26 October 2011

BTW::Small Things with Great Love

"We cannot do great things in this life, only small things with great love."
~ Mother Theresa

For this Bead Table Wednesday I will show you some small things that are threatening to take over my life.

My displays from the show - by themselves they don't seem like much, but when they are amassed in one or two or five bins, they take up a lot of space. I am hoping to get that shelf up on the wall so that I can display things properly! Maybe tripping on these every day will encourage me to get that done!

The pile for the girl scout class - I am teaching a simple jewelry making lesson to 35 girl scouts on Friday. (35 girls? What am I thinking?)

We are using the Vintaj Sizzix Big Kick to emboss metal blanks and then we are painting them with Extreme Glitter acrylic paint (that is what Tiny Dancer said they would like), covering with Magic Glos and hitting with the UV lamp to make faux enamel components. Then we are layering them in simple mixed media, multi-medal charm necklaces.
{'simple truths' pair well with Vintaj embossed blanks, Humblebeads egg nest and mushroom and ForTheLoveofBeads glass headpins by Mallory Hoffman!}
The mass of 'simple truths' (I have about 100 waiting for me!) that are destined for either jewelry for the holiday shows or for Etsy.

{Small Things-Great Love}
And my entry for the Art Bead Scene for October inspired by the painting A Hedgehog in a Landscape by Giovanna Garzoni. I created a little 'simple truths' hedgie with the message "do small things with great love" as a nod to that quote up above by Mother Theresa. I used a combination of picture jasper, wood nuggets, painted wood ovals, stick pearls, shell bead, Vintaj leaf and Mamacita's pewter acorn. Squeaked in just at the last minute!

What is on your bead table today?


KayzKreationz said...

Wow! 35 girls? You are a brave woman. But I know they'll have a blast and it looks like they've got a lot of fun in store, too. And you're Challenge necklace is so cute. Love that little hedgehog.

Alice said...

I so know what you mean about props taking over. I've got a huge pile of them that I just moved from our bedroom to the basement. Making it even worse, I like to change the theme every once in a while, which means I need more space.

I love the components you made using the Big Kick. The girls will have a blast with this. I would love to own one myself.

Your ABS October Challenge necklace is gorgeous! There's something about the colors you used--the browns really stand out amongst the white beads. And I love the vintaj component, and of course your sweet hedgehog pendant.

lunedreams said...

Oh I want to do faux enamel!! The alcohol inks technique is just not working at all. Magic Glos??? I think I need that. Your hedgehog piece is gorgeous, love what you did with the stick pearls.

cw whitedogjewelry said...

Wow! Lucky girl scouts. When my daughter was a girl scout, I did a jewelry craft with them, but nothing like this, not even close.
Great looking necklace!
At times, I too, have jewelry related items taking over our home. How does that happen? =)
Best of luck with the holiday sales.

SummersStudio said...

Your hedgie is so sweet and that is one of my favourite quotes. 35 girls? Oh, my. Do have fun. I know they will.

The Crazy Creative Corner said...

35 Girls? You were thinking the chaperone would ride herd and you'd have the fun of making them giggle! (you're still brave!) I, too, want to know how to do this faux enamel! Until I can set up a torch station and try Barbara's torch-enamel projects, this sounds FUN! Do you have a link to the site you learned it from?

Cece said...

Looks like loads of fun, but busy huh? Your "hedgie" necklace is great. Waiting on my Vintaj Big Kick, so thanks for the tips.

JeannieK said...

35 girls? Sounds like a funfest! Need an assist? You have ROOM for shelves? UGH! I'm organized, but don't have the space. Some days I can deal with it, some days I can't.

I LoVE, LOve, lovE, the ABS necklace and the those painted wood ovals remind me of some polymer clay beads I made many years ago.

Christine Altmiller said...

i did jewelry making with 27 girl scouts. it actually went well until the end. the ends needed to be tied off after the clasps were on. i did not anticipate they would all end at the same time. and the leader and another mom there said "we can't help. we don't make jewelry". i gave them a quick tutorial put them to work! good luck!!!
the ABS is fantastic! what a fun and organic necklace.

Lisa said...

Those 35 Girl Scouts will have the best memories from the afternoon with you! I loved scouting and have a lot of good memories! Love your hedgehog necklace, it's just a perfect interpretation of the print! Now, I would, along with some of the other commenters, love to know the process for the faux enamel pieces. Looks like something fun to try. Have fun with the girls! I also did a little beading project one yr with my 3 yr old class. We made candy canes for our Christmas tree w/red and white acrylic beads and pipe cleaners. I had nine three yr olds and they were so intrigued by that simple process. The quietest my classroom had been all yr! :) It's so much fun to watch as young people learn new things!

Karen Williams said...

Small things? Teaching 35 girl scOuts at once is NOT a small thing! With great love - now that I believe. It shows in everything you do.

Honey from the Bee said...

Love your hedgehog necklace! Those painted ovals looks awesome. Did you make them? Of course my favorite part is your pendant bead. So sweet...

The only reason my studio looks fairly neat right now is because I had to pack it up. : )


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