22 February 2010

Good things come in small packages

Isn't that what they say?
Over the past week I have had my fair share of little bits of love sailing through my mailbox. And today I thought I would share some of them with you.

Esther of Mes Illusions Baroques is the kindest soul. If you don't know Esther, you should {go see her blog here}. She lives in France {which is marvelous in an of itself} and makes the most fantastical things. She is always experimenting and pushing herself to try something new. She even sent me a surprise package at Christmas with a gorgeous hand made pin. {I think it got packed away with my Christmas ornaments so I shall be so surprised to find it again and recall my friend from France!}.

Esther had mentioned that she was making small book charms. I told her that as soon as she started selling them that I wanted to be first in line. {Warning! This bead porn is how I broke my bead diet...but you bead peeps will totally agree that it was worth it!}

This is the packaging it arrived in. A sweet little denim pouch tied with a glitzy ribbon. And just look what was inside!

Squeeeeee......Three darling book charms... {Stay tuned for the March Inspired by... challenge...hint...it is inspired by Esther's charms!}

{And there is still time to enter the February
Inspired by...The Solar System challenge. Deadline is February 28th! View the current entries here!}

Esther even put in some extra goodies just for me. I feel so cosmopolitan with my trinkets from overseas {hey, a Cosmopolitan sounds good right about now!}

Next up is a spur-of-the-moment vintage trinket I ordered from Julie at Prairie Thistle. Her blog proclaims it as a mix of "Urban Farmhouse, Antiques, Jewelry, Apparel, Jardin, Artist Books and More..." When I saw this silver plated ring holder entitled "Tiny Dancer" I knew I just had to have it.

And Julie sent the nicest note and a special little something extra... a St Therese medal tied to the package, who is patron of small things. {Thanks, Julie!}

Last, but certainly not least, I received a mystery package. {I love surprises, don't you?} If you have been paying attention, you know I had declared myself on a bead diet for February, {which for the record was mostly successful...see above!} and someone took pity on me with a beautiful assortment of bead soup components. Soup for one.

I actually gasped when I opened the package and read the sweet handwritten note meant just for me.

And I may have let a tear slip down my cheek. For joy, of course.

How delightful this little box with the floral tape and the stamp image. How thoughtful and generous a soul to send such a gift. How big my smile was knowing that someone out there was thinking of me. Now I am figuring out how I can pay it forward, this random act of beadiness. {Wouldn't this world be a better place if we all participated in random acts of beadiness?}

Aren't they lovely? The most soothing shades of green and a Mary Harding heart.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. Truly blessed.

Oh! I almost forgot! My Rings & Things blog partner goodie bag arrived today too. An amazing jumble of faceted crystals and assorted glass pearls in shades of purple, pink, gray and gunmetal. That is my color palette indeed. I am concocting something lush for this wonderful assortment and will share with you when I get it done!

What is the best surprise present that you have ever received? Do tell!

Check It Out::
Illusions Barock (she is gone right now while she moves, but you will want to bookmark this Etsy site for when she returns!)


mairedodd said...

can't think of a nicer person to get these goodies! enjoy erin - and those book charms are divine!

EmandaJ said...

My, my my, what a lovely haul! And what a generous friend! The little book charms are so sweet too. Can't wait for the next challenge.


SummersStudio said...

Esther's books are wonderful. I pick mine up and hold it and think of all the stories books have told me over the years. I hope she makes more because I have book lover friends who could use little book charms. I also have a Mary Harding pendant from a BOC bead swap. They are gorgeous. Oh and your tiny dancer is sublime. I really love seeing other peoples treasures that they've gotten in the mail. Thank you for sharing yours. I'll certainly be looking to see what you do with your rings and things goodies. You do such beautiful work. I know :-) I've got a pair of earings from you!

Unknown said...

OH! What a fabulous day!...all the goodies the postman brought you today. I would barely be able to contain myself with glee!

Anonymous said...

it's so much fun getting those little packages in the mail!

Pearl and Pebble said...

What lovely charms- I love the one with the pink bead! And that little stash of green you have there-whooo-hoo! Enjoy:)

Judy said...

You had some great goodies too today...how wonderful, I love them all. I look forward to see what you do with your little books.

Marie Cramp said...

My best "beady" present was from LeAnn from Summers Studio. I ordered a bunch of stuff and after checking out I realized I had not grabbed the little dragonfly charm I had been wanting forever!! I mentioned to her in my message that I would have to get it next time with an lol and a ! and when I got my package it was there!! Just waiting for me :) I am still holding onto it, for something extra special...

Jen Judd said...

You're such a lucky girl! I had a good mail day today, too...complete with my autographed copy of Totally Twisted! But, nothing beats a precious box with gorgeous handmade things inside. And, I agree...pay it forward...a wonderful idea! Jen

Beverly Herman said...

Erin, It warms my heart to see all the treasures you were blessed with today!

This weekend I received a package from my friend who went to the shows in Tuscon. I wanted so badly to join her this year but it wasn't possible. She shared some of the things she bought. That was really nice.

stregata said...

There is nothing comparable to the generosity and love in this community. And isn't it the greatest that love actually can be delivered by mail?

Andrew Thornton said...

Totally worth breaking you diet for!

Gardanne said...

You lucky girl. I think I have to bump my packaging up a notch, it makes the purchase that much sweeter.

Julie Pishny said...

Erin - I am so glad that you liked the "tiny dancer" and the charm from Italy. It is so much fun to received little packages in the mail,but I have just as much fun sending them...

Sweet Esther included fabulous goodies from France in my package when I ordered a pair of her lovely earrings.

There's something about snail mail, isn't there? Is mailing packages becoming a nostalgic pleasure? I know that it is for me.

Alice said...

Oh, happy day!!!!! Have you kissed your mail carrier yet?

I'm waiting on two packages of goodies, but sadly the mail carrier will not deliver since the mailbox is caked with a couple inches of ice, and they will not deliver to our door--'sorry it's our policy' sort of thing. Today I will try to crack it off with a hammer without ruining the mailbox.

Can't wait to see what you make with all these goodies!!!!!!

Michelle said...

What lovely packages you receive in the mail...aahhhh....

The best surprise was not a present...but a pay it forward kind of thing from a stranger. My mom & I had just moved to Wisconsin and into our new town. Grabbed a bit at the local fast food joint drive throuh...when we got up to the window to pay...we were told that the gentleman in front of us had paid for our meal. Granted it was about $7, but the generosity of this stranger brought tears to our eyes for both of us and big smiles to our faces for the next few days.

Have a great day Erin!
Bead Happy!

Sharon said...

Lucky you! Enjoy your treats!

Dave Robertson said...

Erin, being allowed to share vicariously in your day has brightened mine!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

Juli Cannon said...

What a wonderful collection of treasure. Those little books are divine. I've a small surprise for you to discover on my blog, and I hope it makes you smile. :)

Margot Potter said...

What fun! I love the pictures and the items are all delish! Thank you for being such a generous spirit.


Erin said...

I love getting packages in the mail. The anticipation of something wonderful (and absence of bills!) makes me so happy! The beads are beautiful - really like the burnt orange color.

Pretty Things said...

How fabulous!

Diana said...

Oh my you have received some wonderful treasures as of late. Esther's book charms are definitely charming. I can see why you couldn't pass up the ring holder...oh so sweet. And the wrapping itself is eye candy. It really adds to a gift when you can see the love and attention that goes into the presentation. Thank you for sharing.
Ta Ta

Jenners said...

What a wonderful week you've had!!! It was like Christmas all over again!!! Enjoy your bounty ... and all that you receive is because of all you have given.

LOVE your new blog design!

lisaoram said...

I recognize that Mary Harding heart!! What a fun thing - an anonymous suprise package. I love your ideas about Random Acts of Kindness. I will commit to doing one in the next week, or how about the next day! And you changed your blog - very pretty! Feeling like spring.

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

A bead diet --- I love it! And I love the little trinkets you've been sent. They tie in so nicely with the comment you left at my blog today (thank you! thank you! thank you!).

Gosh, I LOVED the color palette of all those sparkly beads toward the end, too --- my kinds of colors!

As for my best surprise lately, it actually happened two days ago. I was given the gift of flight! I wanted to visit the west coast to meet a blogging friend, didn't tell anyone, and out of the blue, received a surprise email not only inviting me there, but offering plane fare, too. WOW! I'm still beaming from the inside out... This is an amazing world, with amazing people.

Blessings of joy, love and all good things to you!

Cindy said...

Hi Erin
What fun it was to go through your special packages as if we were there. Yes, Eshter's work is out of this world. She truly is a generous soul. And oh the Mary Harding heart...I received my first of her work this past week as well and they are gorgeous. My favorite surprise...it was the necklace given to me by Lori - blogged about it recently. Blog friends are the best! :-)

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

What yummy, yummy goodies! Esther is always so giving and that's so sweet that someone took pity on you during your bead diet. Love the new look on the blog!

donna said...

I love seeing your treasures. I hope to get a lil book when she restocks. I will have to break my diet (of 2 days) also. ;)

The best surprise gift was a few days before Valentine's this year. My mother was visiting and we teased my husband about getting us some See's candy in a few days. He had already hidden a box for each of us in a trunk and pulled them out in front of us, to our shock and amazement.

(Actually, HE is probably the best surprise gift ever. I still adore him after 12 years, who knew? lol)

I feel like I have found a treasure in your blog...love it.


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Good things do come in small packages! I received the bracelet today! YAY! I love it. Check out my blog post. Thanks, again!


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