07 September 2009

Bee Season

"A bee is never as busy as it seems;
it's just that it can't buzz any slower."

~Kim Hubbard

{Image Copyright, Natalie Dee, 1995}

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end. And the passing of one season into the next is not far behind. But in the meantime we have bee season. The time when these buzzing bees seem to appear out of thin air and multiply at will. But it is also the season where I need to be as busy as...

One day I found a dead bee on the floor of my studio. And then another...and another...and another. On a different day I was sitting at my studio counter that is a moss green color and filled with a veritable forest floor of camoflage, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of my beads seemed to be walking towards me...but no, it was not a bead, but a BEE! That freaked me out, but yet we could not find out where they were coming from.

Today I walked into my studio to find two dead on the floor, one dead on top of some pile of something on my counter, and two or three live and just sitting there, waiting for me to step on them. As I moved in for a closer look at one on the pile, another dropped right out of the air and just missed my head. This one was very much alive.

Just so you know, I don't want to kill bees, but I also don't want a hive in my house. I have had some slight moments of panic as I work in my studio all alone late at night and I have irrational fears that I will be swarmed by these bees. Lest you think that I am just a wanton bee-killer {did I ever tell you how my childhood friend and I used to run over the bees in his yard on my tricycle? Maybe they are coming back to exact their vengeance...but it was more him than me. Really.}, I am very much in favor of the honeybees and all that they do to help pollinate the plants to bring us a wonderful array of blooming plants. Did you know that honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate and 1/3 of the worlds' food relies on their pollination efforts?

You may know Haagen-Dazs as the purveyor of some yummy ice cream {Chocolate Chocolate Chip is my very favorite}, they have mounted a campaign to save the honeybees from extinction. {Sounds like the plot of an animated movie starring Jerry Seinfeld...but perhaps that was art imitating life...}

You should know that my husband was a bit skeptical that there were bees at all, despite the pile that I was saving of those frozen in time ones to show him. I would walk in, find a few bees, collect them and then leave for a few minutes. He would go in to check and not find any. And then when I would return a few minutes later, there they would be, as if they had some bee-transporter to materialize at will. I was starting to think that they were just messing with me, these bees. I begged him to do something about it, but of course I would be finding these unwanted visitors late at night, when it would be difficult to find their entry point. He would tell me that they could be coming in from anywhere. But they weren't everywhere in my house, only concentrated to this one room. This afternoon, I had had enough. I went seeking a place where my swarm was congregating. And it didn't take me long to find that they were sneaking en masse through a hole around the pipe for the electric meter.


Now what?

So I woke my husband up from his last-day-of-the-three-day-weekend-celebratory nap and told him that I found the spot. So now he had to believe me and he got out the caulk and the wasp spray to save the day.

Now? I have a studio ceiling filled with pissed, trapped and likely dying bees.

And a whole host of projects that have to be finished by Tuesday. {Have you ever tried to concentrate when you hear buzzing?}

Can you tell I am a bit concerned about going back into my studio until they have buzzed their last? I am afraid of the nightmares that will come from having an angry horde in my walls. But even more so I am pissed myself that I cannot work when I actually have a day - and daylight hours - to do it! My husband insists that they are "sweat bees"... {have you ever heard of such lunacy? Actually, I looked it up and it's true! Who knew?} that they will come to you when you are sweating, but they don't really want to sting you. {Oh, so those stingers they have are just like body piercings...totally useless and just for show...}

Do you think the charities that are waiting for their promised donations (that are both late already) will understand the excuse that the swarm kept me from it? Maybe. But I hate excuses.

Some of the bees I found that were dead of natural causes {or simply killed by the sight of the clutter in my studio} yet had their wings fully extended and are beautiful specimens. Makes me long for that summer of 1984 when I was expected to come back to school in the fall with a complete bug collection on those little pushpins...I failed that project miserably {probably since I waited until the week before school started to try to catch 50 different species of insects in my backyard...} I placed these buzzers gingerly in a small plastic container so that I could study them from all the angles. But I want to honor their beauty as much as they scare me silly. I have a crazy notion to encase a few in ICE Resin...is that crazy-good?...or just plain crazy?
And I found this chart from the USDA on "How to Identify the Bumblebees of Northern Idaho" {so that is what the USDA does? Make honeybee identification charts, including a pocket sized one that I can carry in my wallet?!?}. These look so much like a strand of beads, I think that I may have found an inspiration......watch for a continuation of the bee season inspiration soon.

This has been a bizarre bit of inspiration, but in true Treasures Found style, inspiration can be found anywhere!

What is the most bizarre inspiration you have found? Do tell!

Check It Out::Help The Honeybees {bee sure to click on the link to Bee TV and watch the hysterical dance videos!}

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Thanks so much to Andrew Thornton. He had a giveaway for a one of a kind necklace as a way to help his friend. I was the lucky winner and couldn't be happier.

Thanks so much to Lorelei Eurto for sponsoring a regular giveaway of themed charms from Green Girl Studios in honor of the new book Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton coming out in November. I won the Fairy themed charms and Lorelie is now holding the next themed giveaway. Be sure to go and post a comment. I just pre-ordered my copy of the book. Do you have yours yet?

And don't forget to enter your comment on this post for the Treasures Found September Giveaway! You have until Friday, September 11.

Enjoy the day!


Cindy said...

What a day you had with the Bees!! My husband absolutely freaks out around bees...not me. I usually just catch them and take them outside. I don't think I could have ever completed that project you mentioned about the 50 types of bugs back in 1984. Thank goodness I was never asked to do that!
Congrats on winning the necklace from Andrew Thornton..what a lucky lady you've been lately!

stregata said...

What a bee-zarre day! Hope your problem is solved soon!! And I'm looking forward to the bee inspired projects!! Congratulations on your winnings - Lady Luck seems to be standing right behind you!

Lorelei Eurto said...

OMG ERIN! First of all, I would be so totally freaked out by the bees, I would never be able to work in that studio! I have this really weird and INTENSE fear of bees. Just the sound of a buzz can send me into a tizzy, running away from the sound.
I hope you get rid of them soon. I don't know if I'd rather have bees or Bats!!??! I've had both - and they are pretty much equally stressful.
I however, love bee imagery in jewelry! Queen Bee in particular. Congrats on winning Andrews' giveaway and thanks for mentioning the 4th round of my Enchanted Adornments giveaway. you rock!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I don't blame you, Erin! I'd be afraid too. It sounds like they are out to get you. That's too funny that they kept disappearing when your husband would come in the room. And what an interesting chart of bees. I bet we'll be seeing some black and yellow artwork from you soon since you seem to have it on the brain.

Shai Williams said...

Just reading your post gave me the willies. I am allergic to the pesky buggers so they tend to freak me out. Of course, freaking out is the last thing you want to do around bees **sigh**

Mellisa said...

Well my dear, you had me absolutely cracking up today! Having just gone through the Great Honey Bee Infestation of 2009, I feel that I can both relate and be creeped out by your new visiting colony. However, I'm feeling a bit of syncronicity here- just posted my little bee pendants on my website :)

I totally think there's a resident beadmaker at the USDA! I definitely see the inspiration...and you may have given me a roundabout form of inspiration as well.

Unknown said...

Love your story about the bees. I live in the country so I'm quite used to having interesting company in my studio! I've not had a problem with bees but thanks to the dry weather, I'm having fun with wasps. I don't have the same philosophy about them that I do about honey bees which are good bees. Wasps are just mean and I don't hesitate to hit them with whatever is handy and keep a can of wasp spray handy.

Jennifer Jangles said...

Hope they stop soon...if you have read my blog lately you've seen that I am dealing with bats. Don't ya just love nature?

Silver Parrot said...

What a bee-venture you have had! We had a swarm come to rest in a tree in my front yard a few years ago and I desperately wanted to find a bee-keeper to come and take them, but since the front yards in my neighborhood are Association property, I had to go with whoever the Association sent out. It turned out to be "The Bee Guy" (actual name of company) and they normally try to save the swarms and give them to bee-keepers, but apparently, that particular year So Cal was just being overrun with bee swarms so the keepers were full and no longer accepting bees. Sadly, that meant they had to be destroyed and I felt awful about it. Plus, they cut an entire main branch off the tree in my front yard and bagged it with the bees still attached so I lost the tree branch, too. We've had two houses in our neighborhood find actual hives inside the walls and boy is THAT a mess. I hope you've managed to make sure you don't have that going on.

Lance said...

What a fun post to read! I was laughing (with you, right?) as I read it!! Our daughter one time had a swarm of at least a couple hundred bees in her room - she kept telling us there were bees, and we'd never see any...until we did...and they were everywhere! She had to move out of her room for a few days while we fixed the problem!

Most bizarre inspiration? It may have been when we were camping at Disneyworld, during Hurricane Wilma - a few years back. And we were evacuated from the campground. The inspiration was - it really helped me to start taking things in stride - and not to get worked up about things out of my control. Wilma showed me, with ease, how I can't control everything...it was a great life lesson...

Terri said...

Wow you were kidding about the bee posts...Oh my goodness. Glad it is under control. I like the sense of humor in which you wrote about it.
We had a Bee landing strip going on at out side door...we had closed in the porch to make a small mud room but the bummble bee decided to make a nest under the porch...we had to get the Bee lady to flush them out. (yep that is what she calls herself) I felt so bad...we really do need our bees just not where we live is the only thing.
Had fun with the Bead Party and thanks for the comliment on my necklace I did with the ingredients that were sent to me.
I really like your bead work!!!!


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