10 October 2009

Blogging for a Cause

"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others."

~Danny Thomas

I was approached recently by my friend Lance at The Jungle of Life to find out if I would be interested in Blogging for a Cause. Which cause? Why, none other than Breast Cancer Research and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Given the fact that there are so many people affected by this disease, and so many of the rest of us who feel we want to make a difference, I can think of no better way.

I've jumped right in to help. Would you like to help, too?

It really couldn't be easier. If you have a blog, all you need to do is pick your favorite post from the past (funny story, inspirational confidence booster, recipes, book reviews, etc, etc, etc.) and submit that to Lance.Ekum [at] gmail.com by Friday, October 16th. Then an e-book will be compiled with all the best and brightest writers in the blog-dom (and a nice little link to your blog) and the proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There is no obligation to purchase the book, but for a suggesed donation of just $5, why wouldn't you?

Please read more about this opportunity to help here.
What have you done lately to help another succeed?
What is one small thing that you can do every day to help another person?
Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


mairedodd said...

wow! this is wonderful - we really do want to be a part of the solution in life and not a part of the problem... thanks so very much for sharing yet another way to work toward that goal ~

Cindy said...

Your friend Lance has created a truly unique idea...what a great way to support a good cause and support his friends in the blogging community. You just might have a hard time coming up with a favorite post..you have written so many great ones!

Lance said...

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word on this. Your generous heart is beautiful, and I am truly honored to know you!

And to all your readers, know that you are all welcome to share whatever so moves you. I'm so excited to be working on this, and if we can help raise awareness and support for breast cancer along the way, what a wonderful way for people from all over the world to come together for this cause!


Word Imp said...

I think you're great. Just discovered your blog by way of Clare at 3 Beautiful Things. And your jewellery is gorgeous. Love your work all round.

Jenners said...

This is just a no brainer! Really, the hardest part is picking a favorite post. I'm off to do it right now!


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