26 May 2012

SueBeads Rondelle Challenge

"For every one of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out." ~Oprah

Sue Kennedy makes some really lovely beads. I know. I have a lot of them in my drawer that I apparently hoard obsessively (don't worry, her beads are not the only ones, so they are in good company!).

Sue's glass beads were some of the first ones that I bought. I especially love the ones she makes with the little silver spirals on the outside. And then Sue started enameling things. And oh my goodness! I was hooked!

Sue graciously offered some pairs of her lovely enameled rondelles to some random participants and I was lucky enough to be chosen. Sue sent me this pretty shade of navy blue filigree rondelles. I love that there are little holes around the bead. So I just started poking wire through the center hole only to find it poke through a side hole. So I thought why not turn the rondelle on its side. It is such a pretty bead, I want people to be able to really see it.

I am currently crushing on peanut beads. I love the texture of these little guys when they nestle together. I grabbed some galvanized steel wire and made a little loop and then passed that wire through the outer holes. But then I had a dilemma... what to do with the bottom?

I toyed around with a large loop underneath, then some rings, or even some fibers or leather. Then I spied these two little bronze leaf shapes lying in the aftermath of some other project. Their shape mimicked the peanut beads I had just strung in a similar earthy tone. These were tied to my last package from LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio, another of my favorite bead artists to hoard. I just love the attention to detail LeAnn brings to each package. I always feel so special when I get one.  I knew that as a pair they were destined for earrings so why not add them to Sue's pretty rondelles? If one art bead is great, two is supreme!

{sorry for my shoddy camera work. it was late. this was last minute. and i think i was yawning when the shutter was released ;-}

I call these "Show Me The Way" because as I was going I had to let the beads do the talking and lead me where they wanted to go. They are available on Etsy just in case you need some direction. I can't claim magical powers but maybe these pretty rondelles will show you the way as well!

Thanks Miss Sue for sharing these rondelles with me! I am excited to be taking a class in enameling from Barbara Lewis on June 3rd. But don't worry. I am sure that I will be back for more of yours because I believe in working with experts and I am sure that I will not master this new skill in one day!

Be sure to stop by the other participants in the Rondelle Challenge and show them some love!

Erin Prais-Hintz  (You are here! Go visit someone else! ;-)


Barb Fernald said...

Great earrings Erin! I wanted to find a way to display my beads in this orientation, and I didn't figure it out. You sure did! I love everything about these.

Alice said...

I'm loving the peanut beads too. Your earrings are beautiful despite the fact that you were tired and yawning. I love each of the sweet, carefully chosen components. Love the name too!

SueBeads said...

Oh I love them! Great idea to turn them on the side like that! I love the peanut beads and the leaves from LeAnn! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

kristibasket said...

Beautiful earrings!! Those would be a staple in my jewelry box for the summer!!

Holly said...

Erin, these are just gorgeous, simply beautiful! I love that leaf charm, and the way you used the rondelles is brilliant! This was a fun challenge :)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

These are beautiful! The addition of the peanut beads and thr bronze is just gorgeous! Good luck at your enameling class! Jealous!

MoonRae said...

I've so enjoyed all the recent hops!! Thanks for creating and sharing your lovely pieces with us!!
love ya

Jen Judd said...

Girl! They certainly took you down a lovely path...yawns and all! I don't know how you do it all, but your positive energy is certainly appreciated!
Take care!

Sharyl said...

I love what you did with Sue's enamel rondelles--top to bottom! It's like all the parts were meant to go together, just like that! Perfect in every way! (I always feel that way about your designs. It's a mystery to me how you do that!)

elisabeth said...

Lovely - what a great use of peanut seed beads :-)

CraftyHope said...

These are so much fun! I've got a few tubes of peanut beads myself, but you make me want to order some more ;)

I really like the way you arranged these earrings. It's unexpected and gives them some great texture. At the same time, your colors are so natural (grass and sky) that they just BELONG together. You rocked this!


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