06 July 2009

Teaming Up

"Demand no more out of your partner than what you are willing to give yourself." ~ Martha Quinn

Recently, I was propositioned. And I took the plunge.
I was admired. I was offered gifts. I was given compliments. I could wear something special to let the world know that I was committed. I was being given the opportunity to start a new relationship, for better or worse.
I would be one of many, yet still treated as a special partner.

Relax.....I have the best husband in the world. But if you have noticed the badges on my blog you will see that recently I added one to indicate my new relationship with Rings & Things as a Blog Partner.

I have shopped at Rings & Things for a few years now, including at the Bead Tour as it came to my state, so I was really excited by this opportunity.

Part of my responsibility lies in trying new products from Rings & Things (easy enough) and blogging about it (even better!). I can make things with these goodies, give them away or whatever. All they ask is that I give my honest opinions. For better or worse. That I can do.
And you can do it, too. They are offering interested parties the chance to become a guest blog partner for 3 months. You can find out more about that opportunity here.
My first month has been great so far. Instead of a mystery package, I was treated to a gift certificate to purchase whatever I wanted. Well, you should know that I ended up spending WAY more than the certificate (did I ever mention that I have not filters when it comes to shopping?) but I did get some really cool things.

I got some brown lava beads in a cool flying saucer shape (I really dig those holes and the color is so earthy and they are very lightweight)

....some beads I am calling lemon-lime quartz (but it is actually a lab created yellow to green citrine quarz combo)

...two different shapes of a green-tinged labradorite (I like the elongated and chunky shapes which is different than any other beads I have)

...old coins (I always appreciate the beauty of the characters and pictures on money and coins...and these have holes in them already!)

...tiny square shaped gunmetal rings (will make some fun connectors)

...and little glass bottles with cork tops (I am really looking forward to playing with these and challenging myself).

Also, not pictured, I bought two different sizes of a jump ring maker (since I took a class in chain maille at Bead & Button I would realy like to test more of those waters), and a wood dapping block (fun to hammer all sorts of things in!).

I also bought a ring mandrel because I would like to rise to the challenge of rings. The day that I placed the order I arrived home about an hour later to find a package from another supplier with a ring mandrel. Apparently, I forgot that months ago I had purchased it. I just thought it was on back order and I wouldn't get it. But there it was. I quickly called the Rings & Things customer service to cancel that one item, but my order had already been shipped within the hour. Now that is service with a smile! They instructed me to just return it for a credit. After working with their customer service I finally sent it back to them....and ordered few more things (and now I owe them...hey, they are making out okay on having me as a blog partner!). I just can't thank the whole crew at Rings & Things enough for their "make your day" customer service.

I have no idea what I am going to make with these things but they are some real great finds. You will just have to stay tuned.

One of the other little goodies that we all received this month was a traveller from afar.
Russ Troll made a special trip to visit with each of the Blog Partners.

Batter up!

Since baseball is king here now, we packed Russ Troll into our gear bag and took him to our traveling baseball tournaments. We took Russ with us to Ashwaubenon (4th place), Stevens Point (2nd place) and Waupaca (1st place!), WI for a little action on the diamonds (and we all know that Russ likes diamonds!)
Safety first!

Do they have one of these in troll size?

And of course, he wanted to play along with the boys. Good thing he was wearing the right colors!
Play ball!
I have seen Russ Troll popping up all over the Beadosphere. And now he is catching pop flies!
You're out!

And he learned from the best! My son...Sport-o....

How would you like a chance to win Rings & Things gift certificates? If you have ever used a Rings & Things product, simply go to their site and write a review...and honest review. For every review you write you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win. Hurry! Contest ends at the end of July. Read all about it here.

P.S. If you would like to see one of my latest creations, head over to the Vintaj blog. They have a monthly themed contest and July is "Fond Memories." I used one of my most favorite pictures of my grandmother when she was about 15 years old as the pendant. It is sealed under jeweler's grade resin. I stamped the first line to a poem by Lord Byron that inspired me..."She walks in beauty, like the night"...on the back and a patina was added to the metal for an even more aged appearance. And I took my color cues and other items from the remainder of the poem.

The voting for this item is open until July 10th. I would be honored if you would vote for #5 here: Vintaj Fond Memories
Enjoy the day!


Sherry said...

Cute post...and I love your new relationship...may it be long lasting and fruitful!!

Love Russ...glad he had so much fun at the baseball tournies!!

Off to check out the voting and cast mine!!

stregata said...

Erin, you really picked some interesting things there - I am intrigued!! Must check them out...
And must take a look at your entry at Vintaj.
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Summer and baseball the perfect combo! Almost as perfect as Treasures Found and Rings & Things!

I had a great time meeting you on Friday. It was so nice to see your jewelry up close - I loved 'em. Jess said you ladies had fun "free form wrapping" at Galena Beads too! Looking forward to hanging out again soon, until then - Happy Designing!


sandi said...

Great post today!
I cast my vote - hope you're the winner!!

Mellisa said...

Congrats on being a R&T blog partner! I just hopped over to Vintaj, you're ahead by a nose-good luck!

sharon said...

You got my vote too, your more than a nose ahead, great job!! I recently made a pendant with my granmother in it too, I put her on a crystal, now to make the necklace to complete it. Thanks for the rings and things and vintj info!! Hope you win honey!!!

Silver Parrot said...

Congrats on being a blog partner, too. And glad to know I wasn't the only one who spent more than the $50 allowance LOL!

peacockfairy said...

I voted for you! Seems a lot of the comments were loving your design! I love that you were able to use a family heirloom.

Cindy said...

Erin, Congrats on becoming a blog partner! You will be wonderful as you're such a great writer as it is. I can't wait to see what you make with your new goodies. I enjoyed the pictures with your Russ Troll figure. :-)

Unknown said...

Sounds like fun! I'm sure you guys fit well together. :) Summer is sure speeding by isn't it?! Love the tiny fellow!!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! If you are interested in having a little fun with the Rings & Things gang, Dave R. agreed to allow the Blog Partners team to pick out some beads for them to use in a creative jewelry project. If you get a chance to send Dave a tweet with your picks, it sounds like they are up for a fun little "challenge".

Have a great week!! Lisa C.


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