01 January 2010


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Found on a blackboard at my favorite local coffeeshop, Emy J's, quote of the week:

"The hardest thing to realize is that your 'someday' is RIGHT NOW!" ~ Unknown

We are all working for that golden some-day...

...when we will be discovered by a talent agent as we pump gas into our car

...when our pants will suddenly be three sizes too big and we can buy a new wardrobe

...when all the stories in our journals will reach the breaking point and be bound into the next great American novel

....when Oprah will come knocking to spread my message as her guest.

When I saw this quote I admit that I was a bit put off. Is it saying that I should just forget my dreams and give into the notion that it can't get any better than it is right now? I realized that while it is great to dream big and have pie-in-the-sky ideas of grandeur, or fixing our gaze on a horizon line that may be more fictitious than fact, we can lose site of the 'someday' that is right in front of our noses...the little victories that might get overlooked in our quest for bigger and better...the opportunities that make today a day to remember...

All those things I mentioned can happen, I don't mean to rain on your parade and say that they are all illusions, but they can't happen without a plan and a great deal of elbow grease.

There might not be talent agents roaming through downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but if I haven't developed a talent to begin with, all the wishing in the world will not make my big break happen. I need to focus on what my talents are and find ways to expand them.

Losing weight is a lofty goal {and one that I aspire to}, but won't begin until I commit to it. And stick to it. I need to make my health a priority and change my behavior myself. But that also means that I won't hold back to enjoy things because of this...like people waiting to get a massage until they lose some weight. What? Go do something good for yourself today, instead of waiting until your meet some goal you haven't committed to fully.

My great ideas for a book deal are only that - ideas - until I put a proposal together and stump it around to venues and work really really hard to make it happen. I need to organize my ideas, yes, but I also need to make connections with people who are in a position to make that goal a reality. And I need to be willing to accept constructive criticism if it will make my idea stronger.

And as for Oprah...well, I think it is all about who you know with her. And with her show coming to an end, it doesn't look so good for me to get my shot at a piece of her national spotlight pie. {But you never know...}

This past week I put out a press release about my 2nd place win in the Bead Star contest. It's only local, but every little bit counts. My press release resulted in an article in the Portage County Gazette weekly paper, an invitation to be a guest on the local morning show Wake Up Wisconsin on 12.24 {see the link to the right}, a half page on the back page of the daily Stevens Point Journal with full color picture of the piece, and an interview with a local reporter in the Gallery Q where I sell my work this past Monday 12.28.

You might think that all of that 'publicity' is making my head so big it can't fit through any doors, but that is not true. I see these as opportunities to put me one step closer to making my dream a reality but also something that can clarify my vision and give me a direction. If I only thought of my 'someday' in the future I might overlook the chance right in front of me. All of that makes my 'someday' happen right now, but it was not without a bit of planning and hard work on my part. And now I need to find a way to make that 'someday' keep going and make it my 'every day'.

What about you? What is the 'someday' that is waiting for you RIGHT NOW? What are so busy chasing that you might be missing the opportunities in front of you? Do tell!

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Enjoy the day!


Nuvofelt said...

Sometimes we miss what is in front of us as we search for something deeper. Enjoy the 'now'. It won't come again.

Cindy said...

Erin, Congrats to you for taking your future in to your own hands and look how far you've come! Now you're a tv celebrity! :-) Happy New Year, dear friend!

Judy said...

Erin, I love the way you think!

One of my most important things is to enjoy what I do no matter what it is just enjoy it and I feel that the passion will drive me forward. I try everyday to step a little out of my box and do better. Having patience and awareness are also two good things to practice.

rosebud101 said...

Erin, those are good questions and something I must think about. Thank you for inspiring me, already this new year!

stregata said...

Erin, just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year, full of health, happiness, inspiration and love!
Your blog is always thought provoking! Looking forward to watching your journey this year.

Queen "B" said...

Aloha Erin, really enjoyed your post,I am so thrilled to be in the world of blogging!! it's kindred...love it..congrats on your current successes and living in the now is all about the future...I believe...you go girl
much Aloha

Erin Siegel said...

OH MY STARS!!! Erin, that is so amazing! Congratulations to you on all the wonderful recognition and opportunities! Your superb attitude towards life as brought you all that you deserve, my dear! You are an inspiration to us all.

I am working on some things that you are as well such as health. I have a plan in place to give more attention to eating health and exercising. I also seem to be struggling with balancing activities and responsibilities. I'm working on time management for the new year!

And I also have the dream of being apart of a jewelry book in some way. Not necessarily writing one myself but contributing to one or collaborating with others. But, I have not made any steps towards it as of yet. So that is my 'someday', too, I guess! lol! Well, if you get to that book idea, and there is anything you think I could help with, please do not hesitate to ask, please! (i.e. pendants, components, project ideas or just someone to bounce ideas off of and such.) I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can!

Heather Powers said...

Erin what a wonderful post. As someone who is inching closer to those pie in the sky dreams, I say move forward! I can't tell you how long I held myself back instead of putting out my ideas and seeing what would happen. Sometimes it's time to jump on an idea rather than waiting for the perfect time to start. You are taking all the right steps, those dreams will be more than wishes soon!

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

yes, live for now, that's the best way to have control and be ready for tomorrow.

What lovely post,
thank you for the thoughtfulness.


Jenners said...

I do think you need to balance out your dreams with actions to make them possible ... but not focus so much on the future that you miss the present!

Shay Stone said...

Great quote, post and interview!


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