23 August 2013

Bead Fest Pity Party - Bust Your Stash

Okay. So I clearly have a hoarding problem. My addiction comes in small-ish packages. And I have a lot of them.

On my teetering-tottering table there is barely any room for me to create. I have these black trays with the flocked inserts and my theory was that if I left the beads in them, especially if grouped by color, or a possible project, that I would actually use them. Bah! That hasn't happened. Some of this is from the past two years at Bead & Button as well as the Best Bead Show in Madison and some are just things that I have ordered. Shameful! This is just three of at least 8 trays, not to mention the plastic bins on the floor and the 21 drawer printer's cabinet {4 of them with art beads only}with goodies galore. {And no, I am not showing you that hot mess!} I think I could open a bead shop in my basement!

This little bowl is a pretty teal footed glass dish that houses about 1/2 of my Humblebeads stash. It was not fitting in the 1/4 of a printer's drawer that I had allocated to her beads, so I bought this pretty dish to keep them within arm's reach at all times. How is that working out for me? Obviously, not that well, since I don't make anything with no time. But a girl can dream!

I have always said that if I had to limit myself to one art bead artist, it would be Heather. It is a wonderful thing that her beads and my pendants look so good together. We have similar taste in colors and themes. I am doubly blessed that Heather and I share a birthday (August 11th) and have become the very best of friends. I have been in Heather's Bead of the Month Club, Disk Bead Set of the Month and I just cannot resist her beads! Now that I work in polymer clay of my own, and I even had the good fortune of learning some of her secrets, I appreciate so much more of the process that she uses. I could never do anything like what she does. Her beads are so very valuable to me but also very hard workers in my designs!

I am working on some donation jewelry for the Pacelli Panacea silent auction. This event is a huge three day fundraiser for our Catholic School system with a carnival, food vendors, beer tent, bingo, farmer's market, cherry tree, mini raffles and large cash raffles plus a chance to win a new car. This year it is a Jeep Wrangler. And it is always red for our school colors. {Anyone need some raffle tickets? I have a ton to sell and about 2 weeks to do it!. The event is the first weekend in September each year and it is a huge undertaking, and our whole family will be volunteering and enjoying the last bit of summer all weekend. I will be sharing more about this on Pop-a-Dot Jewelry as I just found out that I am approved to sell my new magnetic jewelry line there as a special part of the fundraising efforts! Yippee!

So since our mascot is the Cardinal, I wanted to create some cardinal themed jewelry. I bought these little winter cardinal charms as well as a large cardinal head from Heather at Bead & Button. I made this long necklace I call 'Cardinal Nation' with a matching pair of earrings from the cardinal head. I will be making a few more with the tiny cardinal in the birch tree charms today to use up some more of my Humblebeads (and others) stash for more donations!

The challenge to you is to find a bead treasure you have been hoarding and make something with it, or hold a giveaway so someone else can make something special. 

Remember that I am doing a special Bead Fest Pity Party discount in my Etsy shop {and Heather is doing on in hers - and our beads go together like peas and carrots!}. Use code PITYPARTY13 in any store hosting a sale for the discount. My offer to you is 15% off an order of $20 or more.

Now for the giveaway... to win a $20 credit in my Etsy shop, just answer the following question {and be sure to have an email so I can get in touch if you win!} Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, August 26th.

What is your most coveted art bead?
Who is your can't-live-without-them favorite bead artist?


Lori Bowring Michaud said...

I have an amazing lampwork focal bead that was gifted to me by lampwork artist Lenda Dewyer. I'm not sure if she's still creating beads or not. She created an absolutely gorgeous bead with a tree on it shedding a tear. She called it "A Mother's Tear", it was a gift after my son died. The tree of life has very special symbolism for my family with regard to my son. I had only met Lenda online through WetCanvas.com and had admired and purchased a bead or two from her. It is an absolute treasure and worth more to me than any precious metal or stone.

Anonymous said...

I hoard a lot of beads too - I plan on digging around in my stash later on in the day as part of the Bead Fest Pity Party!

I hoard a lot of lampwork beads by multiple artists (such as Lush Lampwork, Cheeky Cherub and Ciel Creations). I also have an amazing lampwork made by a friend (she doesn't have a shop unfortunately!), that I've kept for two years and haven't done anything with, because it's so beautiful, I feel I can't make anything that'll do it justice.

Steph L. said...

I wish I could partake in the Pity Party this weekend, but my oldest son is turning 6 so we have a lot of stuff going on. My favorite bead artist is definitely a tie between Golem Studio and Gaea beads. They are the two I most frequently need to have and also my first art bead purchases. Your cardinal necklace is lovely!

Unknown said...

what is the "cherry tree" @ your fundraiser?

Irene Helms Designs said...

As a fellow "bead-a-holic" I totally understand your addiction! I love beads. As I like to say "Beaded is beautiful!"

Alicia Coats said...

I admit it. I am a bead hoarder too!! I can't have too many lampwork beads or clay beads/pendants. In looking at my stash, the artisan I have the most hoarded beads/pendants is Elaine Ray. She is local and I have easy access to her products via Ornamentea and I just love her! I also have a lots of beautiful lampwork from Pinocean (I love her tiny lampwork beads!) and numerous pendants from Menagerie Studio (love how unique & gorgeous her work is)! Of course there are plenty of other artisans that I'm in love with as well, but the question was for one & I named 3! :)

sandi m said...

In general my lampwork beads are my most coveted. I can 'get lost' by just holding one and looking at the amazing patterns created from melting threads of glass. My favorites? At the top of my list are Anne Ricketts, Dustin Tabor, Stephanie Sersich, Heather Trimlett, Barbara Becker Simon.

Love the nested Cardinal necklace Erin. Just remembered - it's also our State bird.

Michael and Cherrie Fick said...

You have to be kidding. A favorite? How about who has the largest bead tray in your studio? I guess that would be Gaea, I designs with her all the time. Also Amanda of Sea Shore Glass, I love the light she captures. My favorite art beads I have a hard time parting with is you. I have a problem when I design with your beads Miss Erin and I end up thinking this would go with my wardrobe. I have a collection of published and other beautiful designs on my private board with simple Truths pendants. I love the meaning of the words you choose. They truly inspire me. I have sold quite a few too. Heathers art beads do the same thing for me because nature is my inspiration. She is a wonderful inspiration. Now that I have left out many of my favorite designers and missed the question my email is cfick1@me.com

Saraccino said...

To be honest, it would not be one person but rather the material... as much as I love glas and wood, thread and metall... I wouldn't go with the endless possibilities polymer clay is giving me. Especially because you don't need that much equiqment, material, work space... (fill in the list please ^^) to be able to create :)

Alice Howe said...

I have a lovely Ann Choi bead that is based on gates in a Chinese temple, I believe. It is a stunner and I simply have not found the perfect beads to complement it. The hunt continues.

Heather Powers said...

Oh Erin! We are such kindred spirits! Your pendants were in my bead stash to work with this weekend! I love what you did with the cardinal. I'm sure each of those beads will one day be put to good use!!!

Ann Schroeder said...

I couldn't possibly pick a favorite bead artist. It's an I-never-met-a-bead-I-didn't-like situation. However, some of the first art beads I bought years ago before I had ever heard the term "art bead" are some sterling silver chakra charms. I remember the artist said they came without a high shine in order to show humility. I was looking for them recently, and realized I have two sets. I was ordering them to use one on a charm bracelet, and I loved them so much I couldn't stand the thought of the set being "incomplete" so I bought a second set. I don't know the artist's name, but I think her ebay name was PalmBeachKarma.

Unknown said...

What a question. I must, simply MUST answer as in who is my Right Now favorite bead artist...and that is Julie at StudioJuls. Her link for those who are curious: http://studiojuls.indiemade.com/store
I received a new order yesterday and her work is evolving, growing and inspiring, and if you know her, she is too in a beautiful way. Earlier this month, I received a package from Petra at Scorched Earth (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ScorchedEarthonEtsy) tho, and am delighted and oh-so challenged by her art. I adore that she is from Scotland and can feel the magic of the earth in her pieces. So, really is there an always favorite? No...for me it is a melding of beauty, craftsmanship, and personality. For my favorite completed bead artist? The question you didn't ask is easier.... You. And that just doesn't seem to change. :) Blessings! ps email goldkissesart@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that Gaea is my "go to" artist. I love all her work!

Tanya said...

Those are hard questions. I love so many artists, but i think you mit be my "go-to" girl. You always have just the right pendant. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Heather too, her beads are such a perfect addition to a piece of jewellery. Recently however, I've been playing closer to home, with ceramic pieces by Peruzi (www.peruzi.net). Natalie has a great selection of beautiful pendants and beads.

haezz said...

I just stumbled across this wonderful blog of yours and saw the question that I'd like to answer. I am a bead hoarder as well, but of everyone I could hoard at this point in time it would be Petra at Scorched Earth on Etsy. Her work is so filled with life and earth that I simply must have as many of those wonderful bronzy-silvery colorful beads and connectors.

Really enjoy this blog, btw.

mary marytown79@gmail.com

Shai Williams said...

The artist whose beads I covet are yours. The two beads that I have been able to get so far as some of my most treasured.

As far as the artist whose beads I have the most of? I think that it would be a draw between Juls at StudioJuls and Tracy at BeatleBaby Glassworks.


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