams coming true. Kudos, to a very talented designer and a lovely, generous person. Best of luck in all of your dreams!

Cindy said...

Wow, Spotted Canary looks like a really great site! So much to see and learn. My user name there is sweetbeadstudio! :-)

Kristen said...

WOW Erin, that is just wonderful! What a fabulous opportunity for you! I wish you much success with that! I signed up on Spotted Canary and requested you as a friend! My nickname is MJM Jewelry Designs. Have a great day!

EmandaJ said...

Hello Erin,

Congratulations on your opened doors! I have been unemployed for half this past year which has taken me away from my dream job -- teaching in the arts.

However, I have a few doors in front of me now too. My new dream job is to work in promoting the arts every day.

The resume, cover letter, and list of references are already in the hands of those who make the decisions -- I hope they pick me for an interview. Fingers crossed.


sandi m said...

What wonderfully exciting news. Congratulations! - you will be a great addition to the CA Team. They (and customers) will be doubly rewarded with your creative design talent and writing skill.

So to answer your questions:
*I love being creative whether it be making jewelry, decorating or redesigning my landscape.
*Yes, there is a secret...but need to keep it a secret!
*Life as I imagined changed a few months ago, hence, I'm doing a lot of thinking/planning to determine my next step.

Ok - off to visit SC.

Anonymous said...

Erin, what a wonderful opportunity and great way to start of the new year! I was in Michael's today and I was admiring the Jolee's findings. Congratulations and how fun this is going to be.

Beverley Baird said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news! To be able to create and be recognizwed in a new forum! Wonderful.
I love your work and this necklace is gorgeous. It reminds me of a dream catcher!

Sissy Sparrows said...

Hi Erin, congratulations on your new challenge...it sounds fantastic and I hope those few steps are not too far away from doing it full time!

I guess for me, I'm very content at this moment in time...becoming a mum 15 months ago, my ultimate dream...but by being home I was able to adventure into jewelry and art more....this has been so rewarding!

My dream is to never loose sight of what I already have, and to gradually build up my confidence as a jewelry designer.

Karin said...

I happen to know that Robin Robert's sister makes most of her jewerly for her (or at least she did several years ago.... How great that she wears it on TV every day?!

Congratulations on your new opportunity. It looks like a perfect match. I have been impressed with the increasing number of high-quality jewelry items available at Michaels.


Unknown said...

I'm sure you will create many beautiful things! You always amaze me! And I would love to meet up whenever we can coordinate our schedules. The next month or so my weekends are full but I can usually find time in the week, especially Wednesdays are routinely good for me. But other weekdays are often good too. :)

Jenners said...

How exciting! Congrats to you. You're experiencing so much recognition and success following your dreams ... and I hope someday you can make a living at it and leave your unsatisfying job.

Right now, I'm pretty darn happy ... but not making any money. I'm trying to work on that part.

rosebud101 said...

What do you do that you truly love?
I melt glass.

Is there some secret desire that you are harboring?
To be published more often.

What steps are you taking to living the life you imagined?
I never quit melting glass. I melt every single day that I can.

Kate said...

That is wonderful news Erin! I was just admiring your winning entry in my new Bead Star magazine, congrats on that too!

I guess my goal this year would be to stop being too critical of my work and listen to others and send in some submissions and hopefully get published. Barring that, I would love to see someone use my art beads from my etsy shop StudioARTBEAD in a design and see that published!

Congratulations again, that is such wonderful news!

Susan Marling said...

Congratulations - that is great for you and for the company also. I love your work and do hope you can get an etsy shop going. My dream would be to start selling my jewelry - maybe local shows first and then expand.

stregata said...

Congratulations, Erin, that is really BIG news! So happy for you!

Shai Williams said...


If I could do what I love, it would be work at home editing books for one of the big publishers.

Shai Williams said...

Oh and I signed up at the Spotted Canary. My user name is Shaiha

The Joy of Nesting said...

Congratulations Erin!!! You will be one of their best assets!!!

I am very blessed to have arrived to the point in my life where I am living my dream. It took always taking one step at a time and realizing that many paths lead to the same end.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Unknown said...

I know your heart Soars! Thats do wonderful Congrats!!!!! I dont know you, but I sure feel happiness for you! xx

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Erin!! Congratulations to you
being in the top 10 for CAT!! You must be over the moon!! when I was reading what you said I was thinking to myself ..."This girl should be a writer"!!! You are wonderfully expressive.
I have loved making things since I was a little girl and know that all my gifts are a gift from God.
Thank you for the inspiration you have given me and others. Hugs from Susan in Georgia.

sjmcdowell said...

P.S. Hi Erin!!

I just joined Sc and set up my little corner...thanks to you
my dear!!! I'm so excited!!
My SC name is Susan' Art!!

lisa at lo and behold said...

Yay for you! Your journey is inspiring to me. I am on a similar one, as I pursue "my personal art school" and "becoming an artist in midlife." I'm telling the story on my blog: www.lisaoram.com. I hope we can become "friends" and inspire each other.

Can't wait to see what you create in your opportunity.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


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