22 July 2010

Inspiration Zany

"If we weren't all crazy, we'd just go insane."
~Jimmy Buffet

Thanks to Kelley Wenzel of Kelleysbeads {I think those are MY EGGS on the top of her post. Suh-weet!} I am rockin' out with my bad self with best rap song and video I have ever seen called 'Dad Life'. If rap was this good, I would be a totally rap fanatic. This is inspired lunacy at it's best.

Check it out.

Lest you think that the mommies are forgotten, check this 'Mommy Rhapsody' out.

These videos were produced by the Church on the Move. I don't think that I could get my parish priest to put on something like this, but they sure look like they had a lot of fun doing this tribute to moms and dads everywhere. If I could I would so be up there on stage singing my heart out with them.

Can you relate to either of these videos? Tell me what you think!

Enjoy the day!


... Paige said...

what if one was not crazy and it was a crazy world?

here by way of the side bar button link over at Jannie Funster's blog

Alice said...

Oh these are so funny--but hit so close to the mark! I see myself in the mommy rhapsody, and my husband in the dad life. It's nice to know we are all a little loopy together! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Yepper, those eggs were made for you! My husband can't stop watching the Dad Life video since I sent him the link. So much for his work productivity today ;)

lunedreams said...

The look on the little girl's face when she sees Daddy blubbering at the Disney flick is hysterical! You can't fake that.

Connie said...

Those were great! Loved them both! HA! :D

Mary Newton Designs said...

Well, I'm living the "grandma life" now, but I can totally see my son in that video. Great!

Christine said...

Hilarious! I have to admit, I shed a few tears watching Mommy Rhapsody. I've been really emotional about parenting lately.


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