07 January 2010

30 Words::Universe

{Photo credit: Sonic Julez}

Third grade science project:

solar system

all planets, ordered, labeled {no more Pluto}

Size matters {relatively speaking}.

Her idea? Jewelry symbolizing each Heavenly body.

[Good girl :-]

The Universe is waiting.

{Stay tuned....}

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Enjoy the day!


Susan Marling said...

Saw your business card and packaging that you did for the prize to Sue Beads - absolutely gorgeous - like she said - that was a prize in itself. Lovely work - so classy. I did register with Spotted Canary - same name- quilting jewel39.

mairedodd said...

you go girl! have so much fun with this... always great to think outside of the box (or the orbit!)

SummersStudio said...

Love this! When are we going to see the heavenly body piece of jewelry? It's such a fantastic idea.

rosebud101 said...

You're raising her right, Erin.

Jenners said...

You must have been so proud!! And poor poor Pluto!


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