29 October 2009

30 Words::Going Pink

{Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt}

Going ‘pink’ to save lives
I stand connected arm in arm
With all those
touched by
Doing my part to raise

money, awareness, hope
Won’t you join me, too?

I am breaking my 30 Word pledge on Thursdays to tell you about some opportunities to make a difference for the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer. I know that breast cancer is not the only one in the world, and it does get a lot of attention, particularly in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but this cause is near and dear to my heart.

My friend Lance at the Jungle of Life and his friend Joanna teamed up to bring together over 150 bloggers from around the world to contribute one amazing post each to a special e-book called Blog-4-Cause. The preparations are done, and the e-book and a special bonus e-book are now released. Any donation will be accepted. How wonderful to be inspired by writings penned from all corners of the Earth all in support of a great cause. Please read about how you can get your copy here. {I have a post in this e-book as well as some of my bloggy friends who I encouraged.}

Are you interested in a pretty piece of jewelry to help the cause as well? My friends Mellisa of Chinook Jewelry and Mary Jane of MarieDodd are auctioning off five gorgeous pieces of jewelry with the proceeds to go to support the cause. All you need to do is leave a comment on the post with which piece you are interested in and your bid. But hurry! Some of them will be auctioned off today!

What small part are you doing to help...whether that is to raise money, awareness or hope...? Do tell!
Whatever it might be, I thank you. I am inspired by the giving nature of so many. I hope you will be, too.
Enjoy the day!


Lance said...

Thank you, very deeply, for all you've done to help make this "Blog-4-Cause" book happen. Really, you've been such a bright and shining light through it all, and bringing many along with you. I'm honored to know you! And I am deeply appreciative of your support with all of this. And then to see, this isn't it, that you have so many other wonderful friends out there that you are supporting - you are truly a gem!

mairedodd said...

erin, what a lovely post... i got the notice about the e-book and am excited to look at it... thank you also for posting about mellisa's auction... this is what it is all about... wouldn't it be great if quarterly we could come up with a cause to support and have different designers donate a few pieces? and if the bead artists wanted to donate beads to us so they were a part of it, that would spread the impact...

Sherry said...

As a 4 year (and counting) breast cancer survivor I am always touched by the outpouring of love and support that others give to this cause. Many of us are survivors or have been affected because of family and friends who have had the disease.

I do something every year to raise funds (this year I created, published and sold a zine with 100% of profits going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). As well I talk about this all the time and encourage women to do bse's, have mammograms and speak to women who have been recently diagnosed.

Your project sounds amazing.

Mellisa said...

Thanks so much for the mention (and your support) Erin!

Barbara Lewis said...

Great sentiments, Erin. My husband, daughter and I did the 5K Race for the Cure in St. Petersburg, FL. In was an incredibly moving experience to see 10,000 people come together for this worthy cause. Brings tears to my eyes now.

Cindy said...

You are always full of encouragement and support for friends and strangers alike. We sure appreciate having someone like you to inspire us!

Jannie Funster said...

It was so fun to be part of the e-book and an honor to be among your ranks.

Good luck and have fun with the auctions!

Jenners said...

I'm going to get that e-book (and be in it, I think) thanks to you. It was such a cool idea.


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