20 November 2009

Thanks Giving

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." ~G K Chesterton

I had the good fortune of participating in the Thanksgiving Earring exchange hosted by the lovely Leslie at Bei Mondi. And as luck would have it, Leslie had my name for the exchange. What a very lucky girl I am, too! So...thank you Miss Leslie, you are my happiness doubled by wonder!

The sweet bee earrings that she created for me are so very....me. The textured copper, the silver coils, the purple pearls and those exquisite little bee charms are all so very perfect! They make the sweetest little jingle as I move. She even added some wonderful goodies for me with a bee theme, of course...beeswax soap and beehive notecards {I feel a bee-themed powder room coming on in my new home...that soap will be the perfect inspiration}. I was so thrilled to participate in this fun exchange but even more so when I saw the return address on my package! Go now and read her wonderful blog. She is great.

Leslie says that she will be holding a similar bracelet exchange in February {can't wait!}. I would encourage those of you who have been watching all of these round robins, exchanges and swaps to jump right in. I know there are people out there, sitting on the sidelines thinking that they could never be good enough or talented enough or inspired enough....enough with all of that negative thinking! I encourage you to jump right in. You will make some great new friends and get beautiful wearable art for yourself. It stretches you creatively and opens many doors of inspiration.
Did you happen to read my 30 Words yesterday? A little bit of mystery.....If you like participating in challenges {with the added bonus of prizes} then stay tuned....I will reveal the three week challenge on November 30th and hope to have lots of participants, sharing loads of creative energy and inspiring each other to Get Excited and Make Things!
If you could participate in a round robin, exchange or swap, what would you like the theme to be? Would it be creating with jewelry or paint or metal or mixed media? Do tell!
Check It Out::Silver Parrot
Enjoy the day!


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Thanks for the words of kindness, Erin! It was one tall order making earrings for such a talented artist. Glad you like them, that puts a big smile on my face. :)


I adore the colours you've used here !

Silver Parrot said...

Those are gorgeous earrings! I love that she picked up on the bee theme for you, but I have to tell you that ALL Tri Deltas are REQUIRED to have pansy-themed powder rooms. No, really. There's even a sister in my area who has a pansy toilet (not kidding).

Unknown said...

The copper and the purple are so nice together! :)

Anonymous said...

Your earrings are gorgeous!! I followed the exchange and thought YOU made them. So what a perfect gift to receive. I think a bee powder room in your new home would be wonderful and warm; maybe add some of your new painting handiwork on the walls! .... I have some glass bee dishes and cups from France that are some of my favorites.

Yes, I would love to participate in an exchange/swap/round robin - necklace or bracelet in any media, any theme. There is so much talent in the beading/metal community that being able to share with others would be the greatest gift.
sandi m

mairedodd said...

mixed media -
love your earrings... you know, besides everyone getting nice jewels, it seems that this little corner of the blogosphere is getting ever more tightly knit... it's nice...
challenges are so great - and things always end up flowing when you loosen up! :0)

SummersStudio said...

Ah, I remember the story of the bee whisperer. These earings are gorgeous. My curiosity is piqued re the challange so I'll be waiting to see what you've got in mind. Happy packing, Erin. I'll be thinking about you putting all those years of love into your boxes and settling them into the next home.

Barbara Lewis said...

Erin, I know you are going to enjoy wearing these earrings made by Leslie. I love the colors and the bee theme. They are very special!

Cindy said...

Leslie sure did an incredible job with her earrings...they seem so perfect for you. Your words to those reading on the "sidelines" were so sweet and motivational. It's so like you, Erin, to encourage others to join in. If you're thinking of a swap in the future, I'd love to rise to the challenge no matter what the medium (and if it's not jewelry, it certainly will be a challenge for me!).

Lisa Crone said...

Wow, there are so many cool things about these bee earrings! The bee, of course, but the colors and dangles are GREAT!

By the way, thank you, thank you, thank you for your encouragement and support about A Bead in Time, it really means so much to me!! :)-Lisa


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