15 June 2009

Treasures Found Returns

"Know, first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."

I just found out that my design for my signature piece "Treasures Found" was selected as the June Editor's Pick for the Bead Trends blog.

This piece is actually titled "Treasures Found" so it really is a signature piece for me given the fact that my company name is Tesori Trovati, Italian for "treasures found." I wear this piece with everything, long or short with different parts to the front. Very versatile. And proves that everything old can be new again.

I had been misssing this piece. You see, I created it last August in response to the Bead Trends cover contest. It was selected for the finalists so I sent it away to them. It didn't win (actually, another piece of mine won the cover called "Stroke of Midnight"), but they planned to run it in April. But then the pictures got lost, so after having it sent back to me for a few weeks it had to turn right back around. I was so excited when I just got this back. It was like an old friend returning to me. I found my treasure again.

If you have been following me, you know that I have had my designs selected in this publication nearly every single month this year (okay, February was a fluke). I won the cover spot in January and I was honored to be the Featured Artist of the Month in March.

Bead Trends does the most fantastic job with photography. By being in their Idea Books I have not only satisfied my goal of being published once per month in 2009 (I am scheduled to be in there through November...keeping fingers crossed for December) but I am also amassing the most amazing portfolio.

Thank you to Tatia and the wonderful staff at Bead Trends for the honor!

(By the way...that bead on the cover is by Stephanie Ann Dieleman who is the most incredible artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Bead & Button show and I bought one of her fabulous beads!)

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Enjoy the day!


Stacey said...

Congrats Erin! How very cool - your piece is really wonderful. Thanks also for sharing another bead source. You do such a great job introducing such wonderful sources! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Jenners said...

I think it is great how you are meeting your goals! You should feel so proud.

And I love that your own treasure found you again at long last.

Like the new look! : )

Mellisa said...

Congratulations Erin! I think it's the most beautiful magazine, they really know how to stage the photos to set off the jewelry. Can't wait to see your work in print!

stregata said...

Such a lovely necklace!!! Truly a treasure!! And many congratulations on your flow of publication!!!

a fanciful twist said...

Helooooo my lovely sweet friend!!! OH MY GOOODNESSSS!! You are the bead trends Queen! You need a crown, a crown made out of keyssss! You know, I wear a key necklace almost everyday too. There is something so magical about it all...

You deserve all the wonderful things the world has to offer. I know I told you this before, but you truly do! You are talented kind caring and wonderful. A true genuinely wonderful soul. A rare gem!! You are you are!



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