13 November 2008

Choose to be creative

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
~ J.K. Rowling

People frequently tell me that I am so very creative, and in the next breath say that they are not. But I always disagree. They are talented and creative...they just don't choose to believe it.

So...why are some people viewed as more creative than others?

Is it because they were born into families with more creative blood running in their veins?

Is it because they were surrounded by color and movement and music and light as children?

Is it because they had powerful mentors believing in them and nurturing their creative talents?

Is it purely a natural God-given ability? or is it something that can be learned?

...I believe that there are no un-creative people, only the uninspired.
...I believe that we are, each of us, infinitely talented, but that we sometimes forget in what.
...I believe that while the surroundings we live in can either foster or discourage our creative tendencies, I believe just as strongly that if you let it, it will come out of you no matter what your environment is, and sometimes in spite of it.
...I believe that it is both a natural talent to be creative which we each possess, but that it can certainly be learned, and encouraged to grow even greater.
...I believe that whatever you are passionate about, there is your art.

In short, I believe that every person is born as a creative individual and the true joy is to recognize this and encourage that part of you to grow which makes your heart sing. We each have a choice to believe in and nurture our creative selves. That is all that the Divine asks of us.

But then, why do people argue with me all the time that they are not creative?

Perhaps they are not as talented as I am at jewelry. I will agree that I have a certain calling to working with beads, but with a few simple tools, some widely available supplies and a little imagination (and a good deal of patience), I believe that anyone should be able to make beautiful jewelry. And I teach classes in simple techniques to jumpstart that creative outlet.

My daughter is 7 years old. She has always been fascinated by the beads in my stash. They are pretty to look at, feel fun in your hands and make the cutest little plink when they hit the floor and go rolling all over the studio. Since I was always in my studio, she wanted to be, too. So I set up a little beading station for her. Granted, it was simply an overturned laundry basket, a small rocking chair and a cookie sheet, but it was her space to create. I found some shiny, color-filled beads and showed her how to string them. She cranked out all sorts of bracelets and necklaces. She certainly had the passion, and the right tools, and the guidance of an expert mentor. After a dozen necklaces or so I thought she was ready for a greater challenge, using a bead board to plan her works of wearable art.

I explained the markings on the board and the idea of using a focal point to center her work, and to branch out with a pattern. She now understands that the most precious time spent is in planning, that the actual stringing portion takes little time at all if you have laid the right foundation. Now she makes the most incredible necklaces full of pattern and light and life. Creations that others outside of our family have been proud to own and wear. So I guess you could say that I taught her how to be creative.

But actually it was there all along.

She makes the choice about when and where and how to let that creative light shine. I am just there to reflect it back to her and help her be dazzled by her own creative brilliance.

What is harder, I suppose, is to admit that we are each creative...that there are as many ways to be creative as there are people in the universe. Your chosen medium may not be jewelry, but that doesn't make you un-creative. Whatever makes your heart sing is what makes you creative.

So when people tell me that I am more creative than they are, I just tell them that I have chosen to be creative.

Of my two Life Resolutions, the first is most important...To live life creatively. To seek out people who are also creative in their own passions...whether that is making candy, caring for plants, working with Quicken or crafting altered art. To seek out creative endeavors and challenge myself to try something new...like oil painting in a master painter's style, or trying new recipes, or even balancing my checkbook (as my friend Sarah says...accountants are the only ones who are not encouraged to be "creative" with their chosen passion!). To surround myself with those things that inspire me to be better than I am...pictures of my children indulging their passions for dance and sports, special quotes that speak to my soul and artwork created by a favorite local artist.

I choose to let my creative side out to play because it makes my heart sing.
I hope you might come out to play, too!

Check It Out:: http://oneminutewriter.blogspot.com/
(Be sure to check out this blog to see what inspires me...do share what you think!)

Enjoy the day!


Laura Jayne said...

Well said... we have to allow our creativity to flow... to make space and time for it in our lives. Your words are an inspiration.

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow Laura Jayne! Thanks for being the first to comment on my journal! I love your blog too!

Lance said...

Your heart DOES sing!! And that truly is your creative beauty shining through! So fun to read this today Erin.

And in that...also remind myself that I AM creative!

rosebud101 said...

Erin, this is a post I missed! Thank you for sharing the link to it! It is an amazing work of written art! Wow!


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