22 June 2009

Linking to Each Other

"And to learn, you have to be willing to push yourself." ~ Brandi Chastain

Wooo-wooo! Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga...Wooo-wooo!

The bracelet exchange train has pulled into station number 3!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by the lovely Lorelei and the ever-talented Heather to participate in a round-robin bracelet exchange. Modeled after the highly successful book A Charming Exchange, Heather and Lorelei thought it would be a fun experiment in creativity to invite several artist friends on a journey. I am so tickled that I was selected by this talented duo!

Here is the scoop:

  • We each started a bracelet in whatever fashion that we wanted.
  • Then, we sent our beginnings to Heather of Humblebeads where she worked her magic and blogged about it.

  • Heather then sent the package off to Lorelei for her skilled touch.

  • Third stop is the Tesori Trovati studio.

  • I will then send the bracelets with my contributions on to Christine of Stories They Tell.

  • And then Christine will send them on to Erin of Every Heart Crafts for the finishing touches.

Did I tell you how excited I am to play with these talented ladies?

To read about whistle stop number 1 at Heather's, click here.
To read about whistle stop number 2 at Lorelei's, click here.

Here is what I found when I opened the package.
Lorelei started with the coolest bottle cap turned bead from Glass Garden Beads. How can you not love a vibrant green puff that proclaims you a "Jurk"? I don't know what Jurk tastes like, but it makes such a cool recycled bead. Her bracelet has had some glass beads and a sweet little Humblebeads disk bead from Heather.

One of Heather's own beads is the beginning of her design. This soft hued lentil bead sets the color tone....but wait! Lorelei couldn't resist a bold pop of color with the faceted garnets. Now one strand becomes two with the most ingenious little three holed connector from Round Rabbit Extra. Now that the color barrier is breached it opens up a whole new direction!

Erin of Every Heart Crafts has the yummiest color palette in her ceramic beads. It is no surprise that her bracelet started with sherbert inspired hues and a very light and ethereal design. (And I am glad that Heather added one of Erin's own little charms to the bracelet!)

Christine Damm of Stories They Tell started only with one of her meticulously crafted polymer clay beads. (Yes, that red one is made of clay...it only looks like a fancy carved jade bead! Brilliant, I tell you!) Christine indicated that she didn't want to influence the direction...but the additions so far are such a great echo of that fabulous bead!

And my design started with a clasp that I made in the Susan Lenart Kazmer resins and metals class at the Bead & Button show last year. I started with a Japanese coin that had these beautiful blossoms on one side. I heated it, dapped it and filled it with glitterized resin for a drusy effect. I used galvanized steel wire to make a hammered hook and a loop where I added all sorts of pearls and brass heishi beads and watch cogs and one sweet little golden bee. I also started with three links of hammered antique copper chain. Heather picked up on the natural tones and added a sage-y Humblebeads lentil and Lorelei gifted me some cool glass and a vintage ball locket.
Now comes the hard part. But I am up to he challenge. I am willing to push my limits...

My job is to rise to the occasion and add my own flair to these mini works of art while still maintaining the personality of the wearer. And they are all very distinctive and so amazingly true to their creators, don't you think?

Words and quotes are very important to me (have you guessed that yet?). In thinking about what I could do that would add not only my own special touch, but connect with each of these ladies, I decided that a single word would do it. They have each provided their special words to me and I will create something that will remind them of what is deep in their hearts. I won't tell you what they are just yet. You will have to wait until I know exactly what it is! Stay tuned for the big reveal!

I asked for the ladies to answer a question:
What is the one word that sums up your philosophy or outlook on life? or What is your mantra, that thing that keeps you going? or if you could be described in one adjective, what would it be?

I would ask the very same question of you, dear readers...leave a ONE WORD comment in answer to the question of your choice above.
As an added bonus, I entered my clasp in a contest being held on the Objects And Elements blog. This is the new blog for fans of Susan Lenart Kazmer. Her new design team members are the most gifted group of ladies. I understand that Susan is teaching in France right now (I am greening over with envy at that little jaunt!), but her webmaster Jen just posted the entries so far. Right now I am one of three with my clasp. You can go here to see the post and eventually vote for your favorite design. And it is not too late to enter...you have until July 1st!

Check It Out::Objects & Elements


mairedodd said...

3rd question - open...
very challenging to have to sum it up in one word - but good to have to reduce oneself to elements...
really enjoying watching the jewelry evolve... and so nice to see the desire of this community be one of support and collaboration...

Stories They Tell said...

First, if I haven't told you already, I adore your entry for the Kandinsky ABS June challenge! I just love looking at it, so many ways my eyes can wander over it and always find something new and interesting!Sublime. Now, you can't be as nervous to be working on the bracelets as I am--so, take a deep breath and have fun! Jump in-- I know you will! I'm working on a SLK clasp too-- I love your bead from her class. I could do real damage with my credit card at the Objects and Elements shop!

stregata said...

1st question: love...

Shai Williams said...

Mine is easy. Chaos


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