20 June 2011

Try a Little TENderness

"Tenderness is greater proof of love than the most passionate of vows." ~ Marlene Dietrich

My friend Shane is the truly the most romantic guy I know.

He approached me a few weeks back with a request: Would I make a special necklace to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Michelle?

Of course, I said yes!

There is nothing better to me than to make something that comes from the heart, something that tells a story and something that can be made personal.

I showed Shane the 'simple truths' that I have been creating. He liked the idea of a special message that is just for Michelle. We discussed colors and style. He picked out some special art beads from my stash.

But there had to be something more to this. Ten years is a beautiful milestone for any relationship.

As we were talking, Shane shared what he classified as 'hokey' and I classified as 'hopelessly romantic'.

You know the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries? Shane told me that he likes to keep to that list in some fashion for each year they are married.The first anniversary is paper. On their first anniversary, Shane got a map of the United States and plotted out the route that they took on their honeymoon across the country, noting places of interest along the way and framed it.

Couldn't you just melt? (And can Shane phone my husband and give him some suggestions for 19 years?)

The tenth anniversary is tin. He thought that might be a stretch for me. But that just lit me up. You see, my husband works for a manufacturing plant. They make filters, like the kind that go in your car. One day he brought home a baggie of little silver circles in various sizes. They are a stamping that gets thrown away through the manufacturing process. He thought that I might be able to utilize them in some way for jewelry. (That is how my husband is romantic ;-) Back in February, we used them as the basis for a charm bracelet project for my daughter's 10th birthday party. So, it is fitting that I am using them again for the 10th anniversary of Shane and Michelle.

These little circles are actually tin coated steel. They are lightweight and durable. They have a matte finish but buff up to a high shine. And apparently I can have all I want. This project makes me want more of them.

I took a larger disc and cut it down to size with my disc cutter. I just wanted the metal to frame the pendant and give it more presence. I hammered it up with some texture hammers and then buffed it to bring out the relief.

The 'simple truth' message that Shane requested was "TENderness" for the back. This is a message that will be special for Michelle for sure, especially when she gets all the TEN references!

I wire wrapped tiny pearls, silver spacers and some of my new Czech glass beads (yes! I am starting to use my haul from the Bead & Button show!). I added two new Humblebeads that I picked up there as well that suited the color scheme perfectly. And I connected it all with jump rings in my favorite pattern of a love knot. And after I was finished, I realized that there were ten of these love knots. How fitting. It is finished with a double length of my new favorite silver plated chain from Rings & Things.

I present "TENderness."

Happy 10th Anniversary, Shane and Michelle! May you enjoy many, many more.

Your turn...
What is the most romantic gift that you have ever received? 
Or what is the most romantic gift that you have ever given?
Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


somethingunique said...

Good Morning Erin,I am sad to say that i have never received a romantic gift, but i once left a rose on the seat of my now ex-hubby's
car with key to a room in the most romantic motel in town i had his favorite beer chilling and a wonderful meal planned on being delivered from his favorite restaurant and a hot bubble bath in the hot tub waiting for him,except i had put way to many bubbles in and they were over flowing and you could not even see me in there>
I just love the thought that your dear friend even picked out the components for the necklace, that to me even makes it more special for hsi lucky wife it looks beautiful.
Have a great day ttfn Lana >^.^<

Unknown said...

Oh I could just melt. He sure knew who to go to for this. My husband is more like yours but you know we get those little surprises that light our world every once in a while. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I have to say my significan other has a romantic and tender side but the gifts that meant the most to me...
in our former home - installing a towel bar next to the bathtub for my convenience.
So far, in this house, I have to say a new toilet seat. Do I see a trend? After 20+ years you have to find the romance and thought where it appears.

I love the idea that he brought you the waste stampings. To be honest my guy also will pick things up from the side of the road that he knows will make me happy.
Can you tell I am not a glam sort of girl?

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Sniff, wipe eyes with sleeve - You took your project to a new height - aGAin!! Pretty clever use of the word "Ten" and the number!! Did you know that in the Bible, 10 is the number for earthly completeness? I think it ties in with what you've done! Nice colors with the silver. Bringing home those tin pieces was definitely romantic, we have to have a broad interpretation of that term to include the majority of husbands, it's all good! My husband picked the first 2 peonies that opened and brought them down to me while I was struggling with a new jewelry technique. That was romantic!

rosebud101 said...

On our tenth anniversary, my husband gave me a pair of diamond earrings. Oh, they were small because we couldn't afford much, but they were the most beautiful set of earrings I've ever seen!

Alice said...

Sucha sweet husband to be so involved in the making of this piece. Most would say 'she likes blue, just make what you want', or something like that.

I love the necklace you created for Michelle, and I know she will too.

When we had been married just a couple years, my husband called my boss and arranged time off for a surprise trip to Las Vegas. He packed my bags for me, and showed up at the office on Friday evening to wisk me away.

Have a wonderful week!

Janet - Honey from the Bee said...

I didn't know guys like Shane existed except in movies! And with a name like Shane! Hey, did you make him up? ; )

My hubby surprises me sometimes when I least expect it with words spoken from his heart, a glass of wine to bring me out of my studio, a fabulous trip... I think those moments are all the more special, because they are random and unexpected.

steufel said...

Wow! To Shane and to your piece!

SueBeads said...

How wonderful! Erin, you just get the best projects! I need to expand my horizons! My sweetie brought me 7 boston ferns (4 for front porch and 3 for back deck) because he knew I would not buy them for myself - they cost too much this year and I am on COBRA and out of job.

moonlitfantaseas said...

I am really lucky when it comes to romantic giftsearly on in my husbands and my relationship, he came to pick me up for a date and brought me a dozen roses.....we had a nice dinner and went to the movies...pretty normal stuff. He called me the next day and I was so sick, I had caught the worst cold, and was feeling miserable.....a few hours later there was a knock on my door, and when I opened it there he was with another dozen roses......and a big jar full of home made chicken soup! This was probably around our fourth date, I decided, this guy was definitely a keeper

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Worth trying again;

Heartrendingly. Romantically, beautiful.
Happy 10th, Shane and Michelle!

Sally Anderson said...

It's lovely, Erin, in every way -- the sentiments, the necklace, it's execution, the love knots... all of it. Just so great! Congratulations!

Judy said...

such a lovely gift...you always make the most sentimental and heart felt pieces of jewelry.

the best gift....hummm a frying pan for Christmas...no not really, but I did get one once.

Lisa Blackwell said...

Oh that's just to fabulous!What a wonderful story.
My husband is romantic in the same way you's is, tools,found objects and such as that.
What a beautiful necklace you created for him to give to his wife........

SummersStudio said...

Oh, stars, this is lovely, heart filling beautiful. I love this story and how you were able to collaborate with such a clearly special guy. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's a definitely a bright spot in my day.

Anonymous said...

Erin, the necklace is so lovely, Shane is such a romantic. I wish them both a very happy anniversary!

My husband is a romantic, but will not admit to it if anyone were to ask! It's not a particular gift that he has given me, but what he does to help me out with want ever I may be doing or working on. He even lends me his tools! :) To me that's love!!

lunedreams said...

Gorgeous!! Love all the rich red shades! The pendant is really lovely, and it goes so nicely with the smooth, faceted Czech glass. I'd like to get a better look at that chain!

Your husband GETS you!!! That is so sweet and thoughtful! He was thinking of you, and what you like, and what might helpful to you, at work. That is very romantic indeed.

DVArtist said...

Nice story. My husband too brings me those little things that no one else would think of. That piece turned out perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Erin, it came out beautifully and I love all the colors you used in this piece. Shane's wife is going to love and cherish it always.

Brandi Hussey said...

Ohmigosh, how cute is Shane! I bet his wife is going to swoon!

Grubbi said...

Unfortunately the guy I've lived with for 8 years wouldn't know romance if it ran over to him, bopped him on the head and chanted "I'm romance, I'm romance".
I do love spending time finding the perfect gifts for people, especially my Mum, Dad and daughter. I always like to find something that relates to what they're actually interested in rather than just finding something pretty to give. My mum loves paisley so I like to make her jewellery with paisley in it in some way...I can literally spend hours, days and weeks looking for the perfect gift or idea to make a loved one feel appreciated and thought of. Not exactly romantic but the best I got, lol.

Absolutely beautiful gift for Shane's wife, he's a keeper eh!

Rebecca said...

What a lovely story. Romantic partners are the best! ANd she will treasure that beautiful necklace for ever. x x x

My Life Under the Bus said...

Beautiful color on this Erin - really lovely!

Michelle said...

The morning of our anniversary, Shane surprised me with this beautiful necklace. I was shocked, to say the least. The beadwork is absolutely gorgeous and I love the tin pendant. Shane has always been very sentimental with anniversary gifts, finding something that fits into the traditional wedding anniversary gifting. The map that he created for our first anniversary still hangs on our family room wall and each time I look at it, I am reminded of our adventurous and fun honeymoon (our first trip together).

Now, whenever I wear this necklace, I think about our ten years of marriage and the family and life that we have created. I receive many compliments on this piece and will always have this amazing story to share…thanks to my romantic husband!

Thanks for designing such a perfect gift! It fits my style to a tee! Shane did a fabulous job working with you on each little detail and I am forever grateful. I cannot wait for the next ten years with Shane and our boys!!!


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