05 April 2009

You are all winners in my eyes

"The habit of giving only enhances the desire to give."

~Walt Whitman

Thank you for scattering a bit of joy in your corner of the world this week. Here is a bit of joy I found from my trip to San Francisco in September 2008 from the Japanese gardens.

I was really blown away by the creative ways that all my commenters intended to Scatter Joy this past week. You have no doubt made a difference in the lives that you touched, whether you did so anonymously or right out in the open. You have lifted my soul.

From a simple hello to the more complicated standing up for your beliefs to the beautiful works of art and the poignant gift of flowers, I thought that you might like to see what good you have done, in case you would like to be so inspired to continue the goodness, so here is a list of all the joy-filled activities that were going on:

  • Just smiling at someone and making a nice comment ("Wow, that's a great color on you")--what a great way to give someone a little more spring in their step! {Proving that it shouldn't have to be a herculean effort to scatter joy, just a little perceptiveness and a pause in your day.}

  • I'm a SAHM and really spend most of my time with my kids, so I think I will focus on "scattering joy" by putting extra effort into encouraging them! {The greatest gift you can give to your children is to be there for them. It makes all the difference in their world.}

  • Giving a smile is a great way to start!! {So easy, so cheap and yet so often overlooked.}

  • Each day I hope to make someone smile in a different way. I want to help someone out there see the world a little brighter. {I enjoy trying to find just that thing that will be the difference to a person. All it takes is a little bit of listening to really hear what would make someone happy.}

  • This week I've been bombarded my negativity in the workplace - people gossiping, blaming, and complaining. To help scatter joy - instead of joining the complainers - I am going to be an ally with the poor targets of those complaints and help come up with a SOLUTION to the problem! {This was truly one of the most wonderful things I read. It is so easy to be dragged into the spiral of negativity and to have the courage to stand up for others is the best way to scatter joy.}
  • I want to be an example of a joyful heart and raise up a son who will seek out ways to bless others. {How blessed to be raised to have a joyful heart. It really does start at home.}

  • A smile to a stranger at the grocery store. A compliment to a tired mom at the bus stop. A few minutes really listening to a lonely senior citizen. A show of enthusiasm when my kids create a picture. {It doesn't get any better than doing those things that we should really be doing already. Just a conscious effort to be a brighter star in another's world is such a great place to start.}

  • I will scatter joy this week by going to the coffee shop and buying the next persons drink. {Which coffee shop will you be at? I am at Emy J's every day...just in case you happen to be in line ahead of me! How about paying for the next car at the drive through?}

  • I will also be thinking more about the impact we have on others - it's easy to hold a door, smile and say "beautiful day isn't it?" I will be more thoughtful of ways I can scatter joy... {I am definitely a "half full" kind of gal... even if the sun isn't shining, I know that there is something good in every day and I actively seek that out.}

  • I have always enjoyed bestowing random acts of kindness upon absolute strangers. {I love to see the faces of those I don't know who are the recipient of a kindness, like when I invite the person behind me at the grocery store with only a few items to jump ahead of me and my cart overfloweth. They truly cannot believe it, but I know they appreciate it!}

  • Today I'm going to be scattering joy by visiting blogs and spreading some love and encouragement! {We bloggers love to have your comments and know that what we wrote makes a difference to you...I make a point of going to a new blog everyday and providing written encouragement. I find the coolest things that way and it is easy to follow a random link on a blog that you already like.}

  • I will be scattering joy this week by leaving little works of art behind on my travels for others to find. {Oooh! That is so very cool! Random works of art would be a welcome treat to find.}

  • I think to scatter joy I am going to contact a friend of mine in southern Wisconsin that I have not heard from in over a year! {Reconnecting is a great way to perk someone up. They may have thought the same but not had the courage. You may be the blessing that someone needs right now.}

  • Today I will gather two bouquets of roses from my rose garden and give one to a friend who became a widow a year ago today. {This was the most touching comment I read...brought tears to my eyes when I read, "Isn't it just like God to have beautiful roses blooming on a day when my friends need special touches of joy!"}

  • I will give one random compliment to a co-worker each day this week. Work will be such a great place to be this week! {Imagine if you did this...the ripple effect would be amazing...and then the clients you talk to on the phone would catch your positivity...and they would spread joy where they are...ripples!}

In the spirit of scattering joy, I decided to spread a little more of my own. I was so inspired by what you had to say that I decided to giveaway not one...not two...but THREE W.O.W. Pendants. After all, you have been an inspiration to me!

So... I printed out each of your posts and assigned it a number in the order that it was received. Then I made sure to give extra entries to those who posted on their blogs or even Tweeted about it (thanks so much! I have never been "tweeted" before!). And finally, those who sent others to scatter the joy got yet another entry.

First... from Random.org the random number generator:

Anna L. (*Joyful*Heart*)! (How wonderful that you stopped by!)

Second... I had my daughter Tiny Dancer pull one of your names out and she chose...
Jenners! (I will be in touch :)

Third... so my son Sport-O didn't feel left out, I let him pull another name and he chose...
Laurel! (So glad you found my blog!)
So Anna L., Jenners and Laurel... congratulations! I will be in touch to find out exactly which letter you would like (perfect as a gift for someone else, or as a mother's necklace with the initial of your child, or to celebrate yourself) for your W.O.W. pendants and then I will get busy creating them just for you!

I am so glad that each of you chose to spend a few moments stopping by to visit my blog and more importantly that you all chose to spend a few moments this week scattering joy in your neck of the woods. I cannot help but think that by spreading these little ripples of joy we can start a chain reaction. I hope that you will continue to find ways to share your blessings. And I would love to hear about it!

P.S. Since I had so much fun with this, my first, giveaway, I have decided that this should become a monthly event. So watch the blog at the beginning of each month for something new to win!

"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give."
~Winston Churchill

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Enjoy the day!


Stacey said...

Wow you are so sweet - congrats to the three winners. Some really great ideas to scatter joy!!

Anne said...

What you wrote is so very inspiring! I make no promises as to how I will accomplish this or even just a few of the things you mention, but I surely will try.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Miss Erin, you are such a positive influence, you know that?

I love how you take things, and turn them around to show the light ;)

I SOOO had on my mind today, the idea of how good it feels to make a little positive contact with someone at the Grocery store!! Adds a flutter to my footsteps!!

Oh and negativity at the workplace, how I didn't like that at all! That is the one thing that I love about being away from the real world. It can't get in if I don't let it, literally. At the workplace, it is there, and sooo hard to block out... It's just a downer...

But, I know you are finding a way to shield it. That is a wonderful thing!!

I send hugs and you can always e-mail me for venting sessions!! xoxo, V

Jenners said...

I can't even tell you how excited I am! I just e-mailed you with my info ... I am really really excited. Thank you Olivia, for pulling my name!

lfalduto said...

Huge congrats to each of the winner....and to everyone for spreading some joy!

Lance said...

Hi Erin,
So, I happened to stumble upon your comment over at Lisa's Chaos - and I see you're from Wisconsin! How cool (me too)! What's weird is that I just recently discovered Lisa through a blog I visit that's based in California. We have to travel to the coasts to find people just down the street! Well...I'm not quite just down the street, but I'm not too far. And then I see you're a fan of Christine Kane (another favorite of mine). And this post is talking about scattering joy - and that's been a theme I've focused on the last week or so because of another blogger friend of mine really promoting the idea of doing good in the world.

All very strange, in some great ways! Anyway - it's great to meet you and to be here! And what a great message to spread - one of joy. What I find so interesting about this idea is how we'll never fully realize just how far the joy we're spreading - how far it will go, or who it might impact! And that's a very empowering (and humbling) thought.

It's great to be here!

Marie said...

I'm so excited to find your blog! I love the ideas for scattering joy! This is such and inspiration and encouragement to all who read!

Thanks for encouraging others!


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