14 January 2010

30 Words::On the Mend

{Photo Credit: Shira Sela,
find more of her beautifully haunting artwork at on Etsy}

Heavy hearted-ness
Like chains weighs down my soul
I desire to
Break free,
Rise above,
Move onward
Brighten up,
Press forward,
Build anew
Begin again
Resolve to smile today


mairedodd said...

i hope you were able to do it... you spoke directly into my heart... today i have been crying, tears unshed for a long time... i hope you are feeling better...

rosebud101 said...

Some days are just like that. Cyber hugs to you, Erin! I hope that you feel better soon! ((((HUGS))))

Pretty Things said...

I like the last one especially!

Lance said...

I am smiling with you today, dear friend.

stregata said...

I'm smiling with you, too!


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