30 June 2014

What's up?

"God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things.
Right now I am so far behind that I will never die."
~ Bill Watterson 

I hear ya, Bill!
I know that I have been a bit MIA of late. This year has really beat me down.But I am determined to rise above it and keep on keeping on! 

I know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. God must really be trusting me with a lot this year. There have been a lot of family focus from March to June in particular. So much that I feel like I am still stuck in February. But that is no fun. Because the weather right now is gorgeous!

Right now I am in the middle of our ball season. This is the best season of the year! My daughter still plays softball league but is also on a travel team. That team is headed to the National tournament in late July in St Louis. This past weekend was our home tournament. We took 3rd place, only losing one game to the team that won the entire tournament. I sold my Pop-a-Dot Magnetic Jewelry for a fundraiser for the team and it was a home run! I sold over $900 of the Dots and will be giving them a check for $375 this week. It was a great weekend!

My son plays for both the Junior and Senior Legion teams for our city. He has been playing almost non-stop since his high school ball ended earlier this month. Unfortunately, that means that I can't be in two places at once and so I have missed some of his games. But this weekend is our annual Firecracker tournament at home so I will be around to watch those games! Go Sixers!

Today I will be going down to the Gallery Q to put the finishing touches on the exhibit that is opening tomorrow called Brought to you by the Letter Q to celebrate our five years of local art. Today I have to work on the scavenger hunt to lead people to the artwork and get them to interact with it on an intimate level. We are giving away $500 in art bucks for the gallery to five lucky winners! If you would like to see a sneak peek at what I created for the show, please hop on over to the Art Bead Scene to read my post from last Friday for Inside the Studio. I am also giving away one of the necklaces I made for the show, so hurry over there and leave a comment! If you happen to be in the Stevens Point area, stop by for our opening birthday bash party on July 11th for a cake that will be made by a local bakery artist to look just like this poster!

Can I let you in on a little secret? 

I am flying to Ohio on Wednesday to film some segments of the television series
Beads, Baubles & Jewels with host Katie Hacker!

I am so excited about this opportunity! I am also so nervous! 

I still have to get my wardrobe set, get a manicure (what? They say right in there that you need to do that, so it is a legit expense! And if I am getting a manicure I should get a pedicure, too, right?), confirm the travel plans, contact my sister to make sure that she knows I am sleeping over before my flight out ;-), pack clothes and such, pack all the tools and materials to make on-camera step outs, write instructions, and oh yeah.... finish all the jewelry pieces I am bringing! 

Sneak peek alert! You will have to wait to see the whole thing until the segment is released!
Bracelets are my jewelry-making Kryptonite! I can't make them the right size ever, so I was really delighted to come up with this concept that is very wearable, reproducible and can work for all different styles, colors and tastes. I have been wearing my prototype for a week and I can tell you that it is a winner! People cannot stop asking me about it and when I take it off to show it to them they are even more wowed. I think I already have several orders pending for this new style! Of course, the show will not be airing until sometime in the fall, and we don't even get this program on our PBS station, but according to the website, segments are now available online. So I will keep you posted when I can share that! 

I bought myself a brand new iPhone 5S last week. So far it is great, but it makes me feel old. I feel like I am traveling in a different country where the people are very friendly and there is lots to do and see, but I cannot read the signs so I get lost a lot on the way! It is just enough different from my Galaxy S2 Android phone that it makes me frustrated. For example, all this weekend I was never getting any calls, but tons of messages. Apparently there is a little button on the side that got toggled that prevented my phone from making a peep! Luckily, someone pointed that out or I was headed back to the store to demand a refund (and how silly would that have seemed!). 

Okay! That should bring you up to date on some of what has been swirling around in my world. Since I will be on the road, I will have to focus on orders that are pending when I return (special bonuses for waiting so patiently!), I will try my best to get a 30 Words up while I am on the fly (literally!), and I will try to have a little fun in between all of this. 

Tell me, what do you have going on that you would like to share? Shout it out in the comments!



Ema Kilroy said...

Congratulations Erin! I can't wait to see the show!!! The show isn't aired on my local station but I'm able to access it online, which is awesome. You definitely have a lot going on in your world. My plans for the summer are to figure out how to balance work and fun. The start of this year was heavily weighted with work and now I'm suffering burn out. I need to figure out that balance.

Unknown said...

You go, Star! Congratulations on this amazeball accomplishment, and thank you so much for sharing the joy that is YOU with all of us... :)

Susan Marling said...

Erin - Congratulations on the upcoming Beads, Baubles and Jewels. I am sure you will be awesome and your wonderful personality will shine through. Can't wait to see this bracelet. Good luck and have fun!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

This is a very busy season for anyone with children, and it is a big challenge to get everything to the balance that works for your family, while growing your business and your art, Erin :) Big congrats on the BBJ appearance... I am truly eager to see your bracelet design!

Heather Powers said...

Erin you are amazing! I know you are going to shine on Katie's show. You are such a natural teacher and will do a great job. Have fun being a star for the day. Hurray to both the ball players, sounds like a fun and busy summer ahead. Good luck on the Q show - they are blessed to have such a creative member!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Erin,
Congratulations on your guest appearance. I do not get that show in my area, so thank you for sharing the link. I experienced the same thing when I got my first iPhone a few years ago and was so embarrassed when my Son showed me the switch on the side.
Have a grand time at the Gallery opening.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Dear Erin,
You have been on my mind and in my heart daily.
I have been changing, and things around me have been changing.
Here to a joyous summer with our children! Here is to YOU showing how to "work the bracelets" on lovely Katie Hacker's show! :)
all love,

jean xox!

Unknown said...

Congrats Erin!!! I can't wait to see the show and your new bracelet technique! I struggle with making those babies the right size too. Congrats on the new phone too - I'm sure you'll be in love once you learn the foreign language :)

a2susan said...

I am thrilled for you, Erin! You taught me so much in your presentation at Heather's retreat last year, you are a natural and inspiring teacher. You're going to be great, Miss Erin.

Marcie Abney Carroll said...


Steph L. said...

I'm super curious now about that bracelet. I am always in the market for a new bracelet design, they are my favorite to make/wear. Can't wait to see it!

Shai Williams said...

Sounds like life has been full for you lately. So full in fact, it is totally understandable that you haven't been posting as much as usual. Congrats on the your TV appearance. I never sit down to watch TV so I will searching it out to watch it online. Will you be showing off your new bracelet design at that time? I am so curious now.

Mary Harding said...

Congrats on the TV show Erin!! Can't wait to see your bracelet design. I am sure it will be a winner. Have a fun time and enjoy the summer and the baseball. Here it is really warm and I am getting to swim every day--my joy!! And weed the garden and during the hottest part of the day I am in my studio which is a bit below ground level and deliciously cool.
What a summer!!

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you!!!!!!! How amazing. it has been crazy here the last few months too I feel ya.


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